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Mistress Lisa’s Submission Week Part VII – Snuggles


Lisa wakes up still bound and gagged and wonders how long she’s been out.  Aeden’s arm is around her and even though her shoulders are aching from the cuffs and her jaw is sore from the ball-gag she feels safe and secure.  She wants to thank him for the sex and snuggling, but settles for enjoying the warm safety of his arm.

Is this what my clients find? she wonders.  Is it this sensation of safety and relaxed willingness what they’re so desperately looking for?

If so, she can understand the desire.  Sure, there’s an itch on her side that she’d love to scratch but her mind is calm and at ease with her predicament.  A tiny part of her brain thinks he may have broken her, made her his, but the fact that she’s thinking about it must mean she’s still herself, right?  Has she become a willing slave, content to put up with the bondage if he’ll fuck her brains out and hold her when he’s done or is this just some kind of response to finally getting an orgasm?

No matter, she supposes.

Aeden’s hand strokes her hair.  Lisa moans in pleasure and wraps a leg around him.  Her head shifts and big brown eyes look up at him.  She looks so good gagged and bound like this that he has to fight with himself to ever let her go.  He knows though, from personal experience, that jaws get sore from being gagged and shoulders ache.  Her eyes are serene, calm and relaxed.  She breaks eye contact and snuggles back down and he decides she can stay tied up for a bit longer.

Her body is warm next to his and her hair is soft and silky.  There’s a bit of morning chill in the air and he doesn’t want her to get cold so he pulls the covers over them and makes sure she’s wrapped tight.  She mews in pleasure and he smiles.

A perfect morning.  Sex with your hot wife and then some bondage induced snuggling.  A feeling this good should probably be illegal.  They lay together and watch the rays of the sun slowly move through their bedroom until Lisa start shifting around.

“Ready to be untied?” Aeden asks her.

Lisa mumbles something through the gag and Aeden has to fight back the urge to keep her bound and gagged all day.  Watching her hot body and those big eyes of hers pleading with him would be amazing.  He could bend her over the table and fuck her from behind whenever he wanted.

He’d miss her conversation and her talented mouth and hands, though.  Besides, even though she’s his for the next few days, it’s best to not abuse the privilege and even sex slaves need their freedom.  There may be a way to keep her on her toes and give her some freedom.

“If I let you go will you go get us donuts?” he asks.

She seems to ponder the question a bit.  With her mouth spread wide by the ball strapped in it’s difficult to tell what she’s thinking.  Lisa nods and Aeden gently unstraps the gag.

Lisa sighs with pleasure when the huge ball comes free of her mouth.  She always drops into a submissive mode when he gags her and enjoys the sensation of being controlled, but it’s such a relief when he takes the gag out.  This huge pink one especially.  Her jaw is sore and she works it around for a few moments before leaning down and biting his nipple.

He jumps and pulls her tight.  “Watch it, sweetie.  I can put that gag right back in.”

She smiles up at him like the cat that just ate the canary and says, “You like my mouth too much.”

“No doubt about that, sweetheart.  Your mouth can do things I never dreamed possible.”

Lisa snuggles close to him, appreciating the heat of his naked chest on her bare body.  She wants to put her arms around him and hold him but her cuffed hands won’t let her.  “Your have a talented mouth, too, baby,” she purrs.

“I think it’s mostly my tongue you like,” he replies.

“I like the whole thing; lips, tongue, teeth…”

Her body is warming back up thinking about his mouth between her legs and she shivers a bit.  A faint pulse is starting back up down there and she rubs her legs together.

Aeden notices her squirming and pushes her onto her back.  Cuffed wrists make it hard for her to get comfortable but when his lips brush her nipple she forgets all about her arms.

“Do you like this?” he asks, knowing full well she does.

“Yes,” Lisa whispers.

She gasps when he sucks her nipple into his mouth and holds it in place with his teeth.  She can see him watching her and their eyes lock while his tongue flicks the hard nub between his teeth.  He takes his time, using his mouth and tongue on both breasts before slowly kissing down her body.

Lisa’s motor is running full-bore again when he gets to her waist and keeps kissing down.  Feeling like being naughty she closes her legs tightly, even though all she really wants is his head between her legs, lips and tongue caressing her.

“Don’t want a little oral?” Aeden asks.

“Mmm…” Lisa says.  “Maybe you have to work for it.”

“Bold words coming from the woman with cuffed hands,” he replies, “but I’m game.  I think I can convince you to spread these long legs wide.”

“We’ll see,” she replies.

His lips slowly work down each thigh and back up her sides.  Each kiss is a little more electric than the last and she has to fight with herself to keep her legs together.  When he starts working his way back down the middle of her body, Lisa’s resolve starts to slip.  As the kisses keep moving downward her legs part like the Red Sea.

He nestles down, flat on his stomach and kisses up and down, licking lips and nibbling.  Her clit starts throbbing and she wants that tongue to take care of her, but he’s taking his time, tickling and teasing her with his tongue.  His arms loop under her legs, holding them tightly and holding her pussy in place; a willing victim for his patient torture.

Lisa is almost ready to start begging when his tongue pushes between her lips and works its magic.  The world goes away for a moment and all she cares about is the amazing thing happening between her legs.  He brings her almost to the edge and backs off.  His tongue slides out and goes back to her lips.

“Oh, God, baby,” is all she can come up with.

Aeden keeps at her, alternating between pushing her to the edge and bringing her back until Lisa is a hot mess of bound, begging woman.  She tries pushing her pussy into his face, but his strong arms hold her tightly down.  She wants to grab his hair and force his head between her legs but can’t.  She’s totally at his mercy.

Finally, after an eternity of running right the edge and trying to force herself over, he takes pity on her and she comes screaming and thrashing and crying.

She comes to on her stomach with her arms out to her sides.  He uncuffed her while she was only partly awake and is now gently rubbing her back.  Lisa feels like she’s melting into the bed and, try as she might, can’t think of any place she’d rather be.

“Thank you,” she mumbles.

He kisses her back and says, “You’re very welcome.”

“I’m hungry,” she says.

“I just ate,” he replies.  “But I’m hungry, too.’


“Donuts.  You should go get us some.”

Lisa turns on her side and stretches.  “Why don’t you go?” she asks.

“If I go, I’m going to leave you hogtied on the bed while I’m gone,” he says.

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would.”

She really doesn’t want to leave but she knows he’s not kidding.  Thanks to her teaching, the boy can tie a seriously strict hogtie, too.  “Okay, let me get dressed.”

“No underwear,” he says.


He gets up and stretches and she enjoys the show of lean muscles rippling in his back.  “No underwear,” he says as he pulls on a pair of pajama pants.  “And find a short skirt and tight top.  That little black skirt and a gray tank top should work nicely.”

“That skirt barely covers my ass,” she pleads.

“I know,” he says and leans over her.  After planting a kiss on her forehead he add, “I like to see your ass.  Get some chocolate donuts.”

He walks out of the room and she hears him start up the coffee pot.  Maybe he’ll let her have a cup before she has to go parade around town.


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