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Mistress Lisa’s Submission Week Part V – Good Night, Sweetie


Aside from the handcuffs, butt plug, and extremely short skirt, the day was remarkably normal.  Aeden made lunch.  They watched TV, read books, and took a long nap.  Before dinner, they played Yahtzee.  Lisa won and got a hard spanking for her troubles.  Every time his hand landed on her ass the plug inside of her shifted and pushed and she was caught between the stinging of her cheeks and her increasingly desperate desire to come.  After the spanking, panting and weak-kneed, Lisa resolved to win their nightly Chess game.

She lost and lost hard.  Chess, unfortunately, requires a great deal of focus and in her bound, plugged, and excited state, Lisa simply didn’t have her head in the game.  Her head was focused on that warm throbbing between her legs and that bulge in Aeden’s pants that would, if not extinguish, at least put a damper on her fires.

Her punishment for losing the Chess game was having to take off her blouse and skirt and make dinner in her underwear.  She got a few precious moments to rub her wrists (he had taken the cuffs off so she could take off her shirt) before he clamped the handcuffs back on.

So she cooked dinner in her pink lingerie and felt his eyes all over her.  He cleaned up while she watched him and fought the urge to put her hands between her legs and rub that naughty little nub until it shut up.  Had she gone through with it, had she plunged fingers inside of herself and fucked herself, there was no doubt in her mind that his punishment would be severe.

After everything was cleaned up and put away, they curled up on the couch and watched a movie.  Aeden wrapped her in a blanket and she put her head in his lap and enjoyed being held.  The madcap antics of the movie helped take her mind off her pussy for a while, but that throb was still there.  Every time she laughed at one of the funny parts, the plug moved inside of her and she remembered the handcuffs and the throbbing would come roaring back to life.

If asked what the movie was about, Lisa couldn’t say.  It was two hours of warm snuggling and hot desperation.  He alternated between holding her and stroking her body through the blanket and, at the end of the movie, she’s inches away from begging for a release she knew won’t be allowed.

Still, hope springs eternal as the saying goes.

She stands up and makes a show of pulling the blanket around her shoulders.  Straddling him, she pulls the blanket around him and presses her mouth into his.  His mouth opens and she pushes her tongue in.  Her cuffed hands grab the back of his head and pull his face into hers.  Aeden doesn’t fight her and she feels his strong hands on her back and a sizable erection pressing into her panties.

Aeden would like nothing more than to rip her panties off and slide into Lisa’s pussy.  There is no doubt in his mind that she’s wet and ready.  She’s been plugged and cuffed all day.  Her moans of ecstasy when he was spanking her earlier were a dead giveaway.  They’ve been married for a while now and he know she only moans like that during a spanking when she’s horny as hell; which is exactly how he wants her.

In truth, he could have cared less about her fingering herself in the bathtub.  He knows she does it all the time; he just needed an excuse for some long-term punishment and masturbation fit the bill nicely.  He’d planned on keeping her cuffed all day.  The butt plug was her idea, and a nice touch.

What she doesn’t know yet is when he said no more orgasms for the day, he meant exactly that and little miss Lisa is still in for a surprise or two.

For now he’s content to let her think she’s seducing him.  He’ll happily play along with her and let her stick her tongue in his mouth and grind her pussy against his pants.  If she thinks she’s going to sneak in a orgasm, though, Lisa’s about to be sadly disappointed.

Her breathing increases and her tongues stops moving and her grinding becomes more and more insistent.  He waits a moment to let her build up a good one and easily lifts her off his lap.

“I think it’s time for a shower, don’t you?” he asks.

She’s pouting and rubbing her thighs together in a kind of desperation.  He can see in her eyes that she’s pretty pissed off at him, but ignores it for the time.  Her arms are still around his neck and he takes some time stroking her body.  The twitching and moaning and lip biting tell him she was closer than he thought.

No wonder she’s pissed.

Her lips are all over his neck and she’s pushing her body against his, trying to get him worked up enough to fuck her.  It’s working, too, but what Lisa doesn’t realize is she can get him all worked up but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to get off.

