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Haven’t been posting lately because I’m working on stories for an upcoming anthology and some of my own work.  The anthology story is looking good.  It’s a short about cyber sex taken to a whole new level and it got me thinking about how in sci-fi any time someone introduces a new technology there’s always some glitch that renders the whole thing an exercise in terror and the story becomes a morality play about the dangers of this, that, or the other thing.  For this story, I’d like to assume the people who wrote the software that controls the machine knew what they were doing and it all goes off without a hitch.  Your brain becomes a playground and we see the beginnings of a new type of sexual interaction.

Sure, if people start having sex through machines exclusively it would mean the end of the human race, but I doubt everyone would shift exclusively to cyber sex when the real world can be just as exciting as what can happen simulated directly in your brain.  Even in the real world there are times when you want crazy sex and other times when you want something slow and passionate.  There are times when you want a woman trussed up like this


I love the metal look of that gag


or this


In the original Grimm story, Snow White was tied up not poisoned.


and times when you just want the hot lingerie and fingers all over your body.

I love lingerie.

I love lingerie.

So I doubt the world would fall exclusively into a realm of cyber sex.  There will doubtless be outliers, people who use virtual reality exclusively, but the allure of a real woman – with out without ropes and gags – will usually trump whatever you can do in the virtual world.  As an added bonus, once you’ve got that real woman lying next to you and you’ve jacked into each others’ brain, cyber sex would become just another sex toy, albeit a pretty fancy one.

The real upshot to cyber sex would be for couples that travel a lot; you’re at home in New Mexico and she’s on a trip to Amsterdam?  No worries, as long there’s a decent Internet connection between the two of you (and you can get over the time differences), you can still eat her out after her long day at work and before yours.


Another bonus?  Wonder Woman costumes aren’t cheap, so if you’ve ever wanted to have your way with a super heroine, and you can convince your SO to don the virtual uniform, you can have this waiting for you.

Who doesn't want Wonder Woman?

Who doesn’t want Wonder Woman?

or this, if crazy is your cup of tea.

Harley may be nuts but I doubt she'd be boring.

Harley may be nuts but I doubt she’d be boring.

Anyway, when the story is finished it will be part of Kinklectic’s upcoming Spring anthology, so look forward to the adventure of Katherine in her mental playground.

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