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Mistress Lisa’s Submission Week Part II – The Spanking Bench


Aeden watches his wife struggling and drooling and thinks to himself, “What a wonderful world.”

They switch it up from time to time, but this is the one week of the year where she is well and truly his.  Her submission is absolute and, while she’ll struggle and need to be subdued and punished, Lisa is his slave.  And he has such delightful torments in mind for his willing slave.  If all goes well, this will be a submission week she never forgets.

Granted, the background agreement is she gets him for a week and anything he does to her she can do to him, but for now he intends to enjoy himself.

She looks like a completely different woman now, kneeling in ropes and pink lingerie.  He put her hair in pigtails earlier, gently brushing her blonde locks while she was tied on her knees.  The look on her face when she first saw herself in the mirror was pure ambrosia.  Even now she’s staring hard at herself, trying to reconcile the contrite picture of innocence with the tough woman she’s used to seeing.

Her lips are puckered around the pink gag and no doubt her tongue is worrying away at it inside her mouth.  The little mewling and squeaking sounds she’s making are pure hotness.  His cock is still whispering to him to take that gag out.  Shove me in her mouth, take her, make her yours.

Not yet, though.  He can wait, indefinitely if need be.  One thing she taught him and taught him well is the role of the dominant is to take care of the submissive.  He’ll take her when the time is right and now is not quite the time.

Lisa is finding that she can’t quite get comfortable.  Kneeling is not exactly one of her specialties.  Walking smoothly in a latex catsuit and high-heeled boots?  That she’s got covered.  But being forced to kneel and look cute is more difficult that she thought it would be.

He’s tied her well, wrists and elbows are secured.  The elbow tie, in addition to being amazingly uncomfortable, is making her thrust her tits forward and out.  No doubt he intended that and she has to admit her breasts do look pretty amazing.  The bra he picked out for her is pushing them together, giving her a mountain of cleavage.  It’s a nice bra.  The color gives her an innocent school-girlish look while the cleavage ramps up the sexy.

As she suspected, she’s started drooling.  A little dribble of it has already leaked off her chin.  She wants to look down and see where it landed, but her collar is firmly attached to the post behind her and won’t let her look down.  Side to side, still works, but up and down are not going to happen.

“Spread your knees,” Aeden orders.

When she knelt down she automatically put her knees together, the result of a lifetime of being told to keep her legs closed.  She’s had clients tied in exactly this position and reveled in sitting in a chair opposite them with her legs both closed and open.  Lisa knows exactly what kind of power her pussy has and in front of a client will happily spread her legs knowing the bound slaves desperately want what’s between her legs but will never be able to get it.

Tied up like this, though, spreading her legs is no longer a display of power.  Here spreading her legs is an act of submission.

“You just earned ten more spankings,” Aeden tells her.

She looks up at him and feels a slight bit of panic.  Her eyes plead.

“You hesitated, slave,” he says.  “You must never hesitate.”

Lisa scoots back and forth, spreading her knees open.  Each inch further open is a struggle, both mentally and physically.

“Further,” he commands.

She moans and whimpers in her gag, but keeps spreading her knees until she can’t open her legs any further.  Wide open now, the pussy that once brought her power feels exposed and vulnerable.  The thin layer of her panties is all that stands between her sex and whatever he wants to do with it.

Aeden stands before her, legs slightly spread, and watches Lisa.  Each year it takes some time to get her to comply quickly and each year he enjoys making her submit completely.  Her eyes still have that fight in them that he loves so much.  A feisty mare is always more fun that tame horse.

“Keep them open,” he tells her and walks across the room to a small cabinet.

Lisa knows that cabinet all too well and is not surprised when he opens it and reveals an array of whips and riding crops.  Her breath catches in her throat, though, when she remembers she’s the one tied up.

Aeden hears her muffled gasp and smiles to himself.  Let her stew on her knees, he thinks.  He takes his time selecting a riding crop.  They’re all essentially the same – a stick with a strap of leather on the end – but there are differences.  He examines each one, holding it up and swishing it through the air.

The thing to look for in a good riding crop is the sound of the smack.  None of them actually hurt too much, but the crack when the leather hits flesh is always a shock.  He needs one long enough that he doesn’t have to bend over to use it on her.  As an added bonus, the longer shaft means it stings a bit more.

Aeden slaps his palm with one that looks good and is rewarded with a muffled crack.  Obviously not a good choice.  The next one sounds better, but he can’t feel it when it strikes his palm.  A third crop cracks like a gunshot when it hits.  He hears a muffled whimper behind him and smiles.  His hand stings slightly.

