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A bit of Jane 2

I just realized it’s been a month since I posted anything. Apologies, I’ve been busy working on another project. I need to make time to finish off Jane 2, but time is almost as much a premium as money. Still, it would be a pity to get as far along as I have and not see it to completion, especially since it’s got some great scenes in it. The nice thing about sci-fi erotica is it frees you from the humdrum of everyday life and lets you explore the things that could be. Imagine strange and smart materials that are anklets, bracelets, and necklaces one minute but extremely secure bonds the next. Drinks that can give orgasms, psychics, sex in zero G.

Good stuff, in other words.

And to think, it all started with images like this one.


Without further rambling, enjoy a slice of Jane 2
The man is naked and shaking, twittering and biting his lips as figures move in the shadows.  His cock is huge and erect, standing up nearly to the belly button on his chiseled abs.  He doesn’t like to admit it, but he spends a huge amount of energy on his body.  He wants the chiseled look that brings all the women in droves and to get it he works out like a machine and watches every calorie he takes in.  It works, even if he’s physically miserable from too much exercise and not enough food, the girls love it.  All he has to do is flash those ripped abs and their panties drop like poppy petals.
He doesn’t want for attention, but like everyone else, he’s always looking to trade up.
“Don’t cover yourself,” a voice says from the shadows.
“Put your hands behind your head,” a similar voice adds.
The two figures in the shadows are the pinnacle of conquest.  The first time he came to the club and saw them dancing together he knew he wanted them.  Everything – all the women, all the workouts, all the extension surgery – has been leading up to this point.  His hands go behind his head and he laces his fingers together.  There’s not a trace of shyness about his body in him.  He’s sexy and he knows it.
After tonight, he can say he’s had them, even if it would be more accurate to say they’ve had him.  Either way the end result is the same.  If he were smarter he’d be worried that he could live up to their expectations but they chose him out of the crown and his ego is telling him it’s because of how he looks.  He couldn’t be further from the truth.
“He is well-endowed, isn’t he?” Amanda whispers to her sister.  They’re hiding in the shadows, watching him get more and more excited.  Soon the nervousness will hit him, then the fear, then they’ll jump him and drink him up.
“Do you want it or should I take it?” Audrey whispers back.
Amanda’s hands slide up her sister’s body, caressing her torso like a lover.  “I think you should have it.  I’ll take his face and control the session.”
“I can’t wait,” Audrey replies and leans her head back on Amanda’s shoulder.
Amanda pulls Audrey close and says, “I can’t wait, either.  It’s a pity no one gets extended anymore.”
Audrey sighs in pleasure.  “I miss the shallow days,” she says dreamily.
“No one thinks of the girls anymore,” Amanda says and puts her lips on Audrey’s earlobe, enjoying the feel of her sister’s silky hair brushing her face.  “Look at him.  He’s a perfect physical specimen.”
“And his mind is mush,” Audrey replies with a little moan.
“He’s perfect,” Amanda says,  “Let’s play with him.”
“Shall I go first, dear sister?” Audrey asks.
Amanda doesn’t want to let go of Audrey, their minds are so much closer when they’re touching, but the evening’s entertainment should make up for it.  “I think so,” she tells Audrey, “you’re so much better at it than I am.”
“You’re so sweet,” Audrey says and pulls away from Amanda with a disappointed moan.  The connection is still there, she can still feel her sister’s mind, but it’s muted like she’s listening to music through a thick wall.
“Does he have a name?” Amanda asks.
“It doesn’t matter,” Audrey replies.  “He has what we need.”
Audrey closes her eyes and lets her mind wander.  Without the needless distraction of sight, Audrey actually sees the world.  The man’s erection is still standing gloriously tall and proud and he seems only mildly nervous.  It’s time to change all that.
A sound echoes in the back of the room.  The man jumps and turns, his hands dropping to cover his hard cock.  Something about the air feels different, it’s colder or thicker.  His nipples are erect from the chill.
“Put your hands back up,” Amanda snaps from the shadows.
He slowly obeys, suddenly feeling nervous.  A shadow flitters across the edge of his vision.  He wonders which of them it was.  They’re impossible to tell apart, one of the things that’s so exciting about being chosen by the Amazing sisters.  It’s supposed to be like sex with two of the same girl.  He focuses on the stories about them, ignoring his fear.  They say once you fuck the Amazing sisters you never need to fuck another woman again; no one else can even stand up.
Audrey pushes into his mind from the shadows and hears his thoughts.  You have no idea, she thinks, and digs deeper.  She’s looking for fantasies and fears she can exploit.  Just to keep him on his toes while she’s searching, she plants the low growl of dagon in his head.  Everyone’s afraid of the beasts and everyone knows what they sound like.  He jumps and she feels his adrenaline start to flow.
