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Still alive, still writing

I haven’t fallen of the face of the Earth.  I’ve been working with a talented group of writers on a couple of anthologies.  Secret Lives, our Halloween story collection was the first.  We’ve got another set of stories coming out soon for the Holiday season.  My addition to that collection will be an evening that was alluded to in One Bad Hand.  It’s John and Becca’s first time talking dirty to each other at a company holiday party.  It’s also the first time they try out handcuffs and Becca’s first spanking.  All in all, a night of firsts for our young couple.

I’ve got a couple other things I’ve been toying with, including a new chair for Mistress Lisa and a full-length novel with Felix Crow and Selena Reed that promises action, magick, and some hot sex between a jaded fixer and budding witch.

Just as an aside, just because it’s not Halloween anymore, that’s no reason to not check out Josephine and Hallow’s Eve.  They hit a bit late to really ride the tide of Halloween stories, but they’re great fun.  Also, if you’d like to read John and Becca’s latest adventure, check out The Cabin.  It’s a rollicking tale of femdom complete with bondage, male chastity, forced oral, spankings, and Becca’s maid costume.  The Cabin is also free to read if you have Kindle Unlimited.  I’ll be pulling it off KU next month, so go for it now.

The Cabin, final cover design.  © 2014 Troy King

The Cabin, final cover design. © 2014 Troy King

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