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NSFW, Not for minors, not for the extremely moral.  Basically, if you’re not into sex with a little domination thrown into it, this is not the place for you.


At 6am sharp, I awake the buzzing of the alarm. Becca slowly wakes up, too, which isn’t really like her. Normally she’ll grumble about the alarm and go right back to sleep, but this morning she rolls over and snuggles up next to me.

“I had good dreams about you last night,” she says sleepily.

“What kind of dreams?” I ask.

“I was leading you on a leash through the woods to a cabin and I got to use you all weekend long.”

“Use me how?”

“Mmmm. I kept you naked and tied up all the time and put a cage on your cock and made you eat me out and fuck me with toys. You kept begging me to take the cage off your dick, but I didn’t do it until the night before we left.”

“Sounds fun,” I tell her.

“It was for me, anyway,” she says.

She actually has put a cage on my dick and kept me tied up and naked, so this dream isn’t too out of left field.

Becca sits up and takes off her camisole, revealing a pair of breasts that make so very happy to be her man.

“That dream left me horny,” she says. “As I recall, we traded a blowjob for me getting to masturbate. Was I a good enough girl last night?”

“Yes you were,” I tell her.

She doesn’t say anything else, just pulls my cock out of my sleeping shorts and goes to work on it.

I can always tell her horniness level by how she sucks my dick. When she’s not all that horny, she just goes through the motions, swallows my cum, and calls it done. When she’s really horny, she puts on a show; head bobbing, moaning, nibbling, and generally getting into it.

She’s horny this morning and goes to town on my dick like it’s the most important thing in the world. It takes me about two minutes to cum.

While I’m lying there, panting, she watches me intently.

“Was that good, Master?” she asks.

“That was very good. Grab a blindfold and go stand by the holes,” I tell her.

“I thought I could masturbate here,” she says.

“I said you could finger yourself, but I didn’t say where and you’re still getting tied up while you do it. Now, scoot.”

As I watch her pert ass strut out of the bedroom, I get a feeling today could be a good day.

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