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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it’s probably as good a time as any other to finally tell the truth about that jerk Cupid.  See, there are all these promises he makes but all you really wind up with is an arrow in your back.  Next thing you know you’re in a hotel outside of Las Vegas with a stripper that doesn’t speak English and a case of something science has yet to identity.

Never trust a kid with a bow

Never trust a kid with a bow

Okay, maybe it wasn’t exclusively Cupid.  Maybe the absinthe should take some responsibility.  Whatever, it’s certainly not my fault.

We’re doing a bit of blog hopping here and the theme is “Cupid did me (or my character) right or wrong.”  The whole thing will be posted on Vagina Antics (Heather Cole’s joint) and should include some funny, touching, touching in funny places, and generally good stories about Cupid in real life or in a story.  My little blurb about waking up in Vegas is obviously a lie; things that happen in Vegas stay in Vegas.  T.V. told me that so it must be true.

In our recent anthology of amazing erotica, Kinklectic got thirteen talented writers together (or at least twelve and me) and we put together Cupid’s Secrets.  It’s epic.  In my story Horngry we find Cupid hunting down a woman with the intent of making her fall for him.  Spoiler alert:

The woman is Diana, the Goddess of the Hunt.

He gets her, drops an arrow in her back just as she crosses the finish line.  Long story short, Cupid’s arrows don’t make her fall in love with him, they just make her supremely horny, which pisses her off.  Hence the title.  In Cupid’s mind he’s got her exactly where he wants her, but Diana is crafty.  You’ll just have to drop 99 cents to find out exactly how crafty and determined she is.

Back in the real world, I’ve never experienced Cupid personally and certainly never woken up in a seedy hotel with a stripper who doesn’t speak English.  At least not that I’m admitting, anyway.

This is not to say that I’m lonely, quite the opposite.  I’ve been happily married for some time now and hope to stay happily married for a long time to come.  That wasn’t Cupid, though.  That’s friendship and respect and patience that turns into love.

Now I just need to follow through on the Maserati I promised her.

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