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Mistress Lisa’s Submission Week Part III – The First Morning

Lisa slowly comes to back to reality after an exhausted and extended stay with the God of Dreams.  In his realm she was wearing a white robe and lounged on soft pillows while naked men caressed her skin and fed her grapes and wine.  For a dominatrix, it was an extremely serene feeling.  She could snap her fingers and one of the men would do her bidding: fetch more wine, peel a grape, eat her out.

It was, she thought, perhaps the heaven all good dommes go to when they die.

Her eyes aren’t even open yet but her brain is slowly sliding into gear.  She stretches, a long and luxurious stretch that she learned from a cat many years ago.  Arms and legs akimbo, each muscle working to pull out the kinks in her muscles.  It’s her ritual.

While she stretches she thinks fondly of the hard young men who took care of her in dreamland.  She imagines strong shoulders, hard abs, and enormous cocks ready for her.  A smile crosses her face like the grin of the Cheshire Cat.  It wasn’t her most lascivious dream, but the simple elegance of having what she wanted is the kind of feeling she wants to keep with her all day.

An itch flutters across her nose and she reaches to scratch it.  Her arm won’t move.  Oh, well, try the other one.  That one, too, seems hell bent on staying put.

She turns her head to the side and scratches her nose on the pillow.  Ah, sweet scratching and she didn’t even have to interrupt her stretch.  Lisa drifts in and out of light sleep, taking her time and giving the god of dreams and extended thank you.  Each time she leaves his domain, she remembers something forgotten and goes back.

Finally, after who knows how many trips back she comes to fully and her eyes open.  Her brain is only partially engaged, but it is trying to shift from first gear to second gear.  She’s dimly aware of something warm next to her, covering the right side of her body from her armpit down.  The warm thing has parts that extend from her torso like warm blobs of comfort.  One piece extends across her torso, just under her breasts (which seem to be naked for some reason), another loops over her waist and down her leg.

The warm thing is breathing quietly.  Lisa’s tired brain slowly reaches 2nd gear and she recognizes the warm thing as Aeden.  He’s snuggled up next to her, head resting on her chest.

She wants to hold him in her arms and enjoy the quiet of the morning but her arms still seem to be having trouble moving.  Okay, maybe try one arm at a time.  No go.

2nd gear is spinning up and she realizes she’s naked.  Not the worst thing in the world to be naked in bed with your husband, is it? her brain asks.

No, brain, it’s definitely not.  I want to hold him, though.  Why can’t I hold him?

His warmth and gentle breathing convince her everything is okay.  As long as they’re together nothing can go wrong.  She realizes her legs are spread wide open and wonders if she did that while she was dreaming.  The dream is definitely not something she wants to explain so she tries to close her legs only to realize they won’t move either.

Some gentle tugging of arms and legs convinces her that her limbs are still functional, they just seem to be stuck under something.  Some kind of thick bracelets and anklets are wrapped around her wrists and ankles.  She turns her head to the side and can see the thick black leather cuff around her wrist.  Her tired eyes can make out something stretching from her wrist to the bed post.

Rope, her tired mind mumbles.

Why am I wearing leather cuffs to bed?  Why is there rope going from the cuffs to the bed post?  Was I worried about falling out of bed?

You’re still tied up, sweetie, Lisa’s brain tells her with a yawn.

Oh, okay.  As long as I’m just tied up.

Lisa drifts back into sleep before the reality of her situation comes crashing down on her and yanks her forcibly from dreamland.  She tugs at the bonds that hold her arms and legs open and memories of last night wash over her.  Aeden tied her here, wide open for his taking.  He used a riding crop and her own personal cat-o-nine-tails on her.  His mouth worked her over, sucking nipples and doing such delightfully naughty things to her pussy.  He ate her out over and over and then teased her with his mouth until she begged him to fuck her.

That final orgasm was a whopper.  He was deep inside of her and she was struggling, pulling on the ropes that held her open.  She was screaming, every muscle taut and then …

Then she woke up and realized he hadn’t untied her the night before.

Sensations and memories of yesterday slowly roll over her.  Lisa’s shoulders are sore.  Truthfully, her whole body is sore.  Her ass is still sore from Aeden’s paddling yesterday, her legs are sore from walking in those extremely high heels, her pride is sore from that short skirt he made her wear.

After her time on the spanking bench – she still can’t look at the paddle and her pussy still aches for more – Aeden had her get dressed in some clothes he’d left for her and took her out to breakfast.  He neglected to mention the skirt would barely cover her ass and since he’d cut her panties off while she was on the bench she walked around all day with nothing between her sex and the open air but a hope that the wind didn’t kick up.

