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Mistress Lisa’s Submission Week Part VI – Wake Up In Chains


To say Lisa didn’t sleep well is something of an understatement.  Aside from the difficulty of getting comfortable when her ankles are chained together and her wrists are chained to a collar, the insistent throbbing between her legs kept her up most of the night.  She’d heard once that a good way to stay up all night was to get good and horny and stay that way.  It would appear the stories were true.

When she finally did fall asleep, her dreams were a mishmash of images and faint, fleeting sensations: handcuffs and gags, warm flesh, hot mouths, and Aeden inside of her.

Lisa awakens with a sad moan, a fuzzy head, and a desperate need.  She is, in fact, probably as horny as she’s ever been.  Her desire for release has transgressed from being an emotional need for fulfillment to a physical need for filling.

She squirms around on the bed, heedless of Aeden sleeping next to her and looks for a way to touch herself.  Rubbing her legs together doesn’t do a damned thing an the chains hold her wrists to the collar are far too short to reach beyond her stomach.

Sitting up on the bed, she tries to rub against the mattress.  It might work if she could get right on the edge, but her chained ankles won’t let her spread her legs open.  She looks around the room wondering if a toy got left out from the night before.  Something, anything to give her some release.

On the nightstand is a dildo, one that Aeden had put inside of her while she was spread wide.  At the time she had wished for him to stick his dick in her and fuck her while she was tied wide open and found the little purple toy to be less than fulfilling.  Now it looks like absolute heaven.  Lisa has to lean down a bit to snatch it up since her chained wrists aren’t cooperating, but once the dildo is in her hand she realizes she has a problem: how to use it.

Her hands won’t go past her breasts, let alone down between her legs.

There’s desperation and then there’s desperation.  Lisa is full on in desperation; she’s not used to being denied sex, she’s not used to not being able to touch herself whenever she wants, and she’s definitely not used to being desperate.  Even the plug in her ass would feel better than the relentless pulsing between her legs.

She stands in front of the dresser clutching the little purple dildo.  Her mind is exhausted from lack of sleep and her body won’t let up.  A tear drips down her cheek and she idly wipes it away.  Then she giggles as she realizes she’s standing naked and chained, holding a dildo and crying because her pussy won’t let up.

“Are you okay?” Aeden’s voice asks her.

Shit.  How long was he watching?

“I’m fine,” she snaps.

Aeden takes in his wife’s beautiful naked form, realizes he may be one of the happiest men on the planet, and says, “Then why are you holding a dildo and crying?”

There’s a spot of anger in her eyes when she turns to face him.  Her hands are clutching the purple dildo like it’s a life preservers.  As soon as their eyes lock her anger melts.  Shoulders sagging, she says, “I’m tired and horny and I can’t use this thing.”

“Poor baby,” he says as he swings his legs out of the bed.  “Come here.”

Still clutching the dildo she shuffles over to him.  He wraps his arms around her and pulls her body close to his face.  His lips plant little kisses on her warm stomach.  Looking up at her, he says, “Go get a ball-gag.”

“I don’t want a ball-gag,” she replies.  “I want sex.  I want hands and mouth and cock between my legs.”

“Gag yourself, slave,” Aeden says sternly.

Lisa expression is one of completely and utter sadness, but she shuffles over to the dresser and pulls a ball gag out of her drawer.  It’s a small red one.  As she starts to put it in her mouth Aeden says, “No, the big one.”

The big one is a large pink ball that fills her mouth and stretches her jaw.  The red one isn’t comfortable, but she can ignore it.  The pink one is a completely different experience.  She has to bend over to rummage for the hated pink gag and she’s aware of his eyes on her ass when she does it.  In the back of her drawer, hidden under a pile of thongs, Lisa finds the gag.

As with every time she pulls it out, she’s surprised at how innocuous and innocent the thing looks.  The hot pink rubber ball and pale pink straps make it look cute and feminine, but it’s a cruel mistress when it’s in her mouth.

Out of the corner of her eye, she catches Aeden watching her.  Now or never, she thinks and stretches her jaw wide.  As always, the thing feels like a bowling ball in her mouth.  Her chained wrists make it difficult to strap down, but she manages even if it is a bit tighter than she’d like.

Lisa will never admit this to anyone, even Aeden, but she loves being gagged.  It’s like being spanked, another favorite pastime of hers; strong women aren’t supposed to enjoy being submissive and spanked, but she absolutely loves the sensation that comes from not being able to talk, especially when his hands are smacking her ass and all she can do is whimper.

It’s the little things in life.

