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Not sure where this is going, but it could be interesting

Is it a good thing or a bad thing when your wife decides your dick is her dick? I mean, on the one hand it’s kind of flattering that she likes my dick enough to want to make it hers. When we got married, we essentially made the promise that we’d share our privates only with each other. So, in a sense, she already owned my dick. Plus, what that woman can do to a dick is pretty amazing.

On the other hand, by deciding my dick was her dick, she took it over and made it her own. See, this is the downside: I’ve spent my entire life being able to do whatever I wanted with my dick. We enjoyed some good times together. I’d get called up to do a math problem on the chalk board in elementary school or deliver a presentation at work, or walk in and see our old secretary at work, and – bam! – my dick would get hard.

Good times. Good times.

So, why am I reminiscing about the times I got a hard-on in public? Partially because I have all the time in the world to think about those times right now. Not a lot going on that requires my full attention. Mostly, though, because I miss being able to get hard whenever I wanted to.

So, yeah, when Becca decided my dick was her dick, she made sure my dick was her dick.

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