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Another preview

Turns out she doesn’t want a cone or something simple, so we drive down to the local convenience store.  It’s right at the edge of the neighborhood, maybe half a mile away or so.  Usually we walk there.  There’s a trail that goes behind the houses and through the alleys so we don’t even have to worry about cars.

We come here all the time and I feel myself sinking down in my seat hoping no one will notice me.

She pulls in right in one of the front spot and, thankfully, aside from the girl running the cash register, the place looks deserted.

“I want peanut butter and chocolate, please,” Minerva tells me as she hands me a ten dollar bill.  “We can split it, if that’s okay with you.”

“You want me to go inside and get you ice cream?” I ask.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.”

“You want me to go inside and get you ice cream, Mistress?”

“Yes, you know where it is.”

Gods above.  She wants me to strut in there and buy her ice cream dressed like this?  I don’t recognize the attendant, but that doesn’t mean I won’t see her again.  Plus, I’ll be on surveillance tape.

I must be taking too long because there’s an electric shock in my ass and I realize I really have no choice.  Take a deep breath, open the door, and commit to the process.

“Hey,” Minerva says as I’m getting out.  “No idle chit-chat with that girl.  Remember what happened last night.  If she asks what’s going on, you tell her the truth: you’re being punished.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I say.

“Now, go get my ice cream.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I feel red hot as I walk into the store and try desperately to keep my heels from clicking.  Focus on the back of the store.  Get the ice cream and get the hell out of here.  Back straight, walk tall.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.  Move along.

The girl’s eyes got wide when I walked in the door and follow me all the way back to the ice cream.

Shit, the peanut butter and chocolate is way on the bottom and I have to squat down to get it.  It’s harder than it looks in these shoes, but I somehow manage to not fall on my ass.  Not that I could really be any more embarrassed than I am right now.

Acting casual, I take the ice cream to the counter and let the girl ring it up.  I’m so keyed up, I barely notice her.  She’s young, nineteen, twenty, somewhere around there and my presence just peaked her normally dreary day of ringing up random snacks for people.

“Four fifty,” she says.

I hand her the ten and she hands me back a five and two quarters.  I go to put the change in my pocket when it dawns on me that this dress doesn’t have pockets.  I guess, normally, someone wearing this outfit would have a purse.  All I can do is hold the change in one hand and keep the other free for the ice cream.

“Want your receipt?” she asks.

“No, thank you,” I tell her and start backing away from the counter.

“Can I ask why you’re wearing a dress?”

“I’m being punished,” I say.  “I screwed up dinner last night.”

She leans over the counter and looks up and down at me.  I have to fight to keep my eyes from looking down her shirt.

“Oh my God, are those shoes locked on your feet?”


I really wish I could come up with something wittier.

She sets back down on her feet and smiles at me.  “I had a pair like that.  They were cute as hell.  Well, I hope you get out of trouble soon.  Those shoes aren’t very comfortable.”

“Hope this helps,” the girl adds, holding up the ice cream.

“Me, too,” I say.  “Have a nice evening.”

“You, too.”

Her eyes follow me all the way out the door.

Outside, Minerva has rolled down her window and is waving me over.  I hand her the change and the ice cream and start around to the passenger side.

“Wait,” Minerva says.  “Get back here.”

I slink back over, really worried that I’m in trouble.

“I did what you said, Mistress.”

“I know, it’s fine.”

She hands me a ball gag and a pair of handcuffs.

“Put these on.”

“In the parking lot, Mistress?”

She shows me the remote and I stop questioning her.  I’m embarrassed enough as it is.  I don’t need the world to see me getting shocked in the parking lot of a convenience store.

The gag goes in first and it feels strangely calming.  That oral fixation of mine again, I guess.  I cuff my hands behind my back and automatically turn around to show them off.

The girl at the register is watching all this with rapt attention.  When Minerva looks over at her, the girl gives her two thumbs up and a big smile.  Minerva returns the thumbs up and looks back at me.

“You can walk home from here,” she says with a malicious gleam in her eye.  “Get home soon.  I need your dick.”

Well, if that’s not impetus to walk fast, I don’t know what is.

Minerva rolls up the window and pulls out of the parking lot, leaving me standing there cuffed and gagged in a dress and high heels.  I’m stunned, watching her drive off but embarrassment and a potential for sex push me to move.

Heels clicking across the parking lot, I head for the trail and mumble a silent prayer that no one else is out walking tonight.

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