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No, not this kind, although she is easy on the eyes.


I finally did a few things that I’d been meaning to do for a while.  Namely, I put all my work on Kindle Unlimited and put up a couple short stories that had been in anthologies.  So if you’re on KU, you can get all my crazy works for free now.  Also, Horngry and 2.0 are available as stand alones.  If you’ve already got Kinklectic’s Cupid’s Secrets or Spring Fling anthologies there’s no need to get Horngy or 2.0.  If not, you can grab either story on its own.

All my stuff had been available on multiple platforms through Smashwords but it never did a damn bit of good for me, so I pulled it all down last month sometime, waited for everything to clear out of Kobo, iBooks, B&N, and wherever else it wound up and enrolled everything in Kindle Select.

It may take a bit of time, especially for Horngy and 2.0 to pop up as KU titles, but it’ll happen.  In the interim, they’re only $0.99 each.

Horngry Cover, ©2015, Troy King

Horngry Cover, ©2015, Troy King

“In the dark woods of the old country a woman is being hunted, chased to ground by a winged man with a bow and arrow. She made the mistake of betting she could outwit him but is finding Cupid a bit harder to escape than she thought. But the woman has a few tricks up her sleeve and knows these woods like the back of her hand.
All she has to do is make to the old pub in the village without being shot and she wins.
And Diana, the Goddess of the Hunt, doesn’t like to lose.”

Get Horngry Here

2.0 Cover, ©2015, Troy King, background image ID 51289083 © Artem Popov |

2.0 Cover, ©2015, Troy King, background image ID 51289083 © Artem Popov |

“Katherine Zaya is a girl with a deep love of technology and what it can do for – and more importantly, to – her body and her mind. She’s been secretly testing a new way of having the sex of her dreams when she gets the chance to upgrade to a newer version of her favorite software. It promises interactivity with another person and the chance to live out a fantasy while someone else drives the simulation. The only question left is who’s in the simulation with her.”

Get 2.0 Here

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