The man’s heart beats faster.  He knows there’s no way a dagon could be in the room with him, but that growl sounded so near and so real.  His eyes dart around the room, but can’t see anything hiding in the shadows.  He pushes thoughts of large reptiles with huge teeth out of his head and tries to focus on his mental image of the Amazing sisters.
Audrey picks up the image and sends it to Amanda.  She mentally pokes the man and smiles when he jumps.
Something brushed him from behind and the man turns to see … nothing.  Just an empty room.  His heart is beating in his chest and he feels very exposed.  His eyes dart around, desperate to penetrate the shadows.  A click of high heels behind him makes him turn and he sees one of the Amazing sisters standing in front of him.  She’s wearing a black leather bustier and tiny panties.  Her long legs are clad in stockings.  He gasps.  She looks just like he imagined, right down to the riding crop in her hand.
She slaps her open palm with the crop.  The sound echoes around the empty room.  “I didn’t say you could move,” she says with a stern look in her eyes.
“I’m … I’m sorry,” he stammers.
“I didn’t ask for a character reference,” Amanda tells him.  “Stand still and address me correctly.”
He shrugs his shoulders, not quite sure what she means.
“Mistress,” she hisses.
“I’m sorry Mistress,” he says in an awed whisper.
“Yes,” Amanda says.  She steps back into the shadows.  Before the dark completely engulfs her, she add, “You are.”
The man peers into the darkness, hoping for a last glimpse of his fantasy come to life.
“Hands behind your head!” echoes around the room repeatedly.  It sounds like the command is coming from all over the room.  He snaps his hands behind his neck again and shakes.
“Is he ready?” Amanda asks Audrey quietly.
“He’s ready,” Audrey says.
“Excellent,” Amanda says.  “Take the stage dear sister.”
Audrey smiles at her sister and focuses on her clothes.  The illusion of her mini dress disappears and is replaced with an exact duplicate of Amanda’s outfit.  She sneaks up behind the man until she’s only a foot or so away from him and snaps.  “On your knees.”
He spins and wonders if this is the other sister or if the first one somehow snuck through the shadows without him noticing.  This close he can smell her perfume, a mixture of blood orange and exotic spices.  His cock throbs at the sight of her.  She’s so close and just like he dreamed she would be.
“Why are you not on your knees?” Amanda asks from behind him.
The man turns to find the other Amazing sister watching him.  She slaps the riding crop on her hand and he jumps.  His cock twitches and bounces.  “I’m…” he starts.
“Sorry,” Amanda finishes for him.
“We know,” Audrey adds.
This close, the sister can smell the sex on him.  Amanda traces his jaw with her crop, gently stroking his face.  Audrey waits until his attention is fully on Amanda and swats him on the ass with her own crop.  He jumps and she laughs.
His ass stings, but not as much as his pride.  The sister in front of him smiles and says, “Eyes on me, stud.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he whispers.
“Ooh,” the sister behind him coos.  “He can learn.”
He wants to turn around and see her, but something about the sister in front of him tells him he’d better not move.  She has the look of a predatory cat getting ready to spring.  Her riding crop traces down his naked body, bumping on the muscles.  He smiles to himself, still proud of his body.  His smile fades slightly when the riding crop moves down the front of his cock.
“Spread your legs,” the sister behind him says.
“Now,” adds the sister in front of him.
He struggles a bit, trying to spread his legs without falling over.  Audrey swats him on the ass again and he jumps but spreads his legs.  He feels exposed and nervous.  “My name is Amanda,” the sister in front of him says, “Audrey is behind you.”
Audrey swats him again and giggles when his ass tightens up.  “He’s cute,” she says and swats him again.
Amanda gently taps his balls with her riding crop and the man cringes as the pain hits him.  She pulls back to swat him again and he shuffles backward out of the way.  Audrey smacks his ass and hisses, “I didn’t say you could move.”
“Present your cock for me,” Amanda says.
“Now,” Audrey adds.
The man knows what’s going to happen but is so lost in the moment he thrusts his hip forward, presenting his hard cock for her.  Amanda taps him again.  “Do you want us?” she asks.
“Yes,” he says, voice a hoarse whisper.
She taps him hard and his knees nearly go out from under him.  “What did you say?” Amanda snaps.
“I’m sorry,” the man says, fighting back the pain in his balls.  “I’m sorry, Mistress.”
A swat from Audrey brings him back up.  “Do you want us?” she asks from behind him.
“Yes, Mistresses,” the man says.  His dick is rock hard, harder than it’s ever been before and throbbing.
“Beg,” Amanda says.  “Grovel and we might let you in.”
The man drops to his knees and says, “Please, Mistresses.  I want you so bad.”
Audrey’s hands run though his hair.  She grabs a fistful of hair and yanks his head back.  “That was bad grammar,” she says.
“You want us badly,” Amanda says.
“I want you so badly, Mistresses,” the man says.
Audrey holds his head back and stares in his eyes.  “Are you sure?” she asks.
The man moans, a deep throaty moan that sings of desperation.  “I think he wants us,” Amanda says.
