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One Bad Hand

Cover for One Bad Hand.  Copyright 2014, Troy King, Original photography by Sakkmesterke

Cover for One Bad Hand. Copyright 2014, Troy King, Original photography by Sakkmesterke

Blurb: During an evening of drinking and poker, John’s wife decides to up the ante. Rather than betting nickels, she bets herself, all his for 24 hours. Deciding to push the bet higher, John raises her to 48 hours.
They show their cards and John finds out his wife wasn’t bluffing this time.
What John gets is 48 hours at the hands of a very creative lover.
In case you hadn’t guessed, this book contains adult content and adult scenes including sex, bondage, teasing, domination, male chastity and phone texting.

This was my first foray into erotic and I chose femdom as a framework because it interested me.  I still think this is a fun book.  As a side note, this is also the first story I got reviewed.  Didn’t even realize it was reviewed until I was ego-surfing one day and stumbled across my name.  The review was positive, which was a hugely ego-boosting event for me.  That was the first time it hit me that I was writing things that other people not only read, but actually enjoyed.

“One Bad Hand is highly recommended to readers who enjoy femdom and BDSM with medium intensity and absolutely no angst or manufactured conflict.” – Seattle PI



Cover for Runners, Copyright 2014, Troy King, Original photography by Mikeaubry

Cover for Runners, Copyright 2014, Troy King, Original photography by Mikeaubry

Blurb: Months ago Rebecca won John in a poker game. Tonight a new game is afoot. A naked foot race through a park and the winner takes all.
Tonight, John is prepared and Rebecca is in for the night of her life.
A fun BDSM story featuring Shibari, toys, and riding crops.
WARNING: This contains adult situation including bondage and sex. Not for the faint of heart or hefty of morals.

Just to shake things up a bit I switched to a maledom story.  The female lead from the first book, Becca, winds up on the receiving end of the ropes this time.  This story doesn’t get a whole lot of love which is a pity because I think it’s a fun story.  I won’t lie and say it’s my best work ever, but I do enjoy it.

“I enjoyed this short story more than the first one. They are still a deeply loving couple and everything they do is totally consensual. He piles on the pressure and she laps it up, loving every second of her subjugation. It’s another great story in the lives of Rebecca and John, shorter but faster paced, which made it better for me.” – Amazon Reader


Becca’s Birthday

Cover for Becca's Birthday, Copyright 2014, Troy King.  Original photography by Sakkemesterke

Cover for Becca’s Birthday, Copyright 2014, Troy King. Original photography by Sakkemesterke

Blurb: When Rebecca decides she want to go to a club for her birthday, John winds up in an entirely different kind of club than he suspected. After cuffing and gagging him, Rebecca leads him through an evening he’ll never forget.

WARNING: This story contains explicit scenes of CBT, femdom, BDSM and sex. Definitely not for minors.

Switching back to the femdom side of things again.  Our hero, John, gets to be Becca’s toy for a while on her birthday.  I wanted to explore how these two would react in a less private setting, so they wind up at a BDSM club.

“Nice job. very well written, and very sexually arousing. Wished it was longer since it was such a great piece of BDSM erotica.” – Amazon Reader


The Punishment


Blurb: When Minerva’s dinner gets ruined, her husband is given a choice of the hard punishment or the easy punishment. Hard punishment is tying him up and whipping him. The easy punishment is less defined, no whipping, but he has to obey her completely.
Unfortunately for him, he chose the easy punishment.
WARNING: Contains bondage, explicit sex, cross-dressing, and other fun stuff.

I woke up one morning with the first scene in my head and decided to start writing it down.  I created a couple of new characters, Minerva and her unnamed husband, just to shake things up a little.  This is the first part of a two part story and was the first time I delved into cross-dressing.  I left open for a second half largely because I wasn’t sure how the story would be received.  I read some cross-dressing stories to get a bit more of a background for this and all those stories trended toward men wanting to be women.  In The Punishment, it’s more Minerva’s fetish than her husband’s, so it lacks some of the traditional bisexual subtext.

“Sexy and bold, with an intimate understanding of power exchange dynamics, and an intimate knowledge of what arouses both men and women, this is a fantastic read.” – Bending the Bookshelf


The Punishment Part II

Cover for The Punishment Part 2, Copyright 2014, Troy King.  Original photography by Sakkmesterke.

