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Start of part 2

I spent most of the night in that hazy half-sleep you only get when you’re really drunk or tied up, gagged, and plugged.  The night seemed to last an eternity of not being able to get comfortable and having itches in places you can’t scratch, which is pretty much anywhere since my hands are strapped to the side of my thighs.  My jaw is aching from the gag that’s been shoved in it all night, my asshole feels stretched out from the plug, and this bra is pinching me in places I didn’t even know I had.

Minerva is still sound asleep, snuggled up next to me and snoring slightly.  Usually when I wake up before her, which is most of the time, I quietly sneak out of bed and get the coffee going so it will be ready when she wakes up.  This morning however, I can’t move at all.  There are leather straps around my elbows and chest, just below my knees, and around my ankles.  My hands are also strapped to my thighs.  It’s like being mummified.

All part of the punishment.

Last night I screwed up dinner, sitting down before I poured her wine.  Her dominant side came roaring out and gave me a choice of punishment: hard or easy.  Hard was I’d get tied up and whipped.  Easy was, well, this.  She put me in a bra and panties, plugged my ass with a butt plug that can reward me with vibration or punish me with a shock (she has the remote), made me wear tights and high heels, and covered it all with a dress.

I had to watch while she masturbated, rub her wet pussy with my gagged mouth, eat her out, buy her ice cream while still wearing a dress, and got a hard spanking for talking to the girl at the drive through who asked me where I got my dress.

After that, she pulled out a gag with a ball on one end and a dildo on the other, fucked my mouth with the dildo end, gagged me with the ball end and then rode the dildo while I was strapped down here.  I’ve been strapped down here ever since, different gag, but the same straps.  At least she took the shoes off.

Oh, yeah, she also tied up my cock and balls with paracord for a while just to prove my cock was actually her cock.

All in all, I’m beginning to wonder if the hard punishment would have been easier.  At least it would be over by now.  While getting whipped would have hurt, and my ass would probably still be sore, at least I wouldn’t be stuck here.

So, I’m stuck until she decides to let me go.

The first ray of sunlight is tracing across the wall, lighting up a pink dress with white accents hanging from a hook on the wall.  On the same hook is a pink bra, a pair of pink panties, and a pair of pantyhose.  There’s a pair of shoes around here, too.

This is my outfit for the day.  Further punishment.  It occurs to me that we never discussed how long the easy punishment would last.  That could be bad.  Today is Saturday, and we both have to go to work on Monday, so that may be a bright spot in my future.

Ha!  Think about that.  Looking forward to work as a release from punishment.

My brain is hazy right now and I’m horny as hell.  She teased me all night last night and never let me cum.  It’s hard to think.  My erection subsided sometime last night but came roaring back as soon as I woke up and started trying to think about my predicament.

Since I don’t have anywhere to go and there’s nothing I can do, I think I’ll just lie here and drift for a while.  In some ways it’s nice, being all locked up like this.  It means I don’t have to make any decisions.  There’s no, “what should I do now,” because that decision has already been made for me: lie here all bound up and wait patiently for my mistress.  Last night, I didn’t have to worry about whether or not she wanted me to go down on her; I was handcuffed and she just pulled my face into her pussy and I ate her out.  Simple.

Minerva’s breathing is changing slightly; I think she’s waking up.  Her body tenses slightly and relaxes as her muscles start coming back to life.  Now her legs move, stretching out the kinks and one rests on top of my legs.  Her eyes are still closed, lips still parted, but one hand starts moving, stroking my stomach and chest.

Without opening her eyes she says, “Good morning, sweetie.”

I mumble a “good morning” but the gag muffles it.  God my jaw is sore.  I hope she takes this thing out soon.

A hand strokes my face and traces my lips.  The gentle touch of a lover.  Her fingers on my lips are almost like electricity and I moan through my gag.  The hand moves down my face and wraps around my neck briefly, a gentle choke meant to remind me that I’m still hers.

She strokes down my chest, feeling around my bra and the leather strap holding my elbows tight to my body.  Her hand keeps going further down until it rests on my cock and gently squeezes it through the tights and panties.

“You’re so sweet.  You stayed hard for me all night long,” she says.

Even if I could tell her my erection tapered off at some point last night, I wouldn’t.  It’s best to let her think I was up all night thinking about her.

“Did you sleep okay?” she asks me.

I shake my head, no.  How could I sleep well?  I may have been strapped in a pretty neutral position, but I was still strapped and gagged.  I don’t care who you are, you can’t sleep well when you’re tied and gagged.

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