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Becca In The Mirror

From the soon-to-be-released “Back To The Club”

With my arms wrapped around her stomach, I walk her into the bathroom and we face the mirror.

“Do you see how amazing you look?”

Her eyes roll up and down her twin in the mirror.

I stroke her hair and she leans her head into my hand and moans.

“I love your silky hair,” I tell her. “I love how it tickles my face when you lean over me to give me a kiss.”

We look at each other in the mirror and each appreciate the view in our own way. I love how she looks when she’s all tied up like this. With her arms behind her back, it forces her breasts forward and out.

Our eyes meet in the mirror and I smile at her.

“Your eyes are amazing, full of warmth and emotion. I could lose myself in those eyes.”

Her hands have found my cock and are gripping it tightly, squeezing me through my pants. I let my hands wander over her body while she watches helplessly.

As I work my way down her body, I point out things I like.

“I love what you can do with your mouth,” I tell her as I trace her lips around the ball gag. “But I also love how your mouth looks with that gag in it.”

She moans a little as I work my way down her to her collared neck and wrap a hand around her throat. We’ve never been much into choke play, but a little squeeze on the neck every now and then does wonders for demonstrating who’s in charge.

“Do you know why I love that collar around your neck?”

She shakes her head.

“It emphasizes the line of your neck, makes it long and elegant. It’s like when you wear choker necklaces and it turns me on so much, but with a collar it means you’ve submitted.”

Her head leans back into me and her hands slowly stroke my erection up and down.

Further down her body, I stroke the sides of her breasts and am rewarded with a moan and her pushing herself further into me. I had never realized it until she told me, but apparently the sides of breasts are amazingly sensitive. You’d think that tidbit of information would pop up more often, but I had never heard about it until she told me.

“You have the most amazing breasts I’ve ever seen,” I tell her. “They’re pert and perky and just the right size.”

I gently play with the tips of her nipples, very delicately touching them. The clamps have them super sensitive so even a little stroke elicits a loud moan.

“I could suck on your nipples all day long and never get bored. I love feeling them get hard under my tongue.”

She’s squirming now, rubbing her ass against me.

My hands slide further down her body, down the sides of her torso and into her stomach.

“Your tummy is so hard and soft at the same time, it’s amazing.”

She says something that faintly sounds like thank you.

The chastity belt causes a bump in my stroking, but I work around it for the time being, and brush my hands across her hips before I push them between us and fondle her ass.

“Your ass looks absolutely amazing in everything you wear. If it was the last thing I ever say, I’d die happy knowing I had seen the best looking ass in the world.”

I pull my hands back around her front, pulling her hips tight into me and touch the front of the chastity belt. It’s warm from her body heat.

“I could spend days between your legs worshipping your pussy,” I tell her. “It’s a pity it’s all filled up and locked away from me right now.”

Her hands are gripping my cock tightly, as tight as she’s ever gripped me before. Her breathing is deep and she’s flushed again.

My hands can reach the tops of her thighs and I can feel the strong muscles in them slowly tensing and relaxing as she reacts to my touches.

“You have great legs. I love watching them when you’re wearing short skirts. I’ll bet you could wrap these legs around my face and hold me tightly.”

We spend a few minutes there, pressed up against each other and staring at our twins in the mirror. I could honestly spend all night here, holding her and looking at her amazing bound body in the mirror. She’s perfect, and she’s all mine.

Our eyes lock and I want her more than I’ve ever wanted anything before. I’m already controlling her, but I want to hold her and stroke her and do wonderful, terrible things to her.

I made myself a promise, though. I want her to feel what it’s like to get desperate. When she locked my dick up I got so desperate the first day I would have done – and did do – anything to get free. I ate out a stranger, something Becca still hasn’t admitted she made me do, even though that stranger told me she sat on my face and left her panties in my mouth (she was a secretary from my work). After Becca used me and finally unlocked me, I had the most amazing orgasm I’d ever had, firing into her pussy like a cannon.

I want her to experience that, too. From the frustration and the constant stimulation came amazing release. It’s a hard mountain to climb, but the view from the top will blow your mind.

“I need to make dinner,” I tell her. “If you can make drinks, I’ll take that gag out. Deal?”

She nods her head and I release her mouth from its bondage, sighing quietly to myself. I absolutely love how a woman’s mouth looks with a gag in it, and I’ll miss the view.

As soon as the gag comes out she leans back into me and says two things: “I love you,” and “Please fuck me.”

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