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The first couple rounds of editing are done, just a couple more to do and I’ll have She’s No Angel ready to go.  It’s more of a femdom romance than a straight femdom story; I just like the idea of a woman who knows what she likes and is completely unapologetic about it.  I’ve also got the first cut of the cover done and (without patting myself on the back too hard) I think it’s looking pretty slick.  It would have been easy (and arguably better) to go with more modern design trends, but I wanted to do something a bit different this time and the design let me play around a bit.

One of the things I never suspected would be so difficult would be finding the background image.  You wouldn’t think it would be difficult to find a sexy girl with angel wings (and believe me, there are a lot of them out there), but to find one that worked like I wanted it to and not be overly sexual proved to be a bit of a task.

Why not overly sexual?  I mean, it’s erotica right, so why worry about overly sexual?  Well, the problem with Amazon is they play a game of “our business, our rules” and if a cover violates their policies it can be kicked back for redesign.  Think in terms of a naked woman bound and gagged on the cover and you’ve got an idea of what they would consider over the top.  Even if a cover image meets Amazon’s acceptable standards, something that’s too over the top will still get a book dropped in the adult dungeon.  Once something’s in the dungeon it doesn’t show up in regular searches, which means the only way anyone will ever find it is if they type in the exact name or have a direct link.

So how can a story be categorized as BDSM or femdom and have all kinds of tags that explain what you’ll see in the book (pegging, bondage, forced oral sex, public humiliation, forced chastity) and a blurb that details what to expect and not be dropped into the adult dungeon while one that has a cover that’s too racy and not much detail gets dungeoned?  Who knows.  It’s Amazon’s game and they hold all the cards.  I suspect it has to do with someone browsing idly and coming across the aforementioned picture of the bound, gagged naked woman.  After the shock has worn off (and they’re finished masturbating to the image) some people will start firing off complaints about “decency”, “morality”, and “oh my God won’t someone think of the children?”

Those people need sex.  There, I’ve said it.  Some people just need good sex to get over their hangups about sex.  It’s a lot harder to complain about the “horrors of BDSM” when you spent last night tied up and loving every minute of a partner that knows how to push all your right buttons in just the right order.  Try complaining about BDSM when you’ve had so many orgasms the night before you’re still having trouble walking.

Actually, that would be a funny letter to get in customer service: “Dear immoral jerks, I’m writing to complain about a book that had an image with a naked woman bound and gagged on the cover.  I spent last night in exactly that same position having all my holes plugged.  I came so hard I can’t tell if I’m still tied up or just paralyzed.  At any rate, that picture was offensive and I want it removed. -Sincerely, Some Blowhard.”

Imagine if they actually read the stories.

That’s why I went with a tamer cover.  What I’d love, honestly adore, is if I could get some large conservative group seriously pissed off at my writing.  The wonderful thing about those people is once they find something they hate (but secretly masturbate to) they absolutely cannot shut up about it.  They’ll tell the flock, the news media, strangers on the street, anyone they can find about the horrors and moral turpitude of Story X.  That’s free advertising on seriously huge scale.

I’m small potatoes, though, and so far no one has complained about my moral turpitude.  Guess I’ll just have to try harder.

I just realized I’m 700 words into a “brief introduction” to the cover reveal for She’s No Angel.  Thanks for listening to my babbling.  Now, without further ado, here you go.

Background image © Speldin | - Fashion Angel Photo Layout © 2015 Troy King

Background image © Speldin | – Fashion Angel Photo
Layout © 2015 Troy King

I’ll post a link when it goes live.

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