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Ta da!

I’ve been going back through some early works and rewriting them.  The Punishment parts I and II are far and away my best sellers.  It’s funny because those stories popped into my head last year and I kind of knocked them out and sort of forgot about them.  The major complaint I got was that the stories really should have been published together and the writing could use some editing and boy were those complaints correct.  I’ve spent the past couple weeks rewriting those two, fixed grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and a dangling participle or two (not that kind, those still dangle).

So The Punishment I and II are being recompiled into a single collection called The Minerva Collection – named after the female lead in the stories.  Also included is Hallow’s Eve, which a lot of people didn’t seem to realize was a continuation of the first two stories.  I even put together a spiffy new cover.


It should all be ready to go tonight, then I can focus on my Dia de los Muertos story.  I actually started on that one and my tablet crashed when I was about 1000 words into it.

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