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She lowers herself to my waiting tongue with a smile and lets me flick up and down her slit.  She’s soaking wet, so I don’t know kind of warming up she really needed.  No matter.  My tongue probes her forward and back.  She moans a little when I hit her clit and lowers herself fully onto my face.

Smothered by her pussy, completely helpless, I work my tongue and mouth desperately.  I suck her clit into my mouth and flick it with my tongue.  Nibble on pussy lips, stick my tongue into her vagina when she slides it forward.  The sooner I can get her to come, the sooner she’ll get off of me, so I use every trick I can think of to push her over the edge.

She comes riding my face, all moaning orgasm and closed eyes, her hands playing with her nipples as she smothers me with hot, wet pussy.  Immediately after she finishes, she scoots back and lets me breathe again.  I lay there panting while she watches from a perch on my chest.

“Thank you, baby,” she says with a smile.

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