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A Wee Bit of the WIP


It’s very warm in the future…

I’m about 16k words into Jane 2 and not sure what the final word count will be, probably around 30-40k like the last one.  This one will have more action and more actual sex.  For all the bondage, there wasn’t much actual sex in Jane 1.  What was there was fun to write and the dinner scene has been a hit, but it spent more time with the main characters just tied up and generally dominated.  Jane 2 will expand on the area of Jane’s universe and her relationship with Chappie as well as introduce some new characters.

I’ve got to say, it’s fun work in sci-fi BDSM world; I get to imagine all kinds of things, both traditional and novel.  Just as a taste, here’s a scene from the first chapter where a bartender mixes up some Screaming Orgasms that give literal screaming orgasms.  Bear in mind, this is all unedited so don’t expend production ready writing yet.


“Ladies,” the bartender says, “your drinks are ready.”
He slides two glasses and two cherries in small bowls across the bar with a flourish.  The drinks are milky looking, swirling masses.  Over time, drink recipes evolved with new liquors and new technologies and the Screaming Orgasm of the day was different from its namesake, but still held true to the many centuries old original recipe.  The new Screaming Orgasm is a three part drink with a thick chocolate mass on the bottom, a cloud layer of aerosol liquor in the middle, and a liquid layer of creamy liquor on top.  The drinks look like miniature storms in a glass.
A small sign on the counter top displays a price of 500 credits.  Amanda slides her wrist across the bit reader, paying their bar tab with a chip in her wrist.  Five hundred credits is pretty steep for a drink, but the Screaming Orgasm is hardly a simple drink to make.  If it lives up to its name, Amanda would pay far more than that and smile while she does it.
Audrey plants a kiss on her sister’s chest and sits forward with a smile.  “Thank you so much,” she tells the smiling l’Hai bartender and bares her teeth for him.  The green man’s skin flushes in a ripple of colors and his eyes briefly light up in pleasure at Audrey’s flirt.
Amanda sidles up next to her sister and their bodies touch.  “Are you ready?” she asks Audrey.
“I’m always ready for a Screaming Orgasm,” Audrey replies.
Together they drop the cherries into their drinks and watch the reaction carefully.  A good bartender can turn a Screaming Orgasm into a show, a delightful drink that tantalizes the eyes, slides delicately through the mouth, and winds up in parts beyond.  When their cherries hit the top layer of liquid the show begins.  The ice-cold cherries slowly sink through the top layer, leaving ice crystals that spread in their wake.  As they drop to the cloud layer the magic starts to happen.  A mixture of super cooled liquid on top starts to react with the suddenly freezing clouds below.  The storm erupts in their drinks, creating tiny lightning strikes that play across the surface of the glass.  The electrical discharges heat the top layer and it rains down to the thick chocolate layer at the bottom.  The tiny storms create raging currents, stirring their drinks for them until, when the show is over, Audrey and Amanda have a thick, chocolaty drink.
“You, sir, are an artist,” Amanda tells the bartender and flashes her teeth at him.  It’s a flirty move for the l’Hai, showing teeth, and his skin color changes in rippling rainbow patterns again.  He knows the Amazing twins are just being nice and there’s no way a human and l’Hai could ever mate, but he appreciates the show and the fact that the women did it on purpose.
“Thank you, madam,” he replies.  “I’ll leave you some space to enjoy your drinks.  Call to me if you need anything.”
Audrey’s arm goes around Amanda’s waist and Amanda replies by putting her arm on her sister’s shoulder.  “Would you like to go first?” Audrey asks.
“I think we should go at the same time,” Amanda replies.
“You’re such the naughty one.”
Amanda smiles down at her sister and says, “I just want to share the experience with you.”
“We always share experiences,” Audrey replies.
“Then let’s enjoy this one together.  He seems to be a good mixer, let’s see if he made the finish as good as the foreplay.”
“Together then,” Audrey says.  “Do you want to sit down first?”
“No, I’d rather hold on to you,” Amanda replies.
“You sweet thing, you.”
“On three then?” Amanda asks.
“Three it is,” Audrey replies, picking up her glass.  Her fingers tingle slightly charged glass.  She holds the drink up and inhales deeply.  Chocolate scents flow through her promises delights and pleasures.
Audrey smiles and holds the glass up to her sister’s.  Screaming Orgasms are always sold as a pair of drinks and when the amazing Amazing sisters clink their glasses together the final part of the drink activates.  A slight glow starts at the top of the drink and works its way down to the bottom, activating the special part of the chocolate mixture.  Together, the sisters shoot their drinks.
The finish starts in Amanda’s mouth and she can tell already this will be a good one.  She vaguely feels Audrey’s arm tighten around her waist and knows her sister is feeling the same thing.  The finish is a faint electric charge, the remnants of the storm in the glass, and is so minute it doesn’t feel like a shock as it moves through Amanda’s body.  Her lips and cheeks flush.  The warm sensation works its way down her body.  Her nipples get hard and poke through her skimpy blue outfit when the charge hits them and even the amazing Amanda Amazing has to suppress a gasp when the subtle charge lights up the sensitive flesh between her legs.  Her knees knock together and holds onto Audrey for dear life as the finish zeroes in on its target.  The pulsing starts slowly and delicately, so quiet she’s barely aware of her clit lighting up but the pulsing rhythm of the electrical builds until that wonderful spot between her legs is throbbing in time with the music.  She distantly hears a whimper and realizes she’s making the noise.  The pulsing continues until it’s constant and an orgasm fit for a queen rips through Amanda.
Panting, Amanda searches out the bartender and flashes him the toothiest grin she’s ever given a soul.  Any man that can make a drink like that is almost a god in her eyes.  The l’Hai barman’s skin lights up in a burst of colors and he grins back at her.  Audrey’s head is leaning on Amanda’s torso and her arms are partially holding up Amanda and partially holding onto Amanda for dear life.
“Was it good for you, too, dear sister?” Amanda asks breathlessly.

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