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Camping trip

Totally NSFW, totally not for minors.


“Ugh,” Becca says, pointing to the kitchen. “We need to air this place out. You start over there, I’ll start over here.”

I automatically head over to the kitchen and am standing in front of the first window when I remember I’m handcuffed.

How the Hell am I supposed to open a window when I’m handcuffed?

“Get that window open before I have to come in there with riding crop,” Becca says from the living room.

If I turn around, I can fit my fingers under the window ledge, but when I try to lift I find the window won’t budge. Closer inspection shows me a small lock at the top of the window. It’s too high to get my arms up to, so I lean in and try to open it with my gag.

Something that should take two seconds to do winds up taking me two minutes, but I finally manage to get the window up. The fresh breeze feels good on my bare skin. I’m standing in front of the window, enjoying the breeze when I feel the sting of the riding crop on my bare ass and nearly jump out of my skin.

Becca had snuck up behind me after opening the rest of the windows.

There’s nothing quite like having someone sneak up on you and smack you on the ass to remind you of just how helpless you are when you’re cuffed and gagged. Try to move your arms and find they’re stuck, try to cry out and all that comes out is a squeak. It’s a moment of realization that you are completely under someone else’s control and, hopefully, protection.

“Took you long enough,” she says as she reaches up and opens the window over the sink. She has to stand on her toes to do it and I soak in the view of my wife stretched up.

Unfortunately, she catches me ogling her and gives me a stern look. Taking my leash in hand she jerks me toward her.

“Let me show you around,” she says with a slightly evil grin.

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