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More trouble for Becca

As usual, this is totally and completely NSFW and intended for adults only.  If you’re under 18, please go somewhere else.  If you’re at work, you might want to consider coming back at a later point.  I promise you, I’ll still be here.


Since society is still resistant to the idea of bare breasts I slide Becca’s dress back on her and tie it behind her neck. For a while, I toy with the idea of uncuffing her, too, but ultimately decide against it. She’s willful and being restrained helps bring out that feistiness that I love so much in her.

I do take the gag out, though. I want that mouth fully functional and being gagged for a long time makes for a sore mouth. At least it does for me.

“What are you going to do with me now, cowboy,” Becca asks when I take the gag out.

“Well,” I tell her. “your pussy is kind of inaccessible, so I was thinking I’d get you on your knees and let you suck my dick.”

“What do I have to do to get out of this chastity belt?” she asks, slinking closer and pressing her body against mine.

Her breasts press against me and I have to fight down the urge to unlock the belt and fuck her up against the wall over there. It would be so easy, pull up her dress, unlock that belt and slide in her. I wouldn’t even have to take the cuffs off, just fuck her and put the belt back on.

She’s kind of flushed and her nipples are poking out of her dress.

Her mouth finds my ear and whispers, “I can feel your cock pressing into me. Wouldn’t it feel so good to put it in me now? My pussy is all ready for you, all you have to do is unlock me and fuck me. You wouldn’t even have to take these cuffs off.”

She’s right, it would feel amazing to fuck her right now. After watching her walking around naked all night, bringing me drinks by carrying them in her teeth, watching her spread wide while I put the chastity belt on her, I’m horny as hell and hard as a rock.

Then I remember what she did to me when she had me locked in that cage. I remember how it felt every time she sent me a picture of herself in her lingerie or masturbating or that video of her swallowing a dildo – still have that one on my phone – and how it felt every time I got hard.

She teased me relentlessly for two solid days. Made me eat her out over and over, made me watch while she masturbated to porn, made me chain myself up and make her dinner. I was so desperate for just an erection that I did everything she asked.

It’s her turn now. She’s trying to seduce me into letting her out right now, but I want her desperation to build up.

I run my fingers through her hair and pull her face to mine. Her lips open automatically and her tongue snakes into my mouth. Tongues dancing, I slide my hands down her body, caressing the sides of her tits, squeezing her ass, pulling her close to me.

Becca moans and rubs herself against me. Her hands are struggling to get out of the cuffs, to grab me, but it’s a lost cause and she knows it.

“Please, baby,” she whispers. “Please.”

“Please what?” I ask her.

“Please fuck me. I’m so horny right now.”

“Call me master.”

She pauses a moment at that. She’s made me call her mistress, but I’ve never returned the favor. Sure, I’ve tied her up, teased and tormented her, but it’s always been over the space of a couple of hours. Calling her mistress made her happy, let her feel completely in control, and I think she’s realizing she is well and truly under my control now.

Her eyes look up and find mine. There’s hesitation there, but also that defiance I love so much about her.

“Please, master,” she says. “Take me over there and fuck my brains out.”

I stroke her hair and she leans her head into my hand and closes her eyes. “Please, master,” she whispers again.

“No,” I tell her. “You’re going to have to earn that fuck.”

She looks both surprised and crestfallen that her seduction tactics didn’t work. A little pout starts to show on her lips, but she catches herself and tries another tactic. Looking as innocent as possible she asks, “What do I have to do to earn it, master?”

“Just be a good girl,” I tell her, “and tomorrow night I’ll let you out and do whatever you want me to.”

“I want to be a bad girl, though,” she says with a little smirk.

“Bad girls get spankings, you know,” I tell her.

“I know,” she says with a big smile. “That’s why I like being a bad girl.

When the cab arrives, my bad girl and I are still making out in the parking lot and she’s still trying to find a way to get the chastity belt off.

I think she’ll need a spanking when we get home.

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