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People like to hold up Furries as the example of totally strange sexual behavior.  For the few of you out there who don’t know, Furries are a group that like to dress up as animals and have sex, usually by rubbing on each other in big piles.  They call it “yiffing.”  Ask most mainstream folks to cite an example of crazy sexual behavior and, those who know of it, will usually pull Furries out of the hat and point out how crazy they are.  Well, except for the extremist Christian cells who will gleefully point out how homosexuality is DESTROYING EVERYTHING.  Personally, I don’t have an issue with Furries or homosexuals, and the fact that they appear in the same paragraph doesn’t mean I see them as being equal; both are just some examples of a bunch of stuff that happens.  Neither of them are exactly my cup of tea, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with either of them.

While I was doing some research for One Bad Hand, I came across a bunch of femdom sites.  Frankly, I’d never really experienced femdom, at least not in the more extreme versions you find on the seedier parts of the Internet.  Being a man, I knew how to tie up a woman and had a pretty good idea of what to do with her once I had her tied up, but I’d never really delved into the other side; what women to do men once they’ve got their man secured.


There is some crazy stuff out there, far too extreme to be real.  At the more nearly normal side of the spectrum you’ve got your standard-issue “tie your guy up tease him until he begs you for sex.”  Fun stuff, if you ask me.  From there it starts progressing through things like cross-dressing and chastity.  I doubt I’d look very good in lingerie, but okay, if that’s what my partner wants, I’ll give it a shot.  Not sure about the chastity thing, either, but sure, why not?  After all, it’s just an extension of the “tie your guy up and tease him until he begs you for sex” fantasy, only this time you don’t really have to keep him tied up, that chastity cage will do most of the work for you.

As you start delving deeper and deeper you come across the “tie him up and make him serve you sexually” group.  You know, the ones who advocate bondage with lots of oral sex for the woman.  Again, sure: that can be fun, too.  Hell, tie your guy up, make him cook you dinner, clean up, rub your back and then use him sexually.  All good.

The further I dug around, though, the more extreme it got and femdom seemed to move from having crazy fun sex into an outlet for someone’s anger.  Anger and sex do not mix very well.  I found a few stories about castration and breast implants.


Who would find that erotic?

To be fair, I’ve seen similar stuff on the maledom side of things, too.  Stories about getting mad at a woman for cheating on you and keeping her tied up forever as punishment.  Scary, to be sure, and not really anything I’d be interested in doing.  Maybe it’s just the fiction side of things, a writer trying to go to extremes to keep his or her readers interested, but the whole idea that a sex game should go on forever seems kind of tedious to me.  At some point wouldn’t you get bored?  It’s got to be a lot of work to keep a person forever.

See, controlling someone for a while can be a lot of fun.  Submitting to someone else and letting that person control you for a while can be a lot of fun, too.  I’ve always been a firm believer in switching sides.  Stay on one side of the BDSM spectrum and you’re really missing out.  It’s the interplay between partners that makes it fun.

So, anyway, I took some of what I learned from those femdom sites and put it to good use in One Bad Hand.  The man willingly submits to his wife, even comes to enjoy doing it, but there’s more interplay between the two of them.  She may boss him around sometimes, but other’s she’s just teasing him, keeping him on the edge for as long as she can.  He even gets the chance to tease her at one point, but she does get him back for that.  The bondage changes and he gets her after she’s done having her fun with him.  More to the point, the game has a finite time span.

Maybe it’s just me, but I like my erotic to be less vicious than some of what I found out there.  Maybe others get off on the more extreme end of things; there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, either.

I guess, in the final analysis, you just have to admit that human sexuality is a hell of lot more complicated than people seem to think it is.  So, if you’re into yiffing, or cross dressing, or chastity, or BDSM, or whatever, it’s all good.  If you’ve got a willing partner, you’re in a good place.  Go have some fun.  Try to avoid castrating your partner or giving him breast implants, though.  At some point you might want him fully functional and breastless.

BTW, if anyone’s interested in reviewing One Bad Hand, drop me a line.  You can find my contact info on the contact page.

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