Breakfast, she has to admit, was great.  There’s nothing quite like great sex to build up her appetite and, as the saying goes, hunger is the best gravy.  She sat on her napkin since the skirt rode completely up when she sat down, but the bacon was perfectly crispy and the eggs nice and runny.

Breakfast moved to shopping and she hid her embarrassment as he led her around the mall.  Aeden seemed to have an amazing ability to find things on the lowest racks and make her bend over to pick them up.  She flashed at least two old women and one young man who’s raging erection was visible through his baggy pants.

And then last night.  Oh, God.  Last night.

Fully awake now, she realizes she has another problem: she really needs to go to the bathroom.  “Hey,” she whispers, wanting to wake him up and not wanting to wake him up at the same time.

He moans slightly.

“Untie me.  I need to go to the bathroom,” she hisses.

“Master is sleeping,” Aeden mumbles.

“Please,” she says.  “I really need to go.”

His head moves slightly on her chest and his arm grips her tight.  Stupid bladder, she thinks.  I wish I could stay here.  Aeden’s eyes are droopy when he looks at her, but that won’t last long.  He always could wake up faster than she could.

“Is that how we ask for things?” he asks slowly.

Lisa remembers now that she’s only in her second day of submission week and adjusts her attitude accordingly.  “Please, master.  May I go to the bathroom?”

“Yes, but hurry back.  And be prepared to wake me properly.”

His hands fumble a bit, but he unhooks the soft leather from her wrists and ankles.  Free, she hurries to the bathroom.  When she comes back he’s sitting on the edge of the bed rubbing his eyes.

He’s apparently awake enough to realize she’s there and holds up a hand to stop her.  “Crawl to me,” he says.


Aeden is mostly awake now.  Folgers can suck it, he thinks.  The best part of waking up is finding your hot wife still tied up from the night before.  He smiles when she drops to her hands and knees and crawls to him.  She’s not normally a morning person, so he’s pleasantly surprised when she obeys so quickly.  A quick bit of contrition on her part and he’ll let have the morning mostly off.

His eyes watch her lithe form sway across the floor.  She’s amazing, he thinks.  She’s actually managed to figure out how to sway when she crawls.  Her body moves like a cat’s and he has to admit her swaying is hypnotic.

She lays her face in his lap, right next to his cock and plants a little kiss on the base.  “I’m sorry I woke you, Master.”

He puts a hand on her head and strokes her hair gently.  “It’s okay, Slave, but I think you can apologize better than that.”

“Yes, Master,” she says with a smile.  Her lips and mouth work up and down his stiffening shaft, planting kisses and licking him from base to tip.  He shouldn’t be this horny after last night but there’s just something so special about waking up to a bound woman.  Sure, it would get boring if it happened all the time, but it’s like a kind of Christmas where you don’t have to unwrap the toys before you play with them.

A morning blow job will work in a pinch, though.

She works him up and down, maintaining eye contact through at least part of the blowjob.  He grips her hair just before he cums so she’s ready and blows in her mouth.  He has to smile when she pulls her mouth off his cock and shows him the cum on her tongue.

“You can swallow, Slave,” he says.

She makes a show of it and swallows his load with a smile.

“May I take a bath now, Master?  My limbs are kind of sore,” she asks.

Aeden strokes her face.  She leans into his hand and nuzzles it happily.  “Of course, Slave.  I’ll leave you some clothes and get some coffee ready,” he tells her.

She rises to her feet and he watches her put on another show of strutting to the bathroom.


The bath was amazing.  She was stiff from being tied up all night and the hot water loosened her limbs.  As the water caressed her skin she found herself touching her body, stroking parts.  She knows slaves really shouldn’t touch themselves, but she does it anyway.  What’s the point of being a slave if you’re not at least a little naughty?  He won’t hear it anyway if she’s quiet.

Besides, if he finds out he’ll just punish her and that’s really what she’s looking for this week anyway.

After a soak and some self-pleasure she feels more alert and aware.  She dries off with one towel and wraps herself in another and steps out of the hot bathroom to see what the rest of the morning will hold.

As Lisa stares at the clothes Aeden left her and she wonders exactly what exactly what his game is this week.  He left her more cutesy lingerie; pink with white polka dots, ribbons, and lace adorn the bra, thong, and garter belt.  Again with the pink, she thinks with a sigh and wishes for black and bright red.

