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This post, like everything else on this blog is intended for mature audiences only.  If you are under 18, offended by sexuality, BDSM, maledom, or femdom, this is simply not the place for you to be.  Don’t worry, though, there are plenty of other awesome places on this magical roller coaster we call the Internet where you can experience the types of things you’re interested in.

This is a short excerpt from One Bad Hand, it comes about 24 hours into John’s 48 hours at Rebecca’s hands.  She’s got him tied spread-eagle in the living room…

I obey and she pushes the black gag into my mouth. I don’t fight it, even when she tightens the straps and the ball forces its way further into my mouth. It’s not as big as Big Bertha, but it’s definitely bigger than the one I had earlier. This one doesn’t have the holes, either, it’s solid black rubber and it’s huge in my mouth and tightly fastened in place. It doesn’t even budge when I try to push it out with my tongue.

I give her a pleading look with my eyes and Rebecca just strokes my face and saunters over to the couch. The holes run up the middle of the living room/dining room, and I’m tied in the middle holes. Right in the middle of the room. To my right is the couch, which Rebecca is lounging on, to my left is the TV and stereo.

Becca adjusts a pillow under head and turns on the TV. I can’t believe she’s watching TV right now. I try to say something, but all that comes out is a mumble. She shushes me and flips through the stored movies on our hard drive until she finds what she wants. She presses a button on the remote and some porno comes on.

On screen there’s a guy going down on a woman. She’s relaxed, rubbing his head while he plants kisses all over her pussy. He gives her a little lick and apparently it tickles because she laughs and sits up. He plants his chin on his hands and stares at her while she gives him a little waggle of her finger.

Becca watches it idly, stretched out on the couch with one arm under her head and the other resting on her stomach.

The girl on screen lies back down and the man kisses her again, up and down her thighs. She squirms when he does it.

One of Rebecca’s hands moves down to panties. She’s gently rubbing the front of them, her eyes riveted on the screen.

The man on the screen licks the whole of her pussy, bottom to top, just along the tops of her lips. She breathes in and raises her hands above her head in a luxurious stretch. Her back arches and her naked breasts rise up.

Rebecca slides her hand down further between her thighs and squeezes her legs together tightly. Her lips are parted and her eyes, still watching the screen, are getting glassy.

The man in the porno sucks one the girl’s pussy lips between his lips and holds it there. He’s probably licking her and nibbling her. She’s lost in the sensation, eyes closed, lips parted. Her hand finds his head and she runs her fingers through his hair.

Rebecca’s hand is still between her legs, but I can see her forearm tensing and releasing. She’s rubbing herself slowly, almost in time with the action on the screen.

My dick is about to explode. I’m so turned on right now I don’t know what to do with myself. The ropes and cuffs and cage on my dick are holding me in check, but take them away and I’d jump on my wife like a lion.

The man shifts his head and sucks on the other side of his partner’s pussy. She, in turn, gasps slightly as he bites down a little harder on this one. Her fingers tighten on his hair.

Rebecca’s making little noises now, the fingers of one hand are all the way down the front of her panties and she’s got her other hand on her throat. She’s flushed and starting to breathe deeply.

I’m actively struggling against the ropes. The gag is making me drool a little bit and I’m desperately thrusting my hips toward Rebecca.

On the TV, the man gently slides his tongue into the girl’s pussy. He hits her clit and she grabs his head and pushes her pussy into his face. He takes it like a champ, rolling with her thrusts; his tongue never leaves her pussy.

Rebecca is moaning now, a deep and loan groan of pleasure. She unhooks her garters, slides her panties down her silky thighs. She looks me right in the eye and hooks her stockings back to her garters. She throws one leg over the back of the couch and slides a finger into her pussy. Her eyes drift back to the TV and I’m forgotten again.

God I want out. I have a perfect view of her pussy. It’s smoothly shaved and wet. My dick is throbbing, desperate to get out of its cage and claim its woman.

The girl on the TV has both hands on her man’s head, gripping his hair and rubbing her pussy on his face. His tongue keeps working her and she cries out an “Oh, God.”

Rebecca’s finger is sliding up and her down her wet pussy and she’s starting to get louder. She’s getting closer, too far along to stop now.

My dick is throbbing, a deep pulsing feeling of blood trying to rush into a confined area. I’d be rock hard and fully erect if I was free.

The girl on screen is screaming out, a desperate plea for God to make sure her man doesn’t stop.

I’m pleading to Rebecca to let me go. Every muscle is tense and I’m desperately crying out to Rebecca to let me go, to let me fuck her.

Rebecca ignores me and focuses on her pussy. Her finger is moving in little circles on her clit and her back is arching. Her eyes are closed and she’s making her own pleas to the god of orgasms.

“Please, please, please, please,” I beg but the gag silences me as effectively as the cage holds me down and the ropes hold me up.

On TV, the girl arches her back and wraps her legs around her partner’s face. He doesn’t break his pace, just keeps licking her clit. I can see her orgasm build, running along her body like thunder across the plains.

Rebecca is lost in her own building orgasm. Her body is tensing, her finger moving faster and faster. She slams her legs together on her hand and pushes her hips into the air. She spreads her legs again and rubs harder.

God, someone set me free, I want to be touched. Just one hand free and I’ll find a way to take care of myself.

The man on TV pushes the girl over the edge and she lets loose the scream of a wild woman. Her orgasm rolls over her like ocean waves. Her body tenses and her cries echo out of the speakers. When she’s done, her body stops responding; her arms and legs collapse. She’s panting like she ran a marathon. Her partner kisses her pussy gently and smiles as a shiver run up her body.

Rebecca’s orgasm hits her like a train. A cry starts at the bottom of her stomach and works all the way up her body to explode out of her mouth. Every muscle in her tight body goes rigid and she thrusts her hips high, her back arched in a catlike stretch. She calls my name when she comes. She collapses on the couch, fingers idly stroking her soaked pussy.

The girl on the screen and the girl on the couch both lay mostly still, enjoying the after effects. The man on the screen has laid his head on his partner’s crotch and she’s idly stroking his hair and getting her breath back. Rebecca’s eyes are closed and she’s mostly still, just the gentle rise and fall of her breasts when she breathes and the small movements of her fingers giving away any sign of consciousness.

I’m strangely spent, too.   I didn’t even come, no one even touched me, but I’m exhausted and sagged in my ropes. My dick is throbbing, but I don’t seem to care too much.

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