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Last story from 2014 and I made it just in the nick of time.  The Submissive Senator and Other Stories is now available on Amazon.  Just $1.99 for three rollicking stories. (NOTE: Mrs. Wong’s and Office Party previously appeared in Secret Lives and Holiday Gems respectively, but I wanted to get everything together for one last push in 2014)

Get it now!

Three stories from Troy King guaranteed to titillate and enthrall any reader.
In The Submissive Senator a powerful mean feels the weight of the world crashing down on his shoulders and seeks escape through his favorite dominatrix. She gives him a little more than he bargained for, though.
In Mrs. Wong’s a gunslinger and all-around tough-guy meets a young woman and agrees to help her find her dad. She knows more than she’s letting on and their chance encounter culminates in the unlikeliest of places.
In Office Party John and Becca find themselves bored senseless listening to idiots drone on about company policies and decide to entertain themselves. One thing leads to another and Becca’s willing submission gets her more entertainment than she expected.

The Submissive Senator, first cover.   © 2014, Troy King.

The Submissive Senator, first cover. © 2014, Troy King.


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