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Excerpt from Hallow’s Eve

Hallow’s Eve features Minerva and Felix, and it’s a mostly light-hearted romp through a company Halloween party.  When they decide to get a little nookie in a cemetery, though, things get a bit wild and wooly and we find Minerva’s been hiding a secret.  It should be ready to go live by late next week or next weekend. – T.


Her jade green eyes are sparkling, whether it’s because she knows I like what she’s wearing or she knows she’s got me under lock and key and the feeling of power turns her on. I’m not sure why, but they glitter like stars. She’s got that quirky smile she gets when she’s excited about something. It curves her mouth up at one corner, almost like a smirk, but without a smirk’s haughty feel.

“What’s up there that you like?” she asks.

“Lots of things,” I tell her. I hope she takes these cuffs off soon, my shoulders are aching.

“Name one,” she tells me.

“You have great legs.”

“What else?”

“Your ass is amazing.”

“Thank you!” she says with a little laugh. “What else is up my skirt that you like?”

“Your pussy is pretty awesome.”

“You like pussy?”

“You know I do. There’s nothing in the world better than pussy.”

Minerva throws me a fake pout and says, “Why, Felix, I hope you don’t think of me as just a pussy.”

“Not at all,” I tell her with a smile. “I love your pussy, but I love the rest of you, too.”

“Ah, that’s sweet,” she says kind of mockingly. “So, you’d do anything for me?”

“Sweetie, you’ve got me under lock and key, of course I’d do anything for you.”

“That’s a good point. Right now there’s not much you can do except what I want you to do. If I let you go, will you still do anything for me?”

“Depends on what anything is,” I tell her. “There are some things I can’t do.”

“Like what?”

“Move a mountain for you.”

“You know, if you really loved me you’d move mountains for me,” she says, laughing.

“All I can promise is I’ll try,” I tell her.

“Okay, aside from the physically impossible, is there anything else you won’t do for me?”

I act like I’m thinking, scrunch up my face and make “hmmmm” sounds. “Not that I can think of,” I say.

“I’m going to hold you to that, you know.”

“I don’t doubt that for a second,” I tell her.

“I’m serious,” she says. “You just told me you’d do anything for me.”

“I did and I will.”

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