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Kink is some weird stuff.

Something that’s a huge turn on to someone is a huge turn off to others.  Of course, there’s a segment of the population where anything that’s even vaguely sexual is a huge turn off.  Kind of anyway.  I think those people get off on a kind of extreme chastity and denial.  These are the people that have sex in the missionary position with the lights turned off and do their best to convince themselves they’re not enjoying it.  Erect cocks and wet pussies notwithstanding, some people just do their absolute best to say, “I’m only doing this for procreation and I’m certainly not having any fun while I’m doing it.”  They’re terrified that by enjoying sex they’re somehow or another violating a rule and will wind up being punished for enjoying something that comes so naturally to everyone.

Could it be ... SATAN?

Could it be … SATAN?

These are the same people who view the afterlife as sitting on a cloud, strumming a harp, and basking in the cold glory that they were right and everyone else was wrong.

If that’s Heaven for them, so be it, but it sounds more like punishment to me.  And not the good kind of punishment, either.  It’s not a punishment like “eat me until I’m satisfied or the ropes don’t come off”; this sounds to me more like being in grade school and being told to go stand in the corner because you got caught daydreaming about Voltron.

So, to those people, I say that’s fine.  You’ve found something that makes you happy – or at least lets you say you’re happy – and I’m happy for you.  The rest of us would be quite pleased if you could continue on with your life of pious joy and making sure your wife is never satisfied sexually.  Just leave us out of it.  If we get to the end and it turns out you were right all along, kudos.

In a way, there’s a certain kind of extreme kink going on with those people.  It’s a lifetime of looking at pictures you know will turn you on just so you can find a good reason to ban them.  The pious sexual lifestyle is the chastity belt (or cage) you wear for the rest of your life and even when it does come off you’re not allowed to have any fun.  Imagine, if you will, a lifetime of edging, being right on the brink of that orgasm your body so desperately wants but unable to ever attain it.

Totally hardcore, if you ask me.  They’re like pious kinksters, people for whom absolute sexual denial has become a fetish.

Now, if you’re into chastity and orgasm denial as a short term deal – the fun kind of punishment – that’s a whole different story.

It'll come off.  Someday.

It’ll come off. Someday.  And that book won’t help.

It’s a whole different story for one very important reason: when that chastity belt comes off I’ll lay you dollars to donuts she’s going to have a screaming orgasm and lay panting in her lover’s arms.  Your average pious kinkster may or may not have an orgasm and will immediately take a shower to get the sex off.  Their sexual gratification comes from the guilt they feel for having sex.  The girl in the picture will likely look back on her time in chastity and the final release with a certain relish; being locked up for a day or a week or a month was grueling, but if her partner is any good, that orgasm at the end was mind-blowing and it will be a few minutes before she can feel her toes.  A pious kinkster will regret everything and feel dirty.  And that’s really a pity.  Even if it’s just the Bible locking your pulsing parts away, you should at least be able to enjoy the release.

Now, as an erotica author I’ve found I kind of need to be careful with kink for largely the exact same reasons.  Something that’s a huge turn on for one person can be an immense turn off for another.  Even something as simple as switching who gets the gag can be a big deal.  For one person, a woman gagged and squirming is ambrosia, but for others it’s a warm bottle of Tab.  Ditto the other side: “The story was great while he was tied up but as soon she got the ropes it just totally lost something.”

Not sure how that can be anything but sexy, but to each their own.

Not sure how this can be anything but sexy, but to each their own.

But you can’t let stuff like that drag you down, man.  There are still plenty of people out there who like to see a switch up.  There are even people who like to see both parties tied and gagged.  For those people, just wait.  There’s a great scene in Jane Stalwart Book 1 where both characters are bound and gagged and still find a way to fuck.  At least I think it’s a great scene, but I’m kind of biased.

At the end of the day there are turn ons and turn offs and you have to figure out what does it for you.  You can’t write something you don’t like any more than you can read and enjoy something you don’t like.  For instance, I could never write about people into diapers.  It just doesn’t do it for me.

Other things are just flat-out difficult to work with.  I’m not an enormous fan of latex but there are a few great pics out there.  For instance, this is a great picture, but how do you write it?


Latex Daphne? Yes, please.

This is much easier to write, but not everyone would be into it


So that’s kink for you, though.  It’s what cranks your handle, gets you revved up and wanting more and it may or may not be something that gets someone else off.  The further out on the spectrum you go the less likely you’ll be to find someone who gets all hot and bothered by your kink.  Bondage is pretty common, a lot of people enjoy tying and being tied.  Some people even enjoy being on both sides of the ropes.  Latex is fairly common, but much harder to write about.  There’s only so many times you can describe the way the rubber hugs her supple curves before it gets tedious.  Spankings and even whipping are pretty easy to write (from both sides) and there’s a much larger spectrum of the population that are into those things than I would have guessed.  But, as soon as you start moving a couple standard deviations into diapers and water sports you’re going to find a lot of people have an immediate an visceral “NOPE!”

Which is frankly fine with me.  Water sports and diapers aren’t my bag, baby.  Hand me some rope, gags, cuffs, or enforced chastity and we can talk, though.

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