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Mistress Lisa’s Submission Week Part IV – The Pillory


True to his word he let her out of her handcuffs while she put on the outfit he had picked out for her.  She took advantage of the free time to scratch an itch on her lower back that had been bugging her all morning. Once the mini dress was over her body though, the cuffs went right back on.  Adjusting the dress turned out to be more difficult with cuffed hands than she thought it would be but Lisa managed to get it to mostly cover her.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Lisa realized Aeden’s choice in clothes trend toward the minimalist.  The dress he picked out barely covers her ass and plunges low in the front and back.  It’s the kind of dress she would have worn clubbing when she was 23, but that was ten years ago and even though she’s still got the body for it, her mind rebelled at the idea of showing off her assets so easily.

Aeden didn’t bother to hide his leer and she could almost feel his eyes moving across her body.  He also made her ride to her playroom handcuffed and made her ride up the elevator with a couple of people while she was handcuffed.  All in all, she felt like a trophy on display, or a game animal being shown off by a master hunter.  Fortunately most people were so fixated on the dress – and her tits nearly falling out of it – that they didn’t notice her cuffed hands.

Now she’s standing in front of the hated pillory and wondering whether masturbating was a such a great idea this morning.  To be fair, Aeden had probably planned on putting her in this thing and would have found a reason to stick her in it, even if the reason was he just felt like it.  Such is the week of submission.

All pillories are essentially the same: a large piece of wood with cut outs for hands and neck.  The wood opens in the middle, the submissive bends over and places wrists and neck in the appropriate holes and the wood is closed.  Once you’re in one you’re not going anywhere.

A lot of BDSM devices are derived from historical torture devices but the pillory remains essentially unchanged from the times that criminals were placed in one and put on display; often in front of a jeering crowd.  Lisa’s pillory is a twist on the classic design.  The aforementioned piece of wood is held between two vertical posts that let her adjust the height.  Rather than hinging two pieces of wood together, the top piece of wood simply slides up and out of the pillory.  Metal clasps hold the pieces together when she wants to secure a sub.  Leather cuffs are attached to chains at the bottom of the pillory to hold ankles, should she determine someone just needs that extra oomph.

Aeden unlock her wrists and says, “Take off the dress, hang it up, and get yourself in position.  If you’ve got an itch, now would be the time to scratch.”

Lisa nods and says, “Yes, Master.”

She strips off her dress and hangs it on a hanger that just last week held a five thousand dollar suit.  She shivers In her pink lingerie and wishes she’d been smart enough to leave the heater running.last night.  Little goose-bumps are breaking out on her arms and her nipples are poking into her bra.

Aeden coughs, a gentle reminder that she needs to be someplace.  She tries to look calm and collected, held high like a queen looking regal on the way to her own execution, but the shivering and the pink the lingerie conspire against her and she winds up feeling like one of her clients; afraid yet excited.

“Get in,” Aeden tells her.

Aeden has set the pillory to just above Lisa’s waist.  Taking a deep breath, Lisa bends forward at the waist and puts her wrists in first.  It’s an awkward position, bent forward, and Aeden has to steady her so she can get her head in place.

He checks her thoroughly to make sure everything’s in place and lowers the boom.  As soon as the top lowers Lisa is encased with a foot of wood beneath her and a foot of wood above her.  She knows exactly how secure the pillory is; she’d had clients in it before and no one has escaped.  Still, she tugs at her wrists hoping against hope that she’ll be able to get free.

She feels Aeden behind her, moving her legs forward.  The leather straps wrap around her ankles and Lisa finds herself bent forward with her ass sticking out.

“Now,” Aeden says.  “What should I do to punish you.”

She feels his hand on her ass and feels very exposed.  “I thought this was the punishment,” she says.

“The pillory?  No.  This is incentive.”

His fingers are playing between her legs and she can’t help but squirm.  Fingering herself in the bathtub is never as good has someone else play with her.  She bites her lip and holds back all the little noises she wants to make.  “How is this incentive?” she asks.

“It’s incentive because you’re staying in there until you tell me what kind of punishment you deserve for masturbating without my permission.”

“I think this is punishment enough isn’t it?”

“No, sweetie.  I want you to tell me what to do with you.”

