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Mistress Lisa’s Submission Week Part IX – Tickle Torture


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Aeden’s fingers start slowly moving along her thighs and Lisa feels her skin light up.  He gently brushes her with just enough force that she can feel it, like a paintbrush dancing along her bare flesh.  A morning of being fucked and exposed and feeding him donuts and his fingers inside of her has already left her in an excited state.  Her skin is sensitive, so in need of a strong touch but she knows that’s not what’s on the menu.

He traces her sides with his fingertips and she feels the first bit of the old familiar tickle starting.  Lisa instinctively tries to pull away, but he’s got her far too well secured.  She fights the tickling sensation, not ready to give in to his fingers just yet.  Aeden keeps at her, building her up.  He delicately brushes her breasts and nipples before working his way slowly down her stomach.

Her body tenses, fighting against the growing sensations.  Aeden knows all her places, knows her body like the back of his hand, and knows exactly how to push her buttons.  He alternates between delicately brushing her sides and working her pussy and nipples until Lisa can’t tell the difference between the tickling and pulsing, throbbing need between her legs.

There’s a point on each leg, just inside her hips that lights up when he touches it.  She knows it and he knows it.  When he goes down on her he spends a bit of time kissing that point and when his lips hit it Lisa always moans.  Now his fingers circle that spot delicately.  Lisa tenses, knowing what’s coming.

It’s barely a touch, almost a whisper of warm breath on her spot, but when his finger brushes her bare skin at just the right place everything lights up all at once.  A whimper escapes her gagged mouth.  She’s fully turned on and tuned in now and Lisa can tell from the look in Aeden’s eyes that she’s not going anywhere for a while.

Aeden’s hands start tickling her in earnest now, seeking out the best spots and hitting them perfectly.  Lisa laughs and screams and tries to beg him to stop but he keeps going, keeps pushing her.  He still alternates between tickling and massaging.  “I’ll stop tickling you as soon as you come,” he tells her.

Lisa whimpers.  Her body is desperate for an orgasm and desperate for the tickling to stop but he’s not going to make it easy for her.  Every place he touches feels so … intense.  He leans close and sucks a nipple into his mouth and she nearly comes just from the sensation.  When he blows air over the same nipple she wants to cry because it feels so good.

He keeps going back and forth, tickling and massaging, tickling and massaging until Lisa gives up and gives in.  She struggles and squirms and screams under his tickling fingers and desperately tries to fuck his hand when he puts it between her legs.  Her mind tries to escape, tries to run away and shut down but Aeden is an expert at keeping her going.

Just when she thinks she’ll die if it goes on any longer he thrusts two fingers inside of her and orgasm rips through her body,  She tenses, pulling at straps that hold her tight and screaming desperate pleas to a god that’s probably enjoying the show.  Her whole body shakes and quivers and then the orgasm passes and her body turns to Jell-O.

Panting, sweating, and exhausted Lisa lies still.  She quivers when he pulls his fingers out of her pussy and barely has the energy to lick them clean when Aeden sticks them in her mouth.  The world swirls around her and with a final plaintive whimper, Lisa falls asleep.

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