Aeden grabs her cuffed hands and leads her to the bedroom.  He takes the cuffs off her, but holds onto them.  “Strip,” he says simply.

She starts with her stockings, unhooking the clips on the pink garter belt and slowly sliding them down her long legs..  The garter belt itself slides down her legs as she sways her hips back and forth.  Even though the thing has normal hooks on it, she felt a slow, wagging slide would look better.  As she stands erect, she lets her hands wander up her body.  They start between her legs and glide across her panties, slowly working their way up to caress her breasts.

Lisa throws her long blonde mane back and reaches behind her back, exaggerating the way she unhooks her bra to make her tits stand out further.  She slides the straps down each shoulder, slowly exposing each breast before letting the pink bra drop to the floor.  Braless, she stretches her arms behind her back, and pulls her hair back, all the things women do when they want to show off.

Aeden appreciates the show.  Her dedication to turning him on is admirable, but she doesn’t realize it will backfire on her.  Already she’s got that tell-tale glow she gets when she’s really turned on.  He’s throbbing himself and it feels like his dick is trying to escape his pants.

Her panties come last, slowly sliding down long legs.  Lisa’s hands are wandering all over her naked body, rubbing, pinching, squeezing.  It’s an amazing show.

“Undress me,” Aeden tells her.

Lisa doesn’t waste time.  She can see him bulging out his pants and wants what’s in there.

She pulls his shirt off first and lets her hands explore the familiar territory of his hard chest.  His muscles are defined, but not huge.  Perfect in her opinion, just big enough to look good, but not enough to look showy.

Shirt off, her hands find his belt and pull it out of the loops.  She drops to her knees in front of him and undoes his jeans, slowly unzipping them.  His boxer briefs are bulging out and it’s hard for her to keep her hands off the erection under them.

He steps out of his jeans and she leans down to take off his socks.

The microfiber boxer briefs are all that’s left to pull down and his cock is free.  It’s big and nicely shaped and all hers.  She plants kisses on it, working from his balls all the way up his shaft.  At the tip, she opens her mouth and swallows the whole thing, smiling around his huge member when she hears his moan of pleasure.

His hands are in her hair, stroking and massaging her head.  After a few minutes of slowly pushing his cock in and out of her mouth, enjoying the way her tongue glides across it and his moans of ecstasy he pulls her mouth off of him and helps her to her feet.

“Was that not good, master?” she asks.

“It was wonderful, but I’m not ready for it yet,” he tells her.

“What’s it going to take then?” she asks, trying to act coy.

He hands her the handcuffs and says, “Behind your back.”

Her wrists are already a little sore from being cuffed all day, but not too bad.  Not enough to complain about it anyway.

He orders her into the bathroom, telling her he’ll be along momentarily.  He just needs to get her pajamas laid out.  Lisa, kind of a stranger to being cuffed, manages to get the shower door open and steps inside.  The tile is cold on her feet.  With some effort, she turns on the shower and enjoys the sensation of hot water streaming over her body.  She loses herself in the rain, forgetting the handcuffs until she tries to squeeze the excess water out of her hair.  At that point, she leans against the wall and pouts.

She’s horny, there’s no escaping that fact.  Her body has been demanding attention all day and Aeden’s attention hasn’t helped things.  Nor has the plug in her ass or the cuffs on her wrists.  Her pussy is pounding and there’s absolutely nothing she can do about it.

Her face is in deep pout when he comes into the shower, bottom lip pushed out.  Her long hair is soaked and hanging.  Rivulets of water are cascading down her breasts and stomach.  Against his better judgement, Aeden pulls her tight to him, pressing his erection into her.  She pushes hard against him, rubbing him with her body.  Their mouths meet and open.  Tongues play with each other.

She whimpers when he pushes her away and tries to get close to him, but he gently pushes her back into the corner.

Grabbing a poof ball, he washes himself, letting her watch.  Lisa eyes him with hunger in her eyes.  He takes his time and shows off a little while he soaps up.

“I want to wash you,” she says from her place in the corner.