His fingers keep playing across her thighs and panties, tickling and stroking her.  She feels that old familiar pulsing between her legs.

“No ideas?” he asks, still alternating between stroking and tickling her pussy.

“No,” she replies.

The crack of his hand on her ass sounds like a firecracker going off.  Lisa yelps and tries to jump and just winds up swaying her ass in the breeze.

“What was that?” Aeden asks sharply.

“I’m sorry, master.  I don’t have any ideas, master.”

“Good girl.”

He goes back to stroking her ass and pussy.  Lisa can’t help herself and moans a little.

“Now, back to the question.  What am I going to do to punish you?”

“I don’t know, master,” she says breathlessly.  “I don’t know.”

Without a word he slaps her once on the ass and walks around the front of the pillory.  He’s right in front of her, pants inches from her face.  She can’t look up and see his eyes, but she can look down and slightly forward and see the bulge in his pants.

His hands move and she finds a big ball gag stuffed in her mouth.  The straps pull tight behind her head, forcing the ball into her mouth.  Lisa lets out a little whimper and struggles.  She feels Aeden’s strong hand stroke her hair and then he disappears behind her.  A little shuffling, the scraping of a chair, and a contented sigh.

“I’ll see if you’ve thought up a punishment in a bit,” he says.  “In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the view.”


Aeden sits in Lisa’s chair right behind her and watches his wife’s amazing ass moving back and forth as she tries to find a comfortable position.  He’s never been in the pillory but he suspects, just like she knows, there is no such thing as a comfortable position when you’re bent at the waist and your ankles are pulled in.

The muscles in her legs are taut and neatly displayed through her pink stockings.  Six inch heels adorn her cute little feet.  He loved watching her walk in them, the way they pushed her ass out and elongated her already amazing legs was ambrosia to him.  Aeden had to fight with himself to not push her against the wall of the elevator and take her from behind.

He watches her heart shaped ass swaying in the breeze and checks the clock on the wall. He’ll give her fifteen minutes in the pillory before he asks her again what she wants for punishment.  If she doesn’t have an answer, well, he’ll just have to up the ante a bit.  He knows he’s got all the time in the world and this place is absolutely filled with things that will help her decide her fate.

In the meantime, he pulls an eReader out of his coat and sits back to enjoy a short story while Lisa struggles.


Her legs and lower back are already getting sore when she feels his hand on her ass, stroking gently.  She moans a bit, trying to plead through the gag.  His fingers slide between her legs and tickle her sex.  The touch is light, so light she can barely feel it, and she tries to push harder into his fingers.  He laughs and moves his fingers back out of the way.

“Not yet, sweetie,” he says and walks around to her front.  The bulge in his pants is right in her face and she wants to nuzzle it but can’t really move her head.

The gag tightens, pulling the ball deeper into her mouth, before it loosens completely and he pulls it out of her mouth.

“Did you think of a punishment yet?” he asks.

“This is punishment,” Lisa cries.  “Let me out and I’ll do anything.”

The gag is forced back into her mouth and strapped down tightly.  She moans and whimpers, realizing she had one shot to get out the pillory and she just blew it.  His pants move away from her and she hears him move around the room, opening drawers and looking for something.

Lisa hears the faint clink of small chains and wonders what he’s found.  So much in this place has chains that it’s difficult to even guess.

His hands tug at her bra, pulling her breasts free of the cups.  Soon they’re dangling free and he’s stroking the sides of them.  His hands move down to the tips and stroke and pinch her nipples.  Lisa’s whimper of pleasure seems weak and pathetic in her mind; the kind of whimper a slave makes when she wants more.

Fingers pinch her right nipple and something clamps down tight.  Shit, she thinks, not the nipple clamps.  She tries to struggle and get away from him when he massages and pinches the left side but she knows she’s not going anywhere and the second clips firmly to her nipple.  He lets the chain drop and she feels gravity tug at her nipples.

“I’ll let you think for bit longer,” he tells her.  “Hopefully you won’t come up with a punishment because there are some weights back there I’d like to hang off that chain.  There are all kinds of things here I’d love to try on you.”

Lisa whimpers and tries to stay perfectly still so the chain won’t pull too much.


