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Mistress Lisa’s Submission Week Part VIII – Donuts and the Rack


At least my shoes are comfortable, Lisa thinks to herself while she’s waiting in line at the donut shop.  The kid behind her, a football player from one of the local high schools has had his eyes locked on her ass ever since he came in.

Aeden had “suggested” the outfit she’s wearing now, and by “suggested” he really meant “ordered.”  The tiny black skirt, an impulse buy that she never intended to wear outside of the house, gives new meaning to the word miniskirt.  In Lisa’s mind a miniskirt should at least reach down to mid thigh.  Revealing sure, but not exposing.  The miniskirt that she’s wearing now is the Daisy Dukes of the skirt world; it barely covers her ass.  And that’s when she standing up straight.  Getting in the car this morning the thing rode up to her waist like a belt.  Every time she shifted gears or moved her legs to press brake or gas pedal, the little skirt rode up.

At first, Lisa spent every stop light adjusting the tiny strip of fabric down, worried that someone would look in the window.  Since Aeden forbade underwear this morning, if someone were to look in they’d get a nice view of bare pussy.  After the second stop light she gave it up entirely and only readjusted her skirt when she got to the donut shop.  She probably flashed half the town getting out of the car, but at least her ass is covered now as long as she doesn’t bend down or move much.

The top is a different story altogether.  The gray tank top is actually one of her favorites, especially in the summer.  It hugs her perfectly, like an old lover that knows her every curve.  Normally, though, it’s a bit warmer outside when she wears it and she always wears a bra with it.  The weather’s not cold today, but it’s chilly enough that her nipples are poking through the fabric.

Technically, Lisa is fully dressed but between the skirt and her nipples she just feels fully exposed.  Her shoes are the only she got to choose this morning and she chose her favorite pair of Vans, so at least her feet are comfortable.

The guy in front of her is taking his sweet time ordering damn near every donut in the place.  Lisa fidgets and looks at the six dozen donuts he’s already hand-picked this morning and sighs.  The seventh box is mostly full and hopefully that will be the end of it.  It’s taken him nearly twenty minutes since apparently each donut has to be perfect.  No, not that pink frosted one, the one behind it.  That one would be great but do you have it with cookie crumbles?  The frosting is dripping down the side of that one.

Being stuck behind assholes is enough of a headache, but being stuck behind an asshole while every eye in the place is checking her out is an eternity of torment.  Lisa hugs herself and tries to avoid fidgeting with her skirt.

“Next.”  The guy with seven boxes of donuts finally grabs his donuts and leaves.  His eyes roll up and down her body before shooting her a disapproving glance.  The kid behind the counter gapes when Lisa steps forward.

“Four chocolate donuts,” she tells him.

“Excuse me,” he replies.

“For what?” Lisa asks.  “Not hearing me or staring at my tits?”

He nearly jumps out of his skin.  Frustrated, Lisa has stepped back into domme mode.  The kid behind the counter can check her out all he wants but he’d damned well better jump when she says.

“I’m sorry,” the kid says making a huge effort to look her in the eyes.  He’s about seventeen and probably the closest he’s come to having sex is masturbating to free pictures on the Internet.

“Four chocolate donuts,” Lisa says again, emphasizing every word.

He pauses and gets a look like a deer caught in the headlights.  A part of Lisa, that part that enjoys pushing buttons toys with the idea of telling he she woke up in chains, got fucked from below, and is really hungry but that might make him explode and then she’d be out donuts.

“Please,” Lisa adds.

“Y… Yes, ma’am,” the kid says and backs up toward the donut rack.

“Chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting, please,” Lisa says.

He nearly trips over himself turning around and almost manages to send a tray of donuts clattering to the floor, but with a bit of effort he manages to put the donuts in the bag and slide them across the counter at her.  His eyes are wide and, if she were to admit it to herself, Lisa is enjoying the whole debacle.

“How much?” she asks.

“What?” the kid replies.

“How much for the donuts?”

“Right.  Those.”  He clatters away at the cash register missing every other number but finally gets the order right.  With a smile he says, “Three twenty with tax.”

Lisa pulls a five out of her purse and hands it to him.  Again he fumbles around with cash register but finally manages to extract a dollar bill, three quarters and a nickle.  His hands are shaking as he gives her the change and he manages to drop a quarter.

They both watch the quarter roll smoothly across the counter and drop on the floor.

“Sorry,” he mumbles.

