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Mistress Lisa’s Submission Week Part 1

Just for a change of pace, I’m going to try writing a serial, directly in Word Press.  It will follow the erotic adventures of Mistress Lisa in her annual change.  Normally Lisa’s on top but once a year she wants to change her point of view.  Eventually, it will get edited and turned into something fit for publication, but for now it’s going to be written and displayed right here.

***Warning: TOTALLY NSFW***


She’s on her knees, squirming slightly against the bonds that hold her.  Her arms are pulled behind her back and tied wrist to elbow, forcing her breasts out.  Similar bonds hold her ankles to her thighs.

“So, tiger,” she asks, trying to maintain a sense of power.  “What’s the plan?”

The man in front of her doesn’t say a word.  He answers her with a smile that speaks volumes about what lies in front of her.  His erection is pushing against his tight leather pants and she has to admit, it’s quite a nice bulge

She tries to look down at her own body but the collar around her neck makes it difficult.  Well, actually it’s the chain between the collar and the post behind her that makes it difficult.  The chain is short enough that she can’t really lean forward too much, so she leans her head back against the pole and tries to find a comfortable position.  She knows it won’t work.  There is no comfortable position here and that’s the point.  The clients that she’s had in exactly this same position have repeatedly told her that.

“Well, Mistress Lisa, are you ready to begin your week-long ordeal,” the man asks.

“I don’t know if you can really call me Mistress when I’m tied up.”

“That’s very true,” he says.  “I think I’ll call you slave.”

Mistress Lisa is a pro-domme, an expert at erotically dominating men and women.  Her clients have included Senators, judges, CEOs, and other powerful people.  She lets them come here, to her playground, and takes them on journeys they never knew existed.  Spanking, bondage, teasing, cross-dressing, orgasm-denial, and general domination are her game and her playground reflects her proclivities.

The playground is tucked away in an apartment complex and contains all manner of toys and specialized furniture.  There’s a spanking bench, a rack, a chair she had custom made, a sybian, all manner of rope and whips and leather cuffs.  Usually she’s the one administering the punishment, but once a year she goes through the whole cycle.  Officially it’s because she wants to better understand what her clients go through.  Off the record, though, there are times when even the domme wants to give up her power and let go.

“Are you ready, slave?” the man asks.

“I’m ready, babe,” she replies.

The man’s name is Aeden.  He’s her husband and is also the only man she allows to see her naked.  It took her some time to train him, but he’s turned into quite the fearsome dom.  Now, kneeling in front of him  she feels the delightful tingle of submission across her skin.  The point between her legs is throbbing.  Her arms struggle against the ropes even though she knows it’s in vain.  Excitement is making it hard to sit still.  The ropes and the huge bulge in his pants are all seducing her.

“Call me Master,” the man says.

“I’m ready, Master,” Lisa responds.

“I want you to see how good you look, don’t go anywhere.”

She struggles briefly in her tight ropes to show him she can’t move.  He smiles and disappears into another part of the apartment.  Aeden soon returns hauling a large mirror which he places right in front of her.  He looks over the mirror and watches her stare at her reflection.  This is a big time of the year for him, and while he realizes how important it is to her, he also looks forward to her complete submission.  He’s been planning for the past month, devising new and exciting ways to dominate her.  In addition to her various accoutrements of pleasure, he’s come up with a few ideas of his own.  For now, though, he’s content to stare at her and enjoy the show.

Lisa looks at her reflection and can hardly believe the other woman is her.  She peers at the tightly bound and kneeling woman in front of her and looks for traces of her normal self.  Gone are the latex catsuit, leather bodice, and thigh-high boots that she’s so used to.  In their stead, she’s wearing pink lingerie.  Not a hot, racy pink, either.  Her bra, panties, garter belt and stockings are all done in a very girly pink with white accents.  For a woman used to black and red, the pink looks strangely cute on her body.

She can’t really see the ropes, just the top of the red rope on her thighs, but she notes it’s been expertly placed.  The loops of rope are placed neatly next to each other and she beams with pride at how well she’s taught him.

The collar on her neck, that traditional sign of submission that she’ll likely be wearing most of the week, is likewise pink.  Draped over it is a pink ball-gag, her personal toy that he must have found when he raided her supplies earlier.  The gag is big enough to be a mouth-filler, but not so large it becomes uncomfortable.  Well, any more than any ball-gag can ever be not uncomfortable.

After he tied her here he brushed her hair and formed it.  At the time, she couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing, but a glance in the mirror reveals the pigtails he put her hair into.

Gone is the tough domme she’s used to seeing in the mirror.  In her place is a cute woman, kneeling in pink lingerie.  Lisa has never thought of herself as cute, it seemed too … powerless, but the bulge in Aeden’s pants tells her she’s still got something working.

“Like what you see, slave?”

As she feels her power slip away from her to be replaced with a delightful submission Lisa pulls her eyes away from the mirror and looks up at her husband.  Scratch that, she looks up at her master and says, “Yes, master.”

“Last year I let you pick what you were going to wear, this year you’re all mine.  In addition to choosing what I’m going to do with you, I’m going to pick out your clothes, too.  Questions?”

“No,” she says quietly.

“No what?”

“No, master.  I don’t have any questions.”

“Good girl,” he says with a broad smile.

Her whole body is pulsing now, heart racing and she finds she can’t stop looking at the cute woman with pigtails in the mirror.  The spot between her legs is becoming more and more insistent, an increasingly desperate warning siren that she needs to be touched.

Aeden leans in and plants a chaste kiss on her lips.  When the brief touch brushes her lips the siren goes into full effect.  That first touch was electric and lit up her body like a Christmas tree.  Against her will, a small moan escapes her throat.

To cover her desperation she decides to put on her tough girl act.  “Aren’t you going to gag me?” she asks.  The question was meant to act tough, like she can take anything he can dish out, but she was dismayed to note it came out kind of breathy.

“I’m going to gag you, plug you, fill you up, spank you, lead you around on a leash, and do all manner of delightfully naughty things to you.  Are you ready?” he asks.

“Yes, master,” she says and mentally kicks herself for answering so quickly and readily.  Damn, but she’s horny.

“Good.  Open your mouth,” he says.

Her mouth opens and his own throbbing member demands that he make use of that warm mouth.  Go ahead, it whispers to him, shove me in there.  You know what she can do and she’s not going to stop you.

Aeden pushes the voice down knowing there will be plenty of time for that over the next week to feel her mouth swallowing him.  Her open, inviting mouth gets a pink ball gag instead of the raging erection he’d rather stuff in there.

She takes the gag and obediently lowers her head so he can strap it tightly.  Lisa was hoping for hard thing in his pants, but knows she’ll have to wait.  The gag fills her mouth, pushing her tongue down and back.  She’s gagged enough people to know she’ll start drooling soon.  That’s the thing about gags; they make you drool and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it.

Lisa looks at herself in the mirror and sees the cute submissive staring back at her.  The gag was the final act of contrition.  He now controls her completely and play-time can begin in earnest.

“I think we’ll start with the spanking table,” Aeden tells her.

Tune in next week for the next exciting story in Mistress Lisa’s Trials.

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