This crop is the winner, he thinks.  Turning toward Lisa he finds her eyes wide; not quite terror, but definitely a sudden and overwhelming realization of her position.  This is another thing she goes through every year and he loves helping her navigate through the process of realizing she’s his, absolutely, for a week.

He slowly walks to her, slapping his palm and enjoying watching her try to jump.  Her blonde pigtails bounce when she tries to jump but with her ankles securely tied to her thighs she’s not going anywhere.

Lisa struggles in her bonds, squirming.  Her heart is racing.  Aeden’s strong body and those tight leather pants and, oh God, that bulge that she knows so well; all make him look the role of the master.  He stops right in front of her.  She wants to look up and see his face but the collar stops her.  Black leather pants are all she can see.  If she looks up she can see his cock straining to get free.  Look down and it’s all strong legs to the floor.

The riding crop caresses her shoulders and tops of her breasts.  The leather is soft and smooth.  She can’t help but whimper at the touch.  It works its way between her breasts and around the sensitives sides.  The pink bra doesn’t do much to stop the sensation of the leather head.

Without warning the crop slaps the side of her breast, just enough to sting and she cries out.  It was less the shock to her breast and more the shock to her pride that made her cringe and cry.

The crop works its way down her body, stroking her stomach and sides.  The first strike on her bare tummy stings and she’s certain it left a mark.  He continues stroking, punctuating the session with slaps to her stomach and breasts.  Aeden works her with masterful ease.  He never strikes hard enough to really hurt, just enough to let her know she’s been swatted.

Pride slides from her mind as she rides the slaps.  Soon she’s whimpering and moaning though her gagged mouth muffles each sound.  Over and over he gives her taps, always working his way down toward her spread legs.

Lisa is panting when he finally – finally – slides the crop between her legs.  At the touch of the leather on her pussy she lets go and a deep moan escapes her.  He rubs her in little circles, tickling her more than anything else.

She tries to jump when the crop slaps her pussy and her knees clamp together against her will.

“Naughty girl,” Aeden says.  “I told you to keep those legs spread.  That’s five more swats.”

Lisa moans and whimpers.  Her eyes plead with his, but she doesn’t see any solace there.  Five more swats means at least fifteen, plus whatever he already had planned.  She fights herself, but opens her knees again and exposes her pussy to whatever he has planned for it.

Aeden immediately taps her with the crop again.  He knows exactly how to slap her crotch; never enough to hurt anything other than her pride but enough to let her know he’s in charge.

“I’m going to give you a choice,” he says as he steps close to her.  “You can have fifteen swats between your legs or however many I want to plant on your ass.”

Lisa tries to plead with him but the gag won’t let her talk and her words come out muffled and indistinct.  His hand brushes the top of her head and that simple touch feels so good, so much like home that she mews.  The bulge in her pants is right in her face brushing her gagged mouth.  She wants that bulge and it seems completely unfair to her that the leather and the gag won’t let her have it.

“What’s it going to be sweetie?” Aeden asks her.  “Ass or pussy.  Something’s getting swatted.”

Her pussy is throbbing and it wants attention, just not the tender mercies of the riding crop.  Those cute, thin panties don’t do much to stop the sting of the crop on her lips.  She ignores his question for the moment and tries to push her mouth forward and nuzzle the huge cock.  It may be his, but he’s sworn to never let anyone else have it, so in a way it’s her cock, too.  And she wants her cock in her mouth right now.

The chained collar and the gag and the leather of his pants won’t let her have her cock, but Lisa can’t stop trying to get at it.

“Ten seconds and both are getting swats,” Aeden tells her.

She tries to say “spank my ass” but it comes out a mumbled mess of slurred vowels.  Lisa tries to yell “spank my ass” and the sound comes out a little better.

Aeden figured she’d go for spanking.  It’s actually what he wanted.  He wants her spread over the spanking bench, wants to swat that hot ass of hers and hear her cry out.  A best case would be to make her count the swats but he can’t risk the neighbors hearing her cries so the gag will have to stay in.

“You want me swat your pussy?” he asks, faking incredulity.

Lisa shakes her head vehemently.  “No, not my pussy, my ass,” she tries to say.

“Oh,” he says.  “You want ass spanked.”

She tries to nod her head but the short chain on her collar makes it difficult.

“Okay, I’m going to untie you and put you on the bench.  Try to get away and you’ll get your ass and pussy spanked.  Deal?”

Another attempted nod.

“Good girl.”

Aeden kneels down in front of her and gently unties her thighs.  Gentle hands massage her legs, rubbing some feeling back.  One hand reaches between her legs and strokes her through her panties.  Lisa’s head lolls to the side in pleasure when he rubs her clit.

