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The things you find when you’re ego surfing

So, One Bad Hand has been out there for a while and sales have been, at best, mediocre.  That’s not entirely surprising given that it’s essentially femdom erotica written for a male audience.  Men, as a rule, generally don’t purchase a whole hell of a lot of erotica, let alone on the femdom side of things.  We trend more toward straight up porn.

I once heard someone discuss this phenomenon.  I forget where, or what context it was in, but the general gist was that men tend to be more visually oriented about sex and women tend to be less visually oriented.  With that in mind, it’s easy to see why the erotica field is dominated by women writing books for other women; it’s just right up their alley.

This is not to say that there are no successful male erotica authors out there or that no men buy erotica, it’s just meant to imply that a trend exists.  So, please, put the pitchforks away and extinguish torches.

Back to One Bad Hand.

It was my first serious foray into writing erotica and I found a genre that interested me and just sat down and started writing.  It turned out to be a lot of fun to write.  Aside from this blog, I haven’t done thing one to promote any of the writing I’ve done.  Although, I’m thinking of setting up a Facebook page and building a web site.

For a while after I wrote that first book, I checked into Amazon periodically and was somewhat disappointed, although not surprised, that I didn’t have any reviews.  Considering the nature of the text, I didn’t expect to see any reviews.  Ever.  The sales were okay, nothing to write home about, but the stories were fun to write, so I kept going.

Surprise, surprise.  I was ego surfing and came up with an actual review for One Bad Hand in the SeattlePI.  Amazingly, it was a positive review, too!  You can read the review here.

That kind of made my day, today.  So, much thanks to Jim Lyon, who wrote the review, and SeattlePI, who published the review.  It’s good to know someone is reading and enjoying my work.

Hope you all are having a good day, too.

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