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Bed time (from the upcoming Josephine)

NSFW, Not intended for anyone under 18.


Russ tries to relax into the bonds holding him open but finds it difficult. He’s never been tied up before and is unaccustomed to the sensations and the fact that he needs to stop fighting it before he’ll be able to completely relax. Even then, it’s kind of difficult to relax into being tied up, which is kind of the point of the process.

Of course, relaxation is difficult when you’re scared, and Russ is pretty much terrified right now. Whoever or whatever that blonde woman is, he realizes, she’s not human. Brushes with the supernatural always leave tiny mortals shaking and when those same encounters wind up stripping someone naked and tying him to the bed, that just makes things harder to deal with.

When a person is scared the natural inclination is to either run or fight. The insidious thing about being tied up is it prevents either natural response. A well bound person can’t run away and can’t fight. So Russ lies, spread open on his bed like one of his many women and struggles weakly even though he knows his struggles are ultimately useless.

The blonde woman is nowhere to be found. After surging into him, stripping him naked and strapping him to the bed, she vanished in a puff of logic.

The house is dead silent – no pun intended – and all Russ can hear is his breathing. Again, he’s kind of kicking himself for buying such quality equipment. He’s gagged many a woman with this ball in his mouth and, truth be told, he feels like he can still taste their mouths on the rubber. Of course, he never guessed he’d be on the receiving end of the thing. Just like the straps holding him securely to the bed, the ball is well-built and not going anywhere.

It doesn’t help his mood that the blonde – he guesses he’ll refer to her as a woman for the time being since all evidence to the contrary he doesn’t believe in ghosts – apparently knew what she was doing when she gagged him. The ball is deep in his mouth, the strap pulled tight around the back of his head.

He’s tried to call out a number of times but all that comes out is a sort of mewling sound. He used to love listening to a woman making that sound when she was well gagged but is finding it a slightly different experience being on the receiving end of the big ball gag. Not being able to talk is almost more frustrating that not being able to move.

An interesting side effect of being bound, gagged, and left alone is Russ has had plenty of time to think. Once he got over the initial shock at being tied to his own bed, hoist by his own petard so to speak, his mind started to explore the sensations of being tied here.

First off, he feels completely helpless. This is a novel experience for Russ. He’s always been in control of every situation he’s ever been in and being out of control is being very far out of his comfort zone.

Second, he feels very exposed. Another novel experience for a man who takes such great pains to always be in control of every situation. The analytical part of his mind recognizes that the helplessness and feeling of being exposed are probably in cahoots with each other. The feeling of having his legs tied wide open on the big king sized bed makes him feel like anyone could just take his cock. The nakedness isn’t helping either.

For a man who likes to walk naked in front of his big picture window every morning his nakedness feels to him like a liability right now. That’s probably the bondage talking, taking his normal asset – a giant cock – and turning it against him.

Speaking of cocks, his is lying huge and semi-erect against his hard stomach. A part of him is still horny, still thinking about Amanda’s lips on his member and dreaming of sliding it into her wet pussy. Thoughts like that have come and gone as he’s explored bondage from other side and his cock has risen and fallen in time with the fantasies.

If only that stupid bitch had stuck around, Russ thinks, it could have been her tied here and not me.

There’s not much logic in that statement, but Russ is hardly in a logical position.

Russ’s tongue is still trying to push the big ball gag out of his mouth even though he knows it’s a complete waste of time.

When she shoved the gag in his mouth he immediately reacted first with horror at the thought that his tool was being used against him and then with revulsion that he was sharing a device with some of those stupid sluts he’s gagged over the years. It was one thing to tie them up and fuck them, it’s quite another to share a toy and an experience with them. He tried desperately at first to keep his mouth wide open and not actually touch the ball.

This, of course, is impossible. As anyone who has ever been gagged will attest, once that ball is your mouth, you’re going to touch it whether you want to or not.

It didn’t take long for Russ’s mouth to get tired and slowly, reticently, he let his mouth close around the invader. Relaxing his mouth helped some, but his jaw is still aching a little from the effort and from being forced open.

Now his tongue is still idly trying to push the ball out of his mouth even though his conscious mind knows that’s simply not going to happen. It’s become like a nervous fetish for him; the Sisyphean task of pushing away at the boulder is slowly calming him down.

The events of the evening, the date, the making out, the fight, the chase, being strapped here have left exhausted. He’s physically and emotionally drained, although he’d loathe to admit it. Slowly, without even realizing what’s going on, his thoughts turn fantasies. In those fantasies, he sees himself having a three-way with Amanda and what’s-her-face from work. He imagines both of them on their knees, hands cuffed behind their backs, begging for his cock.

The fantasy slowly turns to a dream and Russ’s struggles slow down. He hasn’t quite accepted his position, but he’s coming to terms with it. His tongue stops worrying away at the gag ball.

When he’s fully asleep, his fantasy of Amanda and his secretary turns on him. Suddenly he’s the one in handcuffs and they take turns burying his face in their pussies. Russ has never done this before, so his brain makes up the feeling of eating a woman out for him and, to be brutally honest, does a piss-poor job of it.

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