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The Adventures of Jane Stalwart Book 1 is finished and I’m now editing it.  This is the first book I’ve written in Scrivener and it’ll be an experience formatting and compiling for Amazon.  So far I’m pretty pleased.  It’s got a nice blend of action and bondage, some good sex scenes, a creepy villain, and even a couple sections of space fighters duking it out.  I’m hoping I didn’t go too overboard in any one area, but time will tell.  Hopefully I’ll get some reviews.  I need to scrounge up a couple beta readers before I finalize.

For those of you who have never written anything, the writing portion of writing a book or a story largely involves throwing words at a story until the story is finished.  There are no real hard or fast rules for length, just make sure the story is finished.  The editing phase is a bit more than just looking for typos; it’s a phase where the whole story is read, parts are added or removed, and trivial things like continuity and character development are tested.  Jane was written in a 3rd person format with each chapter switching between Jane’s perspective and the perspective of her copilot and the experiences they have in the clutches of the Freebies.  I may or may not be switching that up.

Some stats:

  • Total Length: 33,610 words.  This is about 6,400 words shy of a traditional short novel, but well inside the novelette range.  33k words is right around 100 pages in paperback form
  • Total Writing Time: Not 100% certain on this, but I started around the beginning of May.  So, say, a month or so.  Give or Take.

The cover reveal will be in a couple weeks (if anyone’s interested).  In the interim, enjoy another super heroine in the clutches of a tormenter.


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