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Becca Takes Control

From the upcoming story “The Cabin”

The look on her face is a mixture of lust and power. She knows she’s got me and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it right now. Even if I didn’t desperately want her, I’d still be hers to control. I lower my eyes and let the submission wash over me.

“Look at your Mistress when she’s talking to you,” Becca says sharply.

I snap my eyes back up to hers and give her my best look of defiance. It’s kind of a pathetic look of defiance because, well, I’m cuffed and gagged and collared and I know full well I can’t fight back.

The hand that was on my chin slides down and wraps around my neck, just above my collar. The pressure slowly increases. When I try to pull away, she yanks my collar forward and keeps choking me.

“Do I own you?”

I nod slowly. Yes, Mistress. You own me.

She roughly throws me down on the floor and before I know it, she’s on top of me, straddling my chest and holding me down. My cuffs are biting into my wrists.

I’m not going to lie, I have a great view from down here. I love seeing her from below. Her hard stomach, pert tits, spread legs; it’s ambrosia for me. She’s never been this rough before, and it’s kind of scary, but I like it, too.

Becca scoots forward slowly, letting me watch her move. She doesn’t sit down on my face so much as slide over it and, before I know it, her panties are covering my mouth and my nose is pressed right up to her.

“You want me, don’t you?” she asks.

With her sitting on my face, pressing the gag into my mouth and holding my head in place, I can’t even nod, but I suspect it was a rhetorical question. My caged cock is throbbing and I’m sure she’s noticed it.

Do I want her? Of course I want her. I want her like I’ve never wanted anything else. I want to feel those lips of her on my cock. I want to see her hot pussy slide over my dick and engulf it.

She rests on my face and watches me, obviously enjoying the control. All I can do is look up at her, enjoy the view, and hope she lets me up. It’s not miserable being here, and I’ve had my face between her legs more times than I can count, but putting your face in pussy is a very different experience from having pussy put in your face. When you’re going down on your girl, you can usually move if you need to; I can’t right now.

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