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Excerpt and Leather Dress

Josephine is written and I’ve got another round of edits before I look for some Beta Readers.  It’s book one of Troy’s Tales of Terror for 2014.  Expect it right before Halloween.  In the meantime, it’s Monday, have a nice leather dress and excerpt from Josephine.


Russ swallows his pride and leans forward, putting the straw in his mouth. The water is cool and delicious. He drains half the glass without trying before he sits back on his haunches and looks around.

Wherever she is, she’s chosen to stay invisible. There’s no doubt in his mind, though, that she’s watching him, enjoying the sight of him on his knees and completely at her mercy.

He leans forward again and tries to take a bite of the cereal. The bowl is much closer to the ground than the straw was and he has to spread his knees open to lean down far enough. Carefully balancing himself so he doesn’t wind up face first in his meal, Russ pushes his face toward the bowl. His tongue manages to score a piece of cereal and he chews happily.

At this rate of one piece of cereal at a time, it’s going to take north of forever to eat, so he pushes his face further down and laps like a dog. It’s easier to eat this way, but he winds up with milk all over his face. Oh, well, he thinks.

Russ licks the bowl clean when he’s done and sits back up with milk and cereal all over his face. He looks around, but the kitchen is empty. Scooting around on his knees, he looks behind himself and find the same empty space.

When he scoots back she’s right in front of him holding a rag. She wipes his face clean and Russ lets her scrub away the milk from his eyebrows and nose. A piece of cereal was stuck to his cheek and she plucks it off and holds it out to him. Russ leans forward and delicately takes the morsel.

Once she’s got Russ cleaned up, the blonde holds the ball gag out in front of him, holding it by the straps. He really doesn’t want the gag, but the threat of punishment is keeping him in line. He opens his mouth wide and doesn’t fight her when she straps it back around his head.

For the first time, he sees her smile. It’s a radiant grin, full of joy and it makes Russ happy to see it. She pats his head and disappears again.

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