Audrey shoves his head forward and swats his ass again.  “I don’t know if he’s worthy,” she says and starts stalking around his side.  Amanda picks up the cue and walks around to his back.  Together the sisters circle the naked man, swatting him on his ass and legs, and balls.  They took turns, one gently stroking him the other swatting him until his skin was alive.
At an unseen signal, Amanda stops behind the man and snaps, “Lie down!”
When he doesn’t move quickly enough, she swats him twice on the ass and laughs as he drops to his back.  He’s panting now, heart beating furiously, skin more sensitive than it’s ever been, and cock throbbing.  He looks up the twins and wonders what they’ve got in store for him next.
“Hold his hands, please,” Audrey says to Amanda.
Amanda drops to her knees and roughly pulls the man’s hands over his head.  He looks up at her and she just smiles.
“Eyes on me,” Audrey says.
Amanda uses her eyes to tell the man he needs to watch Audrey.  Her sister has played this role before and she falls into more naturally than Amanda.  Audrey spreads her legs slightly, giving the man on the ground a better view and rubs her hands up and down her body.  She points a finger at herself and draws the tip down her body.  Her bustier falls away as her finger slides down the front.  The man gasps as her body is exposed.
Audrey’s finger continues down and the tiny panties melt away as she touches them.  “Ready, sister?” she asks.
Amanda scoots forward until her knees are touching the man’s head and his arms are pinned beneath her body.  She can feel what he feels, see what he sees.  “Ready, sister,” she says.
Audrey squats down.  As soon as her skin touches the man’s Amanda starts a link, connecting them all together.  The man feels Audrey feeling him sliding into her pussy, the delightful fullness at the same time he feels himself sliding in.  Amanda gasps as she feels the penetration from both of them.  She smiles at her sister and strokes the man’s face.
“I want to feel you, sister,” Audrey says, impaled on the huge cock.  “Let him taste you.”
Amanda, already feeling both of them, dissolves her own clothes and scoots forward until she’s sitting on the man’s face.  His tongue probes her gently and she bites her lip.  All of them feel the man inside of Audrey and Audrey’s pussy gripping his cock and Amanda’s pussy on his face and his tongue between her legs.  No one moves as they all attempt to sort out the sensations.  For Amanda and Audrey, feeling sex from a man’s point of view is nothing new, but for the man underneath them it’s a completely new – and alien – set of sensations.  He whimpers and gasps as he feels what they’re feeling.  His body feels like it’s going to explode until Amanda’s mind penetrates his with quiet shushing sounds, bringing him back from the edge of orgasm.  She locks their minds and bodies together, ensuring no one will finish until Audrey is ready.
Audrey leans her head back, enjoying the huge cock inside of her and the tongue exploring her.  She’s the driver.  Amanda reaches out and touches her sister’s face, stroking it gently and remembering the first time they shared sensations.
When she was eighteen, Amanda fell for a boy.  Audrey was jealous and hid under Amanda’s bed, fingering herself while Amanda moaned and the boy grunted.  They each got vague sensations of cocks and fingers until, on a whim, Audrey reached up and grasped Amanda’s hand.  The connection shocked them both and soon they each felt exactly what the other felt.  Soon they learned to rope in whoever they were in bed with.  That skill slowly became the stuff of legends and soon they had more suitors than they knew what to do with.  They learned who just wanted to fuck and who wanted to be controlled and who wanted to control them.  As they moved up the ladders their skills became invaluable at pairing people who wanted to be dominated with people who wanted to dominate.
Now they prowl and take their pick, like the man underneath them.  He wanted to be dominated, topped and controlled briefly.  The girl they dropped with Musashi wanted to give up all control in her life, maybe not forever, but for a time.  The Amazing sisters can tell what people want and know who will give it to them.
Audrey licks her lips and starts grinding against the huge cock inside of her, rubbing her clit against him.  The man feels it and sucks Amanda’s clit, marveling at how his lips feel on her.  Soon they’re a moaning, sweating heap, all right on the edge but held firmly in check by Amanda’s mind until she feels Audrey’s orgasm building.  When it hits and Audrey throws her head back and howls, Amanda releases the blocks on her body and the man’s and they both erupt.  The pumping feel of his orgasm pushes both Amanda and Audrey back over the edge and they come again, pushing the man into another explosion.
The reciprocating orgasms keep coming until Audrey’s body simply stops processing them and everyone collapses in a sweaty, sticky heap on the floor.  Amanda snuggles up to Audrey and holds her sister tightly, cooing and caressing sensitive flesh.  They’ve both already forgotten the man.  He’s lying still, eyes rolled back in his head and barely breathing.
“Do you think we broke him?” Audrey asks in a whisper.
“I hope not,” Amanda says.  “I’d like to use him again.”
“We could keep him,” Audrey says.
“He’s not that type,” Amanda tells her.  “He needs to be free.  He’ll come back to us.”
Audrey sighs and snuggles into Amanda’s embrace.

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