“No problem,” Lisa says, knowing full well if she ever gets him in her playroom he’ll pay dearly for the transgression.

She eyes the quarter on the floor and nearly squats down to get before she remembers the skirt will ride up to her hips if she does.  With a shrug, Lisa picks up the bag of donuts and calmly walks to the door.  In the reflection on the glass door she can see at least a few pairs of eyes following her, including the jock and the kid behind the counter.

Enjoy it boys, because you’ll never see it again, she thinks and pushes the door open.


Aeden is waiting in her play room when Lisa arrives with donuts.  He’s wearing loose, faded blue jeans and a black T-shirt that hugs his chest and puts those wonderful shoulders of his on display.  Even though she woke up in chains and he, let’s not kid around her, fucked her brains out only a hour or so ago, Lisa feels a pang of longing between her legs.  Whether she’s still keyed up from being half naked in public (a strangely exciting turn-on) or just the sight of him lounging in her favorite chain, she couldn’t say.  All Lisa knows is, against all logic, she’s getting horny again.

“How was the donut shop?” he asks her.

The smirk on his face tells her he knows how the shop was but she decides to play it cool.  Rather than discuss how she flashed a parking lot and left at least a few hard-ons in her wake, Lisa says, “It was quiet.  Nothing exciting.”

“Nothing exciting?” he asks.  “I doubt that.”

“Well,” Lisa says as she sets down the donuts and puts her purse on the counter, “a couple guys might have enjoyed my outfit.”

“I’m sure they did,” he replies.  “I’m enjoying it right now.”

Lisa leans back against the counter, putting her hands behind her back to hold herself up.  Her ample breasts strain against the thin fabric of her shirt.  “What?  This old thing?” she asks.

Aeden’s eyes roll up and down her with an almost predatory gleam.  Having her husband ogling her is a completely different experience from having strangers undress her with their eyes.  With strangers she could feel their longing but know they’d never see her fully naked; Aeden’s not only seen her naked he was balls deep inside of her not two hours ago.

“I like the way that shirt shows off your tits,” he tells her.

She responds by pushing her chest out slightly and smiling.  “What else?” Lisa asks.

“I watched you when you turned around and your ass looks great in that skirt.  Right now I can get the barest glimpse of your pussy.  It’s the perfect outfit; you’re technically dressed but perfectly exposed,” he says.  “All I have to do is bend you over and you’re right there for me.”

“And what would you do with me once you’ve got me bent over?” Lisa asks coyly.

“Fuck you, eat you, finger you, whatever.  Maybe I’d just enjoy the show,” he says.

The little pulse between her legs is back now.  It’s not a desperate throb but the idea of being bent over and fucked sounds good.  “Maybe I’d just enjoy the dick,” she says.

“Maybe you should bring me a donut,” Aeden replies.

Lisa opens the bag and peeks inside.  “What kind?” she asks.

“Chocolate,” he replies.  “Take off your clothes and bring me one.”

Pursing her lips, Lisa says, “I’m basically naked now.”

“I want you fully naked,” he replies.

“What if I say no?”

“Then I’ll strip you, bind you, gag you, and lead you out of here naked and leashed.”

Lisa looks at him and realizes he’s not joking.  Under normal circumstances he’d never do that to her, but this is her week to be his slave and he has a responsibility to keep her under control.

“Everything I need is right here in this room,” Aeden asks, gesturing around the room with both hands.  “You have a wide variety of collars and leashes, the gags are in that drawer right over there, and the only question I’d have is whether to use rope or those leather arm binders over there.”

“Maybe I’d like that,” Lisa says.

“Don’t worry, I plan on leading you around later.  Right now, though, strip off your clothes and bring me a donut.  I’m hungry.”

Lisa steps out of her comfy shoes and pulls up the tight tank top slowly.  If she’s going to strip, she’s going to make it a show.  Her hands slide up her naked torso and around the edges of her breasts.  She leans forward, giving him an excellent view as she shakes her hips and slides the little skirt down her legs.  Naked, she lifts her arms over her head and stretches.

Aeden’s eyes are riveted on her body and she can see the bulge in his pants.  With an exaggerated leaning motion, Lisa looks in the donut bag, making sure her arms don’t cover her dangling tits.  She locates a chocolate donut and struts over to him.  Both hands cup the donut as she bows and presents it to him.

“Feed it to me,” he tells her.

Lisa cocks her head to the side, unsure of how to proceed.

