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Jane 1 wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever written.  I still like the story, but it wasn’t as cohesive as it could have been and too much of the sex felt forced (not like that).  But, the first story is always meant to introduce the main characters and it gave them a reason to get together, so it’s not like it’s the end of the world.

Besides, the dinner scene is awesome.

Jane 2 is well underway, currently sitting at about 25k words out of around 40k+ expected.  A short novel to be sure, but it’s already shaping up much better than the first.  The new one is giving me a chance to explore the technology and society of the future.  If you assume money, power, and sex will drive the future, you’re largely making a safe assumption.  The whole of human history is based on those three things and I seriously doubt we’ll change much as a species in the next thousand years or so.  The computers will get smaller and faster, things that would seem magical to us now will be commonplace, and some of the same old things will still be there.  People will still use money, people will still have sex, there will be forms of power exchange.

What might happen – and this would really be nice – is society could become more open about what turns it on.  We might get over our fear of bare flesh and the creeping terror that somewhere out there someone is willingly submitting to someone else and having a good time at it.

The tricky part to writing sci-fi is not going overboard with the tech.  There have been huge technological advances over the past hundred years but with the exception of new things like TVs and electric lights, our houses are still pretty much the same.  Blending the magical with the mundane makes for a more realistic experience.

For instance, I’ve got a character in Jane 2 who essentially sells herself into slavery.  Her master has her place gold rings around her neck, waist, wrists, and ankles.  The rings can grow and change like a kind of liquid metal becoming cuffs or chastity belts or whatever is necessary, but he still binds her with rope for a walk around town.  Why?  Because there’s just something about rope that I think means it will always be used in bondage.

I’ve started sketching up the cover.  It needs a lot of work, but it’s coming together.  The background image needs to be a licensed image rather than the comp, the text needs some work, and I swear, editing around that girl’s hair is the stuff of nightmares.

Oh, well.

Jane 2 will be out probably within a month or so.  In the interim, here’s a teaser and the first cut of the cover.

“Musashi’s idea of slavery is interesting, to say the least.  Jolene had fully expected to be bound and placed at the foot of his bed while he slept.  In fact, her pussy throbbed at the idea.  She spent the day tied up and, after getting over the initial shock, decided she loved it.  He led her around town, running errands in various places and with each step the rope tied between her legs rubbed her closer and closer to sweet release.  She fretted about having an orgasm in front of a bunch of strangers, especially with her body so tightly bound, but Musashi’s rope skills were exceptional.  No matter what Jolene did, no matter how much she wanted to, she could not make herself come.
It was the most frustrating day of her life.  She wanted to beg him to at least let her masturbate, but she knew what the answer would be.
He bought her lunch and made her eat with her arms still tightly bound behind her body.  The sheer subservience of the experience was ambrosia to her.  When he wiped her face clean she fell in love with him.  Or, at least, got a serious schoolgirl crush on the headmaster.  She wanted him desperately, wanted to see what was under his kimono and feel it slamming into her, but Musashi was strangely distant.  He bound her, led her around, and seemed to enjoy her body, but he never touched her.
As a result, Jolene spent the day wondering what was up with him.  The feeling only intensified when it was time for bed.  Instead of tightly binding her and placing her at the end of the bed, he leads her to a room with a soft looking futon, “You will sleep here.”
“Where do you sleep, Master?” Jolene asks.
“I sleep alone,” he replies.  “Sleep is a sacred thing and a tired slave is of no use to me.  Rest well.”
She starts to protest but realizes this might not be a bad thing.  Her pussy is throbbing and if she’s alone she can take care of herself.  It won’t be as good as ropes and hard cock, but her fingers know their way around.  Instead of protesting, she says, “Thank you, Master.  Rest well.”
Musashi grunts and nods.  He pulls out his tablet and taps.  The metal band around Jolene’s waist expands, growing between her legs and up between her ass cheeks.  She jumps, wondering what’s going on until she realizes he’s completely cut her off from her own pussy.  He turns to leave and Jolene, desperate and disappointed, asks, “Master, may I ask a question?”
He turns and looks at her.  There’s definitely lust in his eyes.  “Yes, slave,” he says.
“Forgive me if I’m being inappropriate, Master,” Jolene says, “but I was wondering why you haven’t … you know …”
“Know what?” he grunts.
“Well, it just seems like you’ve spent all this time and effort trying to make me horny, but haven’t, um, had sex with me,” she says, blushing and feeling like a child begging for an ice cream cone.
Musashi grunts again.  It seems to be almost a word to him, a word that can mean many things depending on the context.  This was a friendly grunt, the grunt of a teacher being pleased with a pupil but not wanting to vocalize it.  “You are horny?” he asks, the words sounding strange coming from his lips.
“Yes, Master,” Jolene says, hoping he’ll do something about it.
“Good,” he says simply.
Jolene stares at him, wondering if there’s more to come, but Musashi seems reticent to continue.  After a day of being tied up, she can’t figure out what to do with her hands.  They go back and forth between wanting to cover her bare breasts and wanting to go behind her back.
Musashi watches her and grunts again.  This time the grunt holds a bit of disappointment.  “Hands at your side,” he snaps.
She automatically puts her hands at her side and stands up as straight as she can.  He watches her for a long time and she tries to remain as still as possible, but her hands soon start fidgeting again.
He sighs and grunts again.  “Your body is still controlling you, not the other way around.  You must learn discipline.  Once you are in control of your body you may ask your question again.  In the meantime, strive to control yourself.  You will get no satisfaction as long as you are just giving into carnal lusts.”
But carnal lusts are so much fun, Jolene thinks.  Wisely, she doesn’t say it out loud.  “Yes, Master,” she replies.  Her carnal lusts are throbbing between her legs.  Maybe the metal shield – a chastity belt, she thinks – maybe the chastity belt isn’t perfect.  When she’s alone, she’ll do some exploring.
“Further questions?” Musashi asks.
“No, Master,” Jolene replies.
“Excellent.  Sleep well.  I expect you to present yourself in the morning,” he says and leaves. “


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  1. sakurasmutmaven
    September 5, 2015

    Wowza! That’s a pretty awesome cover!

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