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Sexy Velma


I’ll lay you dollars to donuts Velma has a seriously kinky side to her.  Daphne is all about being cute and kind of dumb and slowly wrapping Fred around her finger, but Velma seems like the kind of girl who’s spent years developing a personality and figuring out what she really wants.  She’s smart and focused and, unlike Daphne, wants an equal.  Sure, she hides behind that orange sweater, but the miniskirt is a dead giveaway.  She dresses kind of frumpy, almost desperately frumpy, like she’s hiding from the world but when you pull off that sweater and miniskirt you’ll likely find a leather bra and panties.  Or maybe she’s feeling a bit sub that day – Velma likes to play both sides of the fence, after all – she’ll be wearing a rope body harness that’s been rubbing her bits until she’s soaked through the rope between her legs.

You can keep your pretty little Daphne and her need to be taken care of, I’ll take the one who can fuck like a pro and then stay up all night discussing world events and the pros and cons of Deadpool.

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