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Camping trip

Totally NSFW, totally for adults only.

As I said in an earlier post, I like to switch things up sometimes.  Not that writing femdom is necessarily boring, but I like to explore the other side of domination as well; that’s why Becca’s getting in trouble in some of these other posts.  That story, and the story of the camping trip will kind of work together, but will be different stories with different kinds of domination.  Becca gets dominated then John gets dominated.  This snippet is from John’s domination and is an extension of an earlier post.

With any luck, I’ll have them both done at about the same time.

By the way, I’m still working on the ghost story as well.  That’s trickier because it isn’t as consensual as the John and Becca stories, or even Minerva and her hubby.  It’s kind of an area I’m less comfortable with, but I guess it’s good for a write to break out of his or her comfort zone.

Anyway, without any further ado, let’s join John as he marches, naked and chained, to a getaway cabin for the weekend.  He may need a vacation to recover from the weekend.


A few months ago we were playing poker with some friends when Becca got a really, really, good hand. I had a really, really good hand, too, and we both pushed all of our nickels into the pot. Looking for more, she bet herself for 24 hours. I raised to 48 hours and called. She won and I spent the next 48 hours chained, gagged, and teased.

The first morning, after she made sleep chained up, she woke me up by sucking my dick. It was amazing. She hadn’t let me cum the night before and made sure I couldn’t touch myself all night long so when I finally got to explode I swear it felt like I shot a gallon of cum into her mouth. When she crawled up on me and spit it into my mouth it still felt like a gallon of cum.

Anyway, long story short, after she blew me she locked me into this plastic chastity cage she’d bought somewhere and proceeded to tease the living hell out of me.

That’s how she has currently made sure that my dick is her dick. Last time I was in one of these things, I didn’t know what I was getting into. I was bound and blindfolded and had just shot a wad into her lips.

I guess she enjoyed the feeling of controlling my dick because she bought another cage, the one I’m locked into now. This one is metal with bars that start at the shaft and work up to the tip of dick I can feel a bit more through the bars than I could through the plastic. I can feel the breeze on my cock, I could feel her tongue when she licked me all over after I locked it, I could feel her hand when she led me around our house by my caged dick this morning.

This time, she made me put it on myself. I had to kneel, naked, on our bed while she watched me will my hard on down and lock myself in this cage.

If you’ve never seen one, they’re pretty dastardly contraptions. There’s a ring that goes at the base of my shaft, behind my balls and a metal cage that goes over my shaft and connects to the ring. The whole thing is held in place with a little padlock. The sheath bends slightly down, but is really short. Image in a soft penis and you’ve got a decent idea of what this thing looks like.

With it locked onto me I have to sit down to pee, can’t touch myself, and I can’t get fully erect. My dick, unfortunately, doesn’t realize it can’t get erect and still tries to get hard. Every time I try to get hard, I press against the bars of the cage and experience a very strong reminder that my dick is, at least for the time being, Becca’s dick.

She’s walking in front of me now, one hand over her shoulder holding the leash she’s got attached to my collar. She’s got on the smallest, tightest pair of cutoff shorts I’ve ever seen her wear and I’ve spent most of the walk fixated on her ass. Her ass is amazing, toned and perfect and shapely. Her top is a tight black tank top that hugs her curves. She’s not wearing a bra and, when I could see her front, her breasts were pushed into the tight fabric, hard nipples poking through.

It’s not cold out here, so I can only assume the hard nipples are a good sign.

All I’m wearing is a pair of hiking boots. Unless you count a gag, a collar, a metal cage on my cock, and a pair of handcuffs as clothes – and I usually don’t.

I’m also carrying a backpack with some various gear and snacks. We’re going to a cabin that we rented for the weekend, and it’s supposed to be fully stocked for us, so the pack is fairly light. Actually, it’s mostly Becca’s clothes and some various toys she decided to bring; I don’t get to wear anything but this cage on my poor, throbbing cock and a pair of boots.

The extra weight on my dick means it bounces a little with every step, further consternation for me. I’ve only been in this thing since last night and she’s promised to take it off tonight, but Becca’s promises are contingent on her capricious whims. If I don’t perform, don’t completely submit, I have no doubt the thing will stay locked on me until she decides to let me go.

I must be lagging because she tugs my leash and the gentle jolt of pressure on my neck urges me forward again. Eyes focused on her ass, I let the hypnotic sway of her hips lull me into putting one foot in front of the other.

Keep marching, my boy. At the end of the trail is not exactly freedom, but at least a chance to win my freedom back. It won’t be easy, though. If I know Becca – and I do – I’ll spend a lot of time tied up, a lot of time with my face in her pussy, and a lot of time where I’ll be doing both at the same time.

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