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Dr. Katya Balzoff is the Best Villain Name I’ve Ever Heard

One of the best things about erotica is it allows an author to do pretty much anything; there are no (no pun intended) hard and fast rules here.  If you feel like setting up a situation in space, go for it.  Hypnotic aliens?  Sounds like fun.  You can even go to extremes and have Clippy or Tetris blocks ravishing women.

As Crazy Eyes put it on Orange is the New Black, this is a story about two people sharing a connection.  With four other people.  And an alien.

Tracking trends in erotica is an exercise in futility.  The plots are all over the place from BDSM in space (one of mine), to Xenobiology, MMA fighters, Biker gangs, and even Cthulhu erotica.  So, it’s not surprising someone would look into the James Bond level stories and start having some fun saving the world through sex.

Which brings us to Elsie Sinclair’s Superpowered Sex Squad, the first adventure of the P.U.S.S.I.E.S. in their quest to stop C.U.N.T. and Dr. Katya Balzoff from holding the world for ransom.

Now, I’m a guy.  I like to read about sex, but I also like to have some action in my stories.  Frankly, I like it when stuff gets blowed up real good, so when you can put the two together you’ve got a winner.


Superpowered Sex Squad straddles (again, no pun intended) the line between action and sex and tosses in some superpowers to boot.  The three female protagonists all have some kind of super capability that either gets their motors running or relies on their motors running.  One woman gets horny when people lie (I hope she doesn’t watch Presidential debates, it would take the plastic surgeons days just get to smile off her face), one woman can briefly steal knowledge and skills from men she has sex with (need a password? easy-peasy), and the last woman can transform her sexual energy and the energy of those around her into a powerful lightning blast (creating a literally explosive orgasm if she wants).

Together they combat the evil C.U.N.T., a Bond-level outfit of villains and general no-goodniks bent on doing evil things unless they get their money.  The battle is both a traditional battle and a battle where the women use their sexual powers to save the world.  It’s a fun, light-hearted romp with bad guys threatening the world and a small team of dedicated women trying to save it.  My only complaint was that it could have been longer.

Get a copy here

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