“Sit in my lap and feed me my donut,” he tells her.

She climbs on top of him, straddling him and feeling the soft fabric of his old jeans on her naked flesh.  One hand traces his chest, feeling the outline of his muscles while the other holds the donut to his face.  Aeden leans forward and takes a bit of the offered donut.  After his bite, Lisa takes a bite of her own and watches the man eat.  He’s her husband, sure, but for the next few days he’s her master, too.  His piercing brown eyes watch her back and he opens his mouth.  She gently pushes the donut forward, an offering to her current master, and he takes a big bite.

When they finish the donut the two sit still and watch each other.  A moment passes between them, a quiet reminder of long-term affection passed through sly smiles.  “What’s on the morning’s agenda?” Lisa asks.

“Call me Master,” Aeden replies.

Lisa blushes, remember the times she’s blistered someone’s ass for failing to call her mistress, drops her eyes and says, “I’m sorry, Master.  How can I be of service to you this morning?”

His fingers trace her body, pinching nipples and slowly moving down her naked stomach.  She bites her lip and suppresses a moan.  Arousal had snuck up on her with little cat feet, so slow and quiet she wasn’t completely aware until his fingers brushed her flesh and she nearly erupted.

“Master,” Lisa whispers.

Fingers continue down, stroking the tops of her thighs and working their way back up the insides.  “Sit up,” he tells her.  “Put a nipple in my mouth.”

She sits up and forward, an erect nipple placed perfectly next to his lips.  While he kisses her nipple gently, his fingers keep playing between her legs, softly brushing and stroking her lips.  Without warning he wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her close, opening his mouth to suck in her nipple.  She can feel teeth gently biting down and tongue flicking.  Her arms wrap around his head, holding him tightly to her breast.  A whimper escapes her lips when he sucks and a finger enters her.

His finger explores her, slowly moving in circles inside of her.  Lisa’s body tightens as she feels an orgasm build up.  Without warning, his finger pulls out of her and Aeden pushes her back.  His lips stay stuck to her nipple, stretching and pulling it as he pushes her back until it finally escapes with a little pop.  She moans in frustration and asks, “What’s wrong?”

Aeden lifts an eyebrow and gives her a stern look.

Her eyes lower, remember her position.  She may be on top of him, but he’s still definitely in control of her.  “I’m sorry.  What’s wrong, Master?”

A hand resumes softly stroking her pussy; enough to keep her on edge, but nowhere near enough to push her over it.  “Nothing’s wrong,” Aeden tells her.  “It’s just time for your punishment.”

“What am I being punished for?” she asks.

“Well, you did go out nearly naked.”

“Because you told me to, Master.  I was just obeying your commands.”

“I know,” he replies, “and that was a good thing.  But you admitted you turned on a couple of guys.  You’re mine and I can’t have you turning other guys on.”

Lisa realizes the catch-22 and sulks.  It’s the kind of thing she’d do if their roles were reversed.  Either she obeyed him and dressed in a tiny skirt and tank top and got punished for flashing the world or she refused to wear the clothes and got punished for disobedience.  “What’s to be my punishment, Master?” she asks in a little voice.

“I think some time on the rack should be enough.”

The rack a wooden table on rollers pushed against the far wall.  Unlike its medieval name-sake, this rack is more of a restraint than a torture device.  It’s designed to pull a slave’s arms and legs tight, restricting movement and providing control without trying to destroy someone’s joints.  The rack is uncomfortable, but in the hands of an expert, not terribly dangerous.  Hers is designed to spread a slave’s arms and legs open, exposing the unfortunate soul.  Some others keep the slave’s limbs together, which just isn’t as fun.

Lisa’s never spent time on her rack, in fact rarely uses it.  A tiny part of her is curious to see what it feels like to be stretched tight.  “Yes, Master,” is all she can come up with.

He swats her naked ass playfully, just enough to sting, and says, “Go gag yourself and roll the rack into the middle of the room.”

Head hung low, Lisa crawls off her husband and opens a drawer to reveal a large array of gags.  All manner of gags from simple strips, to bits, mouth spreaders, and all sizes of ball gags are represented.  She picks up a small ball gag and shows it to him.  He shakes his head.  “No, get one of the spider gags, I want your mouth open.”