The collar is unhooked and he helps her to her feet.  Her legs are rubbery and the four inch heels on her feet make it hard to stand so she leans into him and lets him hold her up.  His bare chest is warm against her.  Her face seeks out her safe spot and nuzzles into his neck, relishing his arms around her waist and on the back of her hair.

He holds her, pulling her tight to him and enjoying her hot body next to his.  When he feels her legs straighten Aeden leads her to the inverted V-shaped spanking bench.

The bench is basically an elongated saw horse.  It’s wider on top than a regular saw horse and padded with a soft leather pillow.  Leather cuffs are built into the legs of the horse to hold wrists and ankles.

Aeden walks her next to it.  There’s no need to show it off to her, she’s had plenty of experiences strapping clients to the thing.  With a gentle nudge, he gets her legs spread around the bench and straps her ankles in place.

The ties on her wrists and elbows weren’t complicated and don’t take much effort to undo.  He lets her rub her arms while he neatly coils the used ropes and puts them away.  Even though she’s in no real position to complain, he knows she insists on everything being put away in her play room.

“Ready?” he asks.

Ready?  Ready to spanked God only knows how many times?  Her crotch is rubbing on the leather of the spanking bench and it feels so good that she doesn’t want it to stop.  His strong hands help her lean forward and strap her wrists to the legs of the bench.

If being tied in a kneeling position felt submissive, this feels incredibly exposed.  He can do anything to he wants to her here and she knows it all too well.

“I was going to make you count,” Aeden tells her, “but I think I’ll keep you gagged for now.”

Lisa mews in response and tests her bonds.  They’re secure, just like she thought they’d be.  She hears him rustling around behind her but can’t turn her head to see what he’s up to.  As she watches, a rivulet of drool escapes her mouth and hits the floor.

A hand strokes her ass and she almost melts in delight.  The delight vanishes she hears the slap of a wooden paddle and her ass lights up.

“That was one of twenty,” he tells her.  “I hope I can keep count.”

He gently strokes the spot he just spanked.  When he told her she had nineteen more she whimpered.  Good, he thought.  He knows she likes being spanked, but twenty was a bit more than she bargained for.  He’ll take his time, stroking and soothing her ass between each swat.

After ten she cries out each time the paddle hit her.  After fifteen tears are starting to well up in her eyes and she actively tries to get away.

“Five more, baby,” he tells her.  Her mewling response tells him she’s still okay.

The remaining five swats take their toll on Lisa and she finds herself happy to be securely bound the bench.  She doubts her legs could hold her up at this point.  Her ass is stinging and she can’t believe the tears in her eyes.  After the last one, she’s a hot mess, nothing more than burning ass and throbbing pussy.

Every touch, even the air blowing across her ass, feels magnified.  She’s sure she’s bright red back there but she doesn’t even care anymore.  Lisa is panting in both pleasure and pain.  He’s gotten good at spanking her and she loved and hated every second of it.

Something cold as ice slides over her ass and she squeaks through gag.  Part of her wonders what’s up to but the rest of her can’t believe she just squeaked.  The cold thing slides over her, moving up and down slightly.

Lisa faintly feels her panties slide away and realizes Aeden just cut them off her.  His hand massages her, strokes her lips and pushes them open.  She’s wet and desperate and tries to push herself closer to his hand.

His fingers spread her open and she feels his cock slide inside of her.  Ass burning, mouth gagged, and fully restrained, Lisa moans in pleasure.  He fucks her, thrusting into her as deeply as he can before slowly sliding almost all the way out.  She stays on the edge of a desperately needed orgasm until he takes pity on her and speeds up.

Even with the gag in her mouth she thinks the neighbors might have heard her scream when the orgasm plowed over her.  He keeps going, though, fucking her faster.  Another orgasm builds and explodes at the same time he bursts inside of her.  Her mind goes almost black and for the second time this morning she find herself thankful for the leather straps that hold her securely to the bench.

She comes back to reality when she feels him cleaning her off and unstrapping her wrists and ankles.  When the gag comes out, she works her jaw happily.  Lisa’s body is still too exhausted to respond and Aeden has to help her up and off the bench.  His arms around her waist he leads her to the bedroom and gently lays her down on the bed.

“Rest now, sweetie,” he tells her.  There’s a soft blanket at the edge of the bed and he uses it to wrap her up.  He’ll let her rest while he cleans up the other room.

She mumbles a thank you and snuggles into the blanket.

“There’s a skirt and blouse over there.  When you’re ready put them on and I’ll buy you some breakfast.  Your panties are shot, though, so you’ll have to go commando.”

He kisses her forehead and closes the door so she can rest.  The day is young and it’s best to pace the punishment.

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