Next to the lingerie is a note that simply reads, “Put it on, cuff your hands (in front!) and join me for coffee.  Love you -A.”

As she expected, the lingerie fits her perfectly.  The bra pushes her breasts together, emphasizing a pair that doesn’t really need emphasis.  Knowing his proclivities, she puts on the garter belt and stockings next.  She has to admit, they’re fun for sex even if wearing them all day is kind of a hassle.  The little thong follows, sliding over the garter belt so he can take it off her without fussing with garter straps.

The thong is tiny, barely covering her sex.  Somehow, wearing it makes her feel almost more exposed than actually being naked.  It’s definitely less comfortable than being naked.

Heels and handcuffs follow.  Lisa takes a deep breath and looks at herself in the mirror.  I look like a bimbo, she thinks.  “Which is probably the point,” she says to no one in particular.


Aeden is waiting for her at the table wearing sweats and a T-shirt.  He’s on his second cup of coffee and is wondering if he should have set a time limit for her when their bedroom door opens and she walks out.  His eyes roll up and down her body, soaking in the curves of her amazing body.  All mine, he thinks.

Lots of couples can describe their relationships as “complicated.”  For Aeden and Lisa that complication is amplified by her job and his.  He works regular hours, hers are irregular.  He coaches businesses on finances, she dominates people.  From the outside, if someone were to just look at them from their jobs there is no way anyone would think their marriage would work.  But work it does.  Neither of them bring their work home with them and once his suit and tie and her latex and leather come off they’re just two people lounging in sweat pants and enjoying each others’ company.

She had to teach him the art of dominance, just like he taught the art of business finance.  His skills made her business much more lucrative and taught her how to manage her books.  Her skills helped him in his day to day work, too.  He can play the alpha male with the best of them now.

This week, though, is all about them and no one else.  He’s learned how to push her buttons and she’s learned to play the reluctant sub.

“Coffee?” he asks when she saunters into the room.

“Please,” she replies.

He realizes he should be making her wait on him, but it’s early and he realizes the importance of making her feel safe and sane when she’s not straddling a spanking bench or spread-eagle on the bed.  After all, he had her all night last night and she did suck him off this morning; so at least a thank you is expected.

She gratefully accepts the hot coffee (two sugars, heavy cream) in her cuffed hands and sighs as she drinks it.  Sleeping naked and bound had to have been at least a bit tough on her, he thinks, but she never complained and waking up to her tied wide open was heaven.  It would have been nicer to be able to play with her a little bit, but the day is young and there’s plenty of time for play.

“So,” Lisa asks after half the coffee is gone.  “What’s on the agenda for today, tiger?”

“I think a little punishment is in order for you,” Aeden says.

“Why do I need to be punished?”

“Did you really think you could get away with masturbating?”

Lisa blushes and puts the coffee cup to her lips like she’s trying to hide behind it.  “How did you know?” she asks quietly.

“I know you and you always glow after you come in the bathtub.”

Her face turns bright red and she wonders how many times he’s known.  She has a sneaking suspicion the handcuffs she’s wearing now are the least of her problems.

“What’s my punishment, Master?” she asks, hoping that by calling him master he’ll go easier on her.

“First up, you’re bound all day.  At the very least handcuffs with whatever else I decide.”

She gulps and issues a quiet, “Okay.”

“Next, we’re going to your play room and you’re going to happily put yourself in the pillory.  From there, I’ll let you decide what I’m going to do with you.  Now, finish your coffee, have another if you like.  I’ll put out some clothes for you.”

Lisa sets her coffee cup down and holds her cuffed hands out to him.  “How am I supposed to get dressed with these on?”

“I’ll take them off long enough for you to get dressed, then they’re going right back on.”

She gets up and tries to pour herself another cup of coffee.  It’s no mean feat with cuffed wrists, but she manages.  Turning to face him she asks, “You know how much I hate the pillory, right?  I only use it when clients are particularly bad.”

“Like you were this morning?” he asks.

“I sucked your dick, Master.  Please don’t put me in the pillory.”

“How about a nice, tight hogtie for the rest of the day?”

Lisa lowers her eyes.  She knows she’s gotten herself into this mess and the only way out is through.  At the end of the week she’ll have more first-hand knowledge of what her clients go through so that should make it all worthwhile.   Plus, and she doesn’t like to admit it to herself, it’s kind of nice having someone else make the decisions.

“I’ll take the pillory, Master,” she says quietly, knowing full well how miserable the damned thing is.

“Good girl,” he tells her.  “Finish your coffee.  I’ll find you something to wear and we can get started.”

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