“Your hands are cuffed, sweetie,” Aeden tells her.

“You could take the handcuffs off,” she says.  “I’ll be a good girl.”

“I don’t doubt it, but the deal was you stay bound all day.”

He’s washing his dick now, stroking a little and making sure it’s clean for her.  She bites her lip and rocks her hips back and forth.  “You want this, don’t you?” he asks her.

Lisa nods, eyes riveted on his body.

Aeden rinses himself off and crooks a finger at Lisa.  “Come here, time to wash you off.”

She wants desperately to act cool, but her body has a mind of its own and she all but runs to him.  He takes his time washing her; soaping with the poof ball in one hand and massaging her with the other.  Her nipples harden, her clit throbs.  She smiles when he kneels down and washes her legs and feet.  His lips plant a delicate kiss on her sex and moans and tries to push her throbbing pussy into his face.

He gives her another kiss and stands up.  Lisa tries to push into him, to rub herself on him and find a way to get him inside of her, but he delicately pushes her back and spins her around.  Poof ball and hands work their way down her back and ass.  She whimpers and moans when he pulls the plug out of her and she’s almost sorry to see the thing go.

The removable shower head rinses her back off before powerful arms pull her tight to him.  One hand massages her and the other rinses her.  Lisa’s hands seek out his cock and hold it tightly.  Their bodies are pressed so tightly together that she can’t stroke him and settles for gentle squeezes.

When he’s satisfied she’s rinsed he steps back and turns her around again.  His hands stroke her face.  “I need to wash your hair,” he tells her.  “Get on your knees.”

Aeden hands guide her to her knees lest she slip and fall.  Kneeling in front of him, she looks up and meets his eyes.  He smiles and says, “Put it in your mouth while I wash your hair.”

His cock is huge and right in front of her face.  She opens wide and pushes her mouth over it.  His hands massage her head and her tongue plays with his cock.  Lisa has a lot of hair and it takes time to wash it, rinse it, condition it, and rinse it again.  The whole time she flicks her tongue on him, sucks on him, and generally holds his cock right where he told her to.

Finished washing her hair he holds her head tightly and pushes her mouth down on his shaft.  It’s hardly the first time she’s deepthroated him, but doing it in handcuffs is a different experience.  Usually she loves sucking him off and goes out of her way to make it as good as she can.  After all, his mouth has spent hours on her pussy, and turnabout is fair play.  Cuffed and kneeling, she gives in and lets him take the lead, working her mouth and taking him whole with the calm confidence of an expert.

She feels his hands tighten in her hair, their universal sign that he’s about to cum and starts to push her mouth all the way down him.  He holds her tight and pulls back until just the head is in her mouth.  Lisa’s lips feel the tell-tale swelling of his cock and she gets ready.  Hot cum sprays over her mouth and tongue.

Lisa make a show of swallowing and licks him clean.  Looking up she sees his eyes rolled back in his head and his chest heaving.  He leans against a wall and relaxes.

“Thank you,” he says quietly, barely audible over the falling water.

“My pleasure, master,” Lisa replies.

Aeden shuts off the shower and towels her off before drying himself.  “Ready for bed?” he asks.

She bites her lip, suspecting he’s not going to reciprocate the oral pleasures.  Her body cries out in anguish at the thought of no orgasm but she salves it by reminding her pussy that Aeden has to go to sleep sometime.  In her state, she doubts she’ll get to sleep before him.  She can wait until he’s asleep and quietly masturbate.

That hope goes out the window when she sees the “pajamas” he’s laid out for her.  A collar with cuffs attached by chains and chained cuffs for her ankles.  He methodically dresses her, locking the leather cuffs around wrists, ankles, and neck.  The chains holding her wrists to her neck are too short to touch anything below her breasts.

He helps her into bed and pulls the covers around her.  The light goes off and Lisa hears him say, “Good night, sweetie.”

Her body screams for attention, but no matter what she does, she can’t reach her pussy.  Sex throbbing and mind racing, a bound Lisa attempts to settle in for what promises to be a very long night.

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