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Ghosting continues and we see Russ is a total dick

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Work, for Russ, is at the top of a 30 story building overlooking the rest of the town.  No, it’s not the only tall building in town, it’s just on the edge of the downtown and Russ’s wall of windows looks away from the skyscrapers on the other side.  All he sees is the rest of the city, stretching out in the distance.

He likes to stand in front of the windows and pretend the town is his to command.  It was even better when he could look out while that hot little secretary was on her knees in front of him, choking on his dick as he shoved it into her mouth.  She always claimed she loved being face-fucked and took it with the skill of a pro.  He loved stuffing his dick in her mouth, making her gag and cumming all over her face before he sent her back out to answer the phones.

Unfortunately, she wanted to be more than his receptacle and threatened to go to HR over their affair if he wouldn’t stop fucking other women.

Like there was any way that was going to happen.

He gave her a drink of 35 year old Scotch one afternoon, to wash the taste of his cum out of her mouth.  Earlier, he had planted a bottle in her desk.  After she walked out of his office, he called HR and claimed she had been drinking on the job.

She was fired that afternoon.

Now, flustered and horny, Russ kind of wishes she was still here.  The new secretary they got to replace her is a hot little number, but she’s already made it perfectly clear she’s not interested in Russ at all and will not hesitate to file a complaint against him if he touches her again.

Women, Russ thinks.  Why can’t they just admit what they want?

A knock at his door breaks Russ out of his daydream of fucking that girl’s face and he turns, still fully erect, to face his new secretary.  Stacy, he thinks her name is.  Or maybe Cindy.

She’s wearing a tight maroon sweater that shows off her tits and a tight gray skirt that hugs her curves.  Gray heels complete the ensemble.

If she notices his raging erection, she’s at least smart enough to not say anything about it.

Russ works for an Investment firm as a Senior Vice President.  His job is to evaluate incoming proposals from large companies that have already established themselves in their respective fields.  It’s a job filled to the brim with giant egos and vast amounts of money.  When a company decides to it needs an infusion of capital to get a large project running, it’s Russ’s job to figure out whether or not the project is feasible and has a large enough return on investment to warrant his firm’s involvement.

The job requires a disciplined approach to analysis, an ability to deal with other executives, and a winning smile.  Russ has all three in spades.  He’s used to dealing with the big boys that run the world and can handle them readily.

“Mr. Harding, your nine o’clock is here.  Shall I show her in?” his secretary asks him.

Wait.  Her?

Without a pause, Russ answers, “Yes, please.  And can you bring us some coffee?”

“Yes, sir,” she says and disappears out the door.

Yes, sir.  That’s a phrase he’d like to hear her say in another context.  Maybe tied naked and on her knees.  “Would you like to suck my cock?”  “Yes, sir.”

A moment later and his secretary escorts in his nine o’clock appointment and Russ suddenly does his best to hide his raging erection.  Keeping one hand in his pocket, Russ extends the other hand to the woman and says, “Good morning.  I’m Russ Harding.”

The woman is stunning.  Black hair that falls to her shoulders.  Piercing blue eyes.  Muted red lips.  She’s wearing a conservatively cut black dress with a jacket over it, black hose, black heels.  Her clothes manage to convey confidence but do nothing to hide the fact that she’s an incredibly attractive woman.

“Nice to meet you,” she says, taking his hand in hers.  “I’m Amanda Hockings.”

Amanda’s eyes have already betrayed her, much to Russ’s complete satisfaction.  Her eyes soften for a moment and look him up and down and a little smile plays across her succulent lips.  Just like most women, Russ thinks, she’s already smitten.

The negotiations go smoothly and Amanda’s company seems to have a viable product that will generate a vast revenue stream for both of their companies.

As the meeting adjourns and Russ is escorting Amanda to the door, she turns and faces him.  Face flushed slightly, she asks, “Would you like to go out for a drink tonight?  You know, to celebrate the deal.”

It’s only 11am and already the day is looking up.

“I would like that very much.  Do you have a place in mind?” Russ asks.

“I’m kind of new here, so I was hoping you had an idea.  Someplace quiet, where we can talk without yelling.”

“I have just the place, would 7pm be okay?  We could have a little dinner first if you’d like.”

“Dinner would be wonderful, thank you.  And 7pm would be great.”

Russ jots down a map for Amanda and gives her his cell phone number in case she needs to change the plans before calmly showing her out.  He waits in the doorway and watches her as she leaves.

That ass is amazing, he thinks to himself.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like naked.

Amanda looks over her shoulder at him and smiles.  As she turns back, she stumbles slightly, but catches herself before she falls.  Her face is bright red when she gets in the elevator and Russ gives her a little wave before the elevator doors close.  Still bright red, she waves back.

Nothing like fucking a new client to make the deal all that much sweeter.

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