That was not what she wanted to hear.  The spider gag is a variation on the metal ring gag, a loop of metal that will hold her mouth wide open and keep it accessible for whatever he decides to put in it.  She’s used the same gag on various slaves – male and female.  Paired with a strap-on the gag is an effective bit of mouth torture, so Lisa has an idea of what’s coming.  Lisa knows her husband’s cock well and, although it will be uncomfortable, she chooses a gag that will let him fuck her mouth.

She stretches her mouth and puts the ring in, immediately regretting her choice.  A ball gag might not be an easy thing, but the metal ring feels huge in her mouth.  Her blonde locks fight her, but she finally gets the strap tightened around her head and adjusts the gag between her teeth.

Gagged and suddenly feeling very exposed, she rolls the heavy rack into the middle of the room and positions it so it faces Aeden.  He smiles at her and motions to her to stand in front of it.  The whole table is upright now, but she doubts it’ll stay that way once he’s secured her to it.  It has a joint underneath it that allows the table to be repositioned.

Aeden rises and says, “Get in position.  Legs open, arms up.”

Lisa spreads her legs to about the distance of the leather cuffs at the bottom of the table and raises her arms to the top.  He strokes her face and kisses her, thrusting his tongue inside her open mouth.  A small taste of things to come, no doubt.  Aeden kneels down and attaches the leather cuffs to each ankle.  He licks her all the way from the inside of her right knee, between her legs, up her stomach, and stops at her left nipple.  She has to fight with herself to not drop her arms and pull his face to her breast.  The fight stops when he stands and secures her wrists to the cuffs at the top.

The cuffs at the top of the rack are attached with chains to a roller, but Aeden doesn’t turn the crank.  He checks her bonds, verifying they’re secure, and disappears behind the table.  Without Aeden in the way, Lisa realizes she had positioned the rack right in front of the huge open window.  Even though there’s no way the cars driving up the road can see her, she still feels like every eye in every car is watching her naked body.  She squirms in her bonds, wishing she could cover herself up.  It’s almost a relief when the table starts to tip backwards.

Her view keeps changing until she feels a click and sees Aeden standing over her.  He smiles and slowly starts cranking the rack.  Lisa’s arms stretch higher above her head until it feels like they can’t go any further.  The bondage just went from just feeling exposed – no different from being tied to a bed, really – to a much more extreme tightness.  Her body is now stretched tight and there’s no wiggle room in the cuffs anymore.  The sensation of being pulled is pervasive, like hanging from a branch with weights on her feet.

She tries to squirm and struggle but her limbs can’t move at all.  The position doesn’t hurt, Aeden’s too attentive for that to happen, but it is much more extreme than Lisa expected.

“Comfy?” he asks.

Lisa tries to shrug but can’t, tries to reply and say “it’s okay” but can’t.  She finally settles on a less eloquent nod.

“Good girl,” he says with a smile.  “Now that you’re secure I think it’s fair to explain what I’m going to do.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave you stretched like this for very long because it can’t be good for your joints so I need a way to ratchet up the punishment.”

His hand stroke her body while he’s talking.  Caressing breasts, pinching nipples, walking up and down her naked stomach.  Between the tension and his hands, it’s hard to pay attention to what he’s saying.

“You’re tightly restrained,” he continues and dips a finger between her legs, “still pretty horny if that wet pussy is any indication, and in need of some punishment.  I thought about a flogger or a riding crop, but that just seems so mean to do to such a pretty girl.”

His hands are all over her while he’s talking.  He strokes her thighs, spreads her pussy lips and rub her clit, squeezes her breasts, and slides a finger in and out of her.  Lisa tries to move, to position herself where she wants him to touch her, but can’t move.

“So I decided to make you happy,” he says.  His finger is deep inside of her and Lisa’s mind is more focused on her sex than his words.

“And how do I know you’re happy?  Don’t answer, it was rhetorical,” he continues.  Her orgasm is building again and his words are distant and unimportant compared to the fingers inside of her.  “I know you’re happy when you laugh.  I love your laugh, it’s like music to my ears.”

Something about what he’s saying pulls Lisa back from her pussy and she wonders if she just missed something terribly important.  His finger slide out of her and she tries to beg him to put them back in.  Talking with her mouth forced open just doesn’t work, though, and all that comes out is a mumble.  He smiles down at her and puts his fingers in her mouth.  She can taste her juices on them and licks them clean.

“So,” he says, “I’ve decided the best way to make you laugh is to tickle you.”

Oh, God, no, Lisa thinks.  She realizes she’s spread open and tied tight; there is no way for her to stop what’s coming.

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