Aeden moves his chair to her left so he can watch her breasts dangle.  He thinks her tits look absolutely amazing when they’re free to move around.  The shiny chain and little black clamps on her nipples aren’t hurting the view either.

He checks the clock.  She’s been in pillory for about twenty minutes.  He’ll have to find a way to get her to cooperate soon because even criminals only spent an hour or two in the things.  Still, her long legs look amazing and that ass – oh my God, that ass – looks so amazing pushed out.  Her back is slightly arched and, of course, her tits are heaven to look at when they’re hanging down like that.

The bulge in his pants is throbbing, whispering to him to rip her panties off and plunge into her.  When he was tickling her pussy he could feel just how wet she was.  So warm and wet, a voice tells him.  Think how amazing it would feel and it’s not like she’d mind – or be able to do anything.

But this is about her, not him, and he keeps his libido on a tight leash for the time being.

After fifteen minutes, he walks over and strokes her some more.  Lisa whimpers and he smiles.  He kind of wishes he could see her gagged mouth.  He loves the way her lips wrap around the ball and her eyes get so expressive when she can’t talk.  He teases her pussy, enjoying the way she tries to push harder into his hand.  She hasn’t earned release yet, though, so he moves along, trailing fingers up her torso.  She shivers and squirms.  He strokes the sides of her breasts and gets a deep, gagged moan for his efforts.

Time to check on her, he thinks and moves around the wooden boards to stand next to her head.  He pushes his hard cock right next to her face and works away at the straps.  As soon as the gag comes out, she immediately says, “Let me out and I’ll suck your dick.”

“That’s not a punishment, sweetie.  That’s a reward,” he tells her and puts the gag back in her mouth.

She struggles hard and makes frustrated noises, knowing she just bought herself more time in the pillory.


Lisa’s mind is racing.  Her body is sore from fighting to stand like this.  She’s frustrated from his teasing and the damned clamps on her nipples and she wants out.

She knows her husband, though, and he won’t let her go until she thinks up a punishment.  Forcing her mind to stop running she concentrates on an appropriate punishment.  It helps when she starts to think of herself as she really is: his slave.  From there she steps back into her domme role and asks herself what would she do with a recalcitrant slave.

Hands tug at her panties.  She can’t see what he’s doing, but it doesn’t feel like he’s pulling them down.  Something cold and slick pokes at her asshole and she’s hears him quietly say, “Just relax.”

A butt plug.  Just like she’s used on countless slaves in this place pushes gently but firmly into her.  Even though she’s been on the giving side of a butt plug, she hasn’t taken them very often.  She tries to obey the advice she gives to clients and relax, but it’s harder than she ever realized.  The plug flares and stretches her wide before rapidly getting smaller.  Then it’s in and he’s pulling her panties over it.

“Don’t push that out,” he says.

Time slows down, drags into a constant stream of tired muscles and stimulated nipples and general helplessness.  She tries to stay still to keep the chain between her nipples from swinging.  Every little movement, every little adjustment and it moves and she whimpers.  She’s also noticed that ever little movement makes her clamp down on the plug.

It’s the hell of constant stimulation.  Her pussy is aching for his touch.  She wants him inside of her and his tongue on her and – oh God – she’s so horny right now!

She thinks rapidly when he starts stroking her again.  This time, when he takes the gag out she knows exactly what to say.  As soon as the gag clears her mouth she says, “I don’t deserve any more orgasms today.  Keep me handcuffed and plugged, but don’t let me come.”

“Now that’s a punishment he tells her.”

The gag doesn’t go back in and even though she’s going to spend the day cuffed and stimulated, at least she’s getting out of the damned pillory.  Her respect for the tool has grown over the last – well, however long she’s been in this thing.  She winces and whimpers when he takes the clamps off her nipples.  They’ll be sore all day.  Her ankles are loosened and she happily moves her legs again.

After being bent over all this time, Lisa needs help to stand up when the top of the pillory is removed.  She collapses into his arms and he holds her tight, stroking her hair and back.  She wraps herself around him and clings to him.  He’s so warm and she’s so tired and he smells so good.

She knows he’ll find plenty of ways to keep her on edge today, but for right now she’s in heaven.


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