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No, not techno music and sex.  Techno has the rhythm but when you hit 70+ bpm it’s hard to keep it going for too long.  Not that techno and sexy can’t go together.


It’s just not what I’m talking about.

I wrote about computer augmented sex in 2.0 (I may release that one separately, but the rest of the anthology is fucking amazing so you just go ahead and buy the whole thing) and had a blast thinking through how simulated sex would work.  My new book, Jane Stalwart Book 1, uses electronic controls to keep the main characters in line.  The sequel will make more use of some of the expanded capabilities of those electronic controls.  In fact, I just finished writing the second chapter of the book and it’s pretty damned hot if I do say so myself.

Anyway, while I was writing this stuff it got me to remembering about The Matrix Revolutions and how I could incorporate a scene in that movie, or at least the theory behind it, into a story.  Remember the Merovingian?


After you tear your eyes away from Monica Bellucci, the Merovingian is the guy on the left.

I really only wanted to put that picture on here because of Monica Bellucci.  Because, damn.


See what I’m saying?

Anyway, there’s a scene in Revolutions where the Merovingian sends a piece of cake to a woman.  Of course, this is the Matrix, so the cake is software.  It’s really a piece of artfully designed Trojan software that triggers an orgasm.  A double whammy if you will: she got to eat her cake and it gave her an orgasm to boot.


Go ahead, take a bite. Nothing bad will happen.

See, it's not bad.

See, it’s not bad.

All of this thinking, in addition to spurring a sudden search of the Internet for Matrix gifs, got me wondering about technology and sex.  The theory has been around at least as long the Internet has been popular; I remember hearing about teledildonics back in the late 90s.  Companies like Vibease already have products at market.  These are the first steps toward the tech behind 2.0 and, arguably, Jane’s goad.

The problem with the current tech is it’s largely for women.  This isn’t altogether too shocking; women can hide their arousal much better than men can.  A woman could be sitting at a bar with a tiny vibrator nestled in her panties and no one would be any the wiser.  A guy with a huge erection wrapped with some kind of stimulator would be an altogether different thing.  At some point, though, someone will figure out a trick to fire off a guy over the Internet.  At that point, we’ll probably all stop dating and the human race will be doomed, but what a way to go.

Erotica is a wonderful thing to write if only because it allows you to play with experiences and toys just like these and take them to other levels without sci-fi’s traditional morality tale tagging along.  The way I see it, if someone can write stories about Clippy and Tetris blocks, I can incorporate some high-tech toys of my own into my stories.  Besides, I guarantee you it won’t be long before someone figures out the exact set of impulses you need to send to someone to trigger a mind-bending climax.  There will likely be some implants necessary but you’ll forget all about the little jack or wireless interface the second your SO can send you over the edge from halfway around the world.

I may have just given away a future plot point, but I’m pretty jazzed up right now and had to share some thoughts.

This, by the way, is the cover for 2.0 and I really love it.  I loved the story, too.  Maybe I need to start writing some cyberpunk erotica.  There are just too many places to go…


2 comments on “TechnoSex

  1. jodilicious1
    June 18, 2015

    Damn is an understatement haha I love your ideas an thoughts sharp an very new age


  2. jodilicious1
    June 18, 2015

    Reblogged this on Jodi's blogging stories shares and more and commented:
    Hmm futuristic erotica sounds pretty electrifying I must say! Another eye popping post from author Troy King


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