“Come here, sweetie,” Aeden tells her.

Chained, gagged, and increasingly desperate she shuffles to him.  His arms caress her hips and slide up her torso to the sides of her breasts before fingers trail down her stomach and between her legs.  A finger slides easily into her and she whines in pleasure through the gag.

“You’re so wet,” Aeden says, finger still inside of her.  “You’d probably do anything for an orgasm right now, wouldn’t you?”

Lisa nods furiously, completely beyond caring what she looks like.  All she can think about is the finger gently moving around.

She almost bursts into tears when he pulls his finger out, but her mood brightens significantly when he takes the chains off her cuffs.  Hands free now she has to fight with herself to not furiously rub that pulsing nugget between her legs.  It was masturbation that got her into this mess in the first place and she has no desire to repeat the day.

Aeden spins her around and clips her cuffed wrists together with a carabiner.  Again he’s struck by how lucky he is.  Her ass is absolutely amazing, perfectly round and taut.  He gives her quick swat on the butt and smiles when he hears her whimper.

He spins her back around, looks her in the eye and says, “I can’t wait to fuck you.  Get on this bed so I can undo your ankles.”

She tries to crawl onto the bed but the ankle chains won’t let her.  Aeden watches happily while she tries to figure out how to get in bed.  Finally she turns and sits.  Fascinated, he watches while she lies back and kind of squirms until her body is fully in the bed and her chained ankles are right next to him.  The noises she makes while she’d doing all this are amazing: little whimpers and chirps.

He undoes her ankles and her legs spread wide immediately.  Her eyes plead with him and he can hear her trying to beg through the gag.  All that comes out is a mumble, but he knows what she’s trying to say.

“Not like, sweetie,” he says as he lies down and stretches out.  “I want you to watch you come.”

Lisa struggles to her knees and watches him slide his pajama pants down.  His cock is hard and huge and waiting for her.  As soon as his pants are off she straddles him and tries to work her pussy down over his member.

“Slow down, sweetie,” he tells her.  “Stroke me first.”

Stroke him?  How?  My hands won’t go there, she thinks.  Then an idea hits her and she rubs her wet snatch up and down over him.  His hard cock rubs her clit and she nearly comes from just sliding back and forth on him.

“Good girl.  Now you can have me.”

Lisa’s hips waggle back and forth trying to find the best position.  Soon she slides down over him and sighs out loud from the feeling.

“Squeeze me,” he tells her.

She tightens around him and grinds against him.  God it feels so good.  Unable to control herself any longer, Lisa works back and forth, fucking him and enjoying every second of letting go.  She comes screaming in joy and collapses on his chest, panting.  Just like hunger is the best gravy, long term horniness makes for amazing orgasms.

When she tries to slide off him he holds her hips in place and says, “I’m not done yet.”

She feels him flex inside of her and whimpers.  Aeden flexes again, filling his already hard cock with more blood.  It briefly expands.  “Squeeze me, baby,” he tells Lisa.

Her pussy contracts, tightening down on him.  He wraps an arm around her neck, pulling her head to his chest and puts the other arm around the small of her back.  She squirms under his grip but her cuffed wrists won’t let her up.  With her body held to his he thrusts his hips up, fucking her from below.  With every push she whimpers and moans through the gag.  His thrusting increases, pulling as far out of her as he can before slamming back in.

Soon bedroom is filled with gagged animal sounds and the sound of flesh slapping together.  He feels the orgasm building deep within him and keeps up his tempo.  She struggles when her second orgasm hits her but he keeps going, pushing deep into her.  Before he cums he feels her hips pushing down on him as she tries to drive his cock deeper into her.

They both finish at about the same time, his first and her third.  After Lisa’s orgasm washes over her she strops struggling in his arms and collapses in a heap on top of him.  She feels his arms go from holding her in place to gently stroking her hair and back.

Her legs don’t want to work under her and he has to help her slide off him.  Once off, she snuggles close to him, wriggling like a snake to get into place, and rests her head on his arm.  He holds her next to him and his gentle hand on her head lulls her tired mind.  She’s only dimly aware that she’s still bound and gagged, and doesn’t care.  The persistent throbbing between her legs is gone, replaced with the dull ache that always follows a good fucking.

Lisa’s eyelids are heavy.  A night of not sleeping and then a morning of sex have taken their toll on her.  Heedless of the fact that she’s drooling on his chest, she finds herself drifting off.  She’s lost in a warm sea of his hot body and strong arms.

Finally, after frustration keeping her up most of the night, Lisa drifts off to sleep, safe and happy.

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