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Scooby Doo and gag me with whatever you have handy

Like every kid who grew up in the seventies, I grew up watching Scooby Doo.  Looking back on it now, it’s a fun, if silly, show that’s gone through more iterations than I care to think about.  It’s been reinvented, made into a series of live movies, re-reinvented, and passed down to younger generations.  My son still watches it to this day.  Back in the day, though, all we had were the original episodes that started in the late 60s.  It was genuinely scary to me when I was younger and I didn’t ever think of Shaggy and Scooby as a couple of weed suckers.


Stopping people from getting away with it since the late 1960s

I think that show fueled my love affair with adventure and the paranormal.  Even though the  ghosts were always Mr. Jenkins in an elaborate costume that Hollywood would have trouble coming up with, the frights were real enough at the time.  When you look back at it (or look at it today), it’s fairly obvious that you’re supposed to think Daphne was the hot one.  Granted, they knew how to draw her and she spent an awful lot of time getting captured, tied up, and needing to be saved; a classic damsel in distress.  I think spending all those countless hours watching Daphne tied up kick started a life-long love of bondage.



This was probably not the intended result, but it was there and, even if I didn’t consciously realize it at the time watching Daphne Blake in ropes and a gag imprinted itself in my mind somehow.  Thus, Daphne Blake, she of the purple dress and orange hair (complementary colors, yo!), became my first favorite bondage model.

In retrospect, I think Velma would probably be a more interesting person.  Daphne had the looks but Velma had the brains and brains go a lot further than looks.  There’s been a recent spate of reinterpreting Velma lately and some great designs have come out of it, as well as some darker interpretations of the gang.


Tough and smart; a winning combination. Plus you gotta hand it to Scoob.


When all else fails, give the smart one a baseball bat and run for cover.

So, Velma’s looking pretty damn good, but this is more about Daphne and her ropes.  Or more specifically, Daphne and her gags.

Obviously the Scooby animators never depicted Daphne tied in any real racy ways; we never saw her in breast bondage or tied into a rope body harness, that would have been too much even for late 60s early 70s cartoons.  As it was, they may well have been pushing the boundaries of good taste at the time.  Either that or America’s love of BDSM started long before Fifty Shades of Grey.  Actually, come to think of it, I think all Fifty Shades managed to do was make it more mainstream.

So the rope ties weren’t Shibari quality, but they were there.  Daphne’s gag was oftentimes just a handkerchief that magically silenced her, and it usually fell to the dashing Fred to save her.  You just know they kept some of those ropes in the back of the Mystery Machine and while Velma was at the library expanding her already amazing mind and Shag and Scoob were getting baked in an alley somewhere, Daphne spent some quality time getting “saved” by Fred in the back of the van.

It may explain her generally cheerful mood.


Not quite as elegant as a good Shibari tie, but pretty good nonetheless

I like to think, though, that Fred could come up with a better gag than a handkerchief wrapped around her face.  That was the style at the time.  Even as far back as the 30s a handkerchief was the go-to solution for silence.

Jamaican Inn, 1939

Jamaican Inn, 1939

Every time you see a woman gagged like this in movies or television she’s always represented as not being able to talk.  There is one exception: Marion from Raiders of the Lost Ark.



Marion could sill talk, still yell at Indy, and still complain.  In short, Raiders is one of those rare movies that gets the gag correct.  Since she could still yell and talk, it kind of makes you wonder why the Nazis bothered with a gag at all, unless it was just to expand the kink factor of the scene.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Even though her captors were Nazis (and a French guy) it’s doubtful they’d have a serious gag out there in the middle of the desert.  If they wanted to shut her up, I doubt they’d have any problem with stuffing her panties in her mouth before tying the gag in place.  So, my guess is they just liked the extra kink factor of the gag.

And frankly, who doesn’t?  There’s nothing like a gag to ramp up the situation.  Having been on both sides of the things I have to admit they’re a lot of fun whether you’re doing the gagging or the one being gagged.  They’re fun to work with in writing, too, because a well-gagged character can only grunt and mumble.  It makes for one-sided conversation, but that can be a lot of fun to write, especially if you’re writing from the POV of the gagged person.

Gags, real things like good ball gags, are becoming more common in media.  Take this scene from Weeds:

Kat Foster - Weeds - S08E02_3


That’s a real gag and a real bench and the whole scene is hot as Hell.  It may not be on Fox or NBC anytime soon, but the fact that it’s there means it won’t be long before we start seeing things like this become more mainstream.


Double the fetish…


… double the fun.

And that’s not a bad thing as far as I’m concerned.

Now, seeing submissive women in mainstream media isn’t all that uncommon; our culture seems to want – need, really – women to be submissive.  In the real world, some are and some aren’t.  Personally, I prefer to see women gagged, but that’s just because I’m not into men.  At some point in the future, there will be a submissive guy on TV and the country will its collective shit over the whole thing.  Then the Kardashians will do something stupid and we’ll all forget about the guy with the gag in his mouth.

Until then, though, let’s hear it for the gag.  Daphne Blake may have been my first experience, but I hope she won’t be the last.  Even though Daphne’s gag may not have actually worked in the real world, it was animator shorthand for something that would.


That’s a big gag.


Ring gagged in public. Sounds like a good idea for a story.

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