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She’s No Angel is now available.  Actually, it’s been out for a couple days now and it’s selling fairly well.  If you want to be on the cutting edge and be able to keep up with the coffee pot conversation at work, you’d best get a copy sooner rather than later.  At only ¢99 it would be a bargain at twice the price.

I still love the cover, BTW.  If anyone’s interested, leave a comment and I can post the full size cover.  I design with the biggest images I can find and then shrink down for publication.  The full size image is roughly twice the size of this one.

Background image © Speldin | - Fashion Angel Photo Layout © 2015 Troy King

Background image © Speldin | – Fashion Angel Photo
Layout © 2015 Troy King

Get a copy here.

Now, onto the rest of the post.  You have gotten a copy of She’s No Angel, right?  If not, go now.  I’ll still be here when you get back.

I billed She’s No Angel as a femdom romance because it’s not a traditional femdom story.  There are no whips, no chains, no licking feet, and no one gets called a dog.  It’s not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things, it just wasn’t what I was interested in.  If you want a bit more male submission check out some of my other stories like One Bad Hand, Becca’s Birthday, or The Cabin.  Those have characters in an established relationship who are playing with dominance and submission.  They’ve got a lot more bondage, male chastity, a guy’s balls get swatted with a riding crop, and so on.  If you want more forced feminization, check out The Punishment, The Punishment Part II, or Hallow’s Eve.  You might also check out Josephine and see what it’s like to get dominated by both a secretary and a ghost.

If you want to see the girls getting tied up (and who doesn’t love the idea of a girl, a gag, and a lot of rope?), Runners, Back To The Club, 2.0, and to an extent, The Adventures of Jane Stalwart can cover that.

She’s No Angel is a different kind of story.  The domination is a bit more subtle.  Sure, the guy winds up tied up (among other things), but her control stems less from whips and ropes and more from her just being herself.  Truthfully, given Molly’s personality, I can kind of see her being in charge even when she’s handcuffed on her knees because she’s getting what she wants.


Pretty much just like that.

In any relationship there’s a certain amount of negotiation that occurs, especially when it comes to sex.  This negotiation isn’t always obvious to either party and becomes even less so when both parties quit pussyfooting (huh, huh.  I said pussy)  around the issues and just come out and say what they want without relying on social strictures to define their desires.

It’s getting more and more common for women at least to admit they have a desire to be tied up.  If nothing else, the world can probably thank 50 Shades of Gray for that one.  I wasn’t blown away by the book, but it did open up the bondage world to a lot of people so they can see it as something more than an eerie world that people feared to tread.  Hopefully the new initiates will take the time to learn a few thing before they delve into the ropes and someone winds up getting seriously hurt.  The last thing we need is for Congress to see what’s going on and decide they need to regulate it.

Note to Congress, there's nothing wrong with this as long as both parties agree to it and the chocolate is good.

Note to Congress, there’s nothing wrong with this as long as both parties agree to it and the chocolate is good.

But, back to domination (without Congress critters meddling).

What is less common (at least in literature) is a woman wanting to dominate a man.  I think it happens more often in real life than most people like to admit.  Fiction-wise, it’s becoming more common, but is still less popular.  So, how does a woman dominate a man without gags or ropes or paddles?  Largely by just having the dominant personality and a willingness to tie a guy up with her stockings.

And that, right there, is really all it takes for domination to happen.  Someone who knows what she wants is able to exert a measure of control by simply being who she is.  It doesn’t require leather or latex (even though those things are fun), she doesn’t have to dress the role (but don’t stop on my account), she just has to be herself.  Molly never puts on this


or this


She manages her control with confidence and desire.  She knows what she wants and is completely unapologetic about it.  That kind of confidence is dead sexy.


Yes, ma’am.

Just remember, the power exerted from a tight latex catsuit can be easily negated if there’s no confidence and desire to go along with it and domination doesn’t need ropes and gags (but they are fun).

As I said earlier, it’s becoming more and more common for women to admit they like the ropes, but I think a lot of men still have trouble with it.  That’s just those pesky social strictures fucking with your head.  I say, if your girl wants to tie you up, let her.  If she wants to sit on your face, eat that pussy and enjoy it.  It doesn’t make you less of a man.  Besides, you might find a bit of quid pro quo going on in the future…


Catsuit, check. Dominating? Not so much, but I wouldn’t mind playing with her.

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