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Wherein Russ Meets His Mistress

NSFW, Not for minors.


Samantha is nowhere to be found when Russ gets in and he breathes a sigh of relief. Maybe he’ll be able to get to his office and not have to deal with her. It’s funny, he thinks to himself, just last week if he walked in and she wasn’t at her desk he’d be livid; now he’s ecstatic.

Her chair is neatly pushed in, her desk is clean, there’s no sign she’s even in the building.

He breathes out and forces himself to relax. Maybe she’ll just stop coming to work but insist on being paid. That would probably be best; he’s sure he can wrangle something where she gets paid and stays away and the pictures remain forever hidden.

Or, Hell, maybe she’ll keep her word and just mess with him this month. She’s an attractive woman, how bad could being her slave for a month be? She does have a pretty amazing ass and eating her pussy wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

With a little smile, Russ opens the door to his office, finally ready to face the day.

“Close the door behind you,” she says and all the blood drains out of Russ’s face.

Samantha is sitting in his chair with her feet on his desk. He can’t completely make out what she’s wearing, but those shoes. My God, those shoes.

Her feet are clad in a pair of shiny, black pumps with at least a five inch heel on them. The vamp forms a wavy line across her cute little feet. The shoes are decidedly feminine, but convey a sense of danger and power at the same time.

Black hose cover her legs and add to the sense of power.

Russ peels his eyes away from her and shuts the door behind him.

“What are you supposed to do when we’re alone together, Russ?” she asks.

The use of his first name is a not so subtle reminder of who is in charge here. It may be his name on the nameplate on the door and hers on the little secretary’s desk outside, but there’s no mistaking that he is hers for the time being.

“Handcuff myself,” Russ mutters.

“I’m sorry. What was that?”

“Handcuff myself,” Russ says louder.

“How are you to address me?” Samantha asks.


“Very good! Now, what are you supposed to do when we’re alone together, Russ?”

“Handcuff myself, Mistress,” Russ says.

“Good job. There’s a pair on the counter over there. Put them on,” Samantha tells him.

The handcuffs look to be standard police issue cuffs. As Russ puts them on, each click sounds like thunder in his ears. Fully secured, he turns to face her.

Samantha is the happiest she’s been in ages. She’s got a mostly willing servant; someone she can play with. The fact that it’s her horrible boss is only icing on the cake. Her heart is pounding with excitement and she lets her eyes slide down his body, examining him, leering at him, treating him like a toy to be used.

Scratch that, treating him like her toy to be used however she sees fit. She’s creative and can’t wait to try out some of her more lascivious fantasies on him.

He’s shaking slightly and that, too, makes her heart pound a bit more and that spot between her legs gets warm and wet.

“On your knees,” she says sternly.

Russ obeys after a moment’s hesitation. She’ll have to train that hesitation out of him, but she’s got plenty of time.

Russ kneels in a pool of self-doubt and watches as Samantha swings her shapely legs off his desk. When she stands he gets a better view of her and, as always, is slightly struck. She’s a very beautiful young woman, shapely and seductive. Had he known then what he knows now, he probably wouldn’t have imagined her on her knees sucking him off. It’s still a beautiful thought, those lips would probably feel amazing on his cock, but a more realistic image of her would be her holding a whip.

Samantha straightens her dress and saunters to her new slave, hips swaying unabashedly. She watches his eyes watching her and knows he’s completely entranced.

She knows other dominant women like to make their men stare at the floor; it’s a control thing and it works well for the most part. Samantha, however, wants his eyes on her. She wants to see him soak her in and looks for that little spark of sadness in his eyes when he realizes she’s strutting just for him but he can’t do anything until she says so.

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