Cover for The Punishment Part 2, Copyright 2014, Troy King. Original photography by Sakkmesterke.

Blurb: Minerva’s husband continues to feel her wrath as she puts him in a dress, locks him in a chastity cage, makes him learn the fine art of sucking a dildo, and makes him her (mostly) willing slave. The stunning conclusion to The Punishment is not for the faint of heart.
WARNING: Contains bondage, explicit sex, cross-dressing, and other fun stuff.

The second half of “The Punishment.”  When “The Punishment” took off, I decided I needed to write the second half.  Plus, it gave me an excuse to write : The Stunning Conclusion on the cover.  I’d always wanted to write the stunning conclusion to something.  This story was a nice chance to see how far I could have Minerva push her hubby.

“The two chapters (Part 1 & Part 2) together make for a fun, sexy tale that’s realistic as well. It’s a story of dominance and submission within the bounds of a loving marriage, and of forced feminization without the suggestion of bisexuality. Truly wonderful.” – Bending the Bookshelf


Back To The Club

Back to the Club cover, final edit.   © 2014, Troy King.

Back to the Club cover, final edit. © 2014, Troy King.

Blurb: The last time they were at The Club together, John found himself dominated. It was Becca’s birthday and she led him around on a leash, let a professional Domme demonstrate some penis shibari on him, and teased him mercilessly.
Tonight they’re going back and this time Becca lost the coin flip.
WARNING: Contains bondage, explicit sex, female submission, and loads of other fun things.

I wanted to shift things around a bit and try a submissive woman story again.  The last one was Runners and it didn’t fare too well.  This is just another shot at it.

I liked how the way John treats Becca with care, loves her and worships her (u know where) even thou he is the dom at the moment and she was quite mean the last time she was the domme during her birthday (they Switch).

The best thing about this book is about Becca’s ‘O’ denial….absolutely steamy hot.”

-Goodreads reader


The Cabin

The Cabin, final cover design.  © 2014 Troy King

The Cabin, final cover design. © 2014 Troy King

After being locked in a chastity belt and used by her husband, Becca strikes back. She locks up John and leads him, naked and bound, up to a cabin for a weekend he’ll never forget.
WARNING: Contains femdom, explicit sex, BDSM, public exposure, male chastity, and lot of other fun things.

Back to some straight-up femdom.  This story got a little rougher than I usually go, but it seemed to work for the characters.  There’s some roughhousing, clothes pin on tongue, ball slapping, and so on.  It was a fun one to write.

No reviews yet.

Amazon (this is on KDP Select for the time being.  I’m interested in seeing how it will work out)


Josephine, final cover design.  © 2014 Troy King

Josephine, final cover design. © 2014 Troy King

Book One of Troy’s Tales of Terror for 2014. Russ Harding is a real user of women, “use ‘em and toss ‘em” is his motto. Something in his house is watching him, though, and he’s about to find a woman he can’t get rid of.

This is book one of two for Troy’s Tales of Terror 2014, a little project I started this summer.  It was my first shot at paranormal erotica and was a blast to write.  Josephine was also a couple of firsts for me: first 3rd person story and the first time I’ve explored a less than consensual relationship.

“It’s a fun, wicked, naughty read that will delight any reader who has been the drive-by victim of the one-night, wham-bam, thank you M’am type…” -Amazon Reader


Hallow’s Eve (FREE!)

© 2014, Troy King.  Illustration from Dreamstime by Vitamins

© 2014, Troy King. Illustration from Dreamstime by Vitamins

Book Two of the Halloween 2014 Troy’s Tales of Terror finds Minerva dressing her husband for a company Halloween party. Minerva’s got a secret, though, and it could destroy them both.

I went back to Minerva (the female lead from The Punishment I and II) and explored her and her husband a bit further.  Working forward from a single throw-away line about her eyes in the Punishment, I came up with a nice twist to the story.  This one has cross–dressing and oral domination, but it’s also got more action and fun bit toward the end involving sex in a cemetery and Minerva’s little secret.  Definitely a fun story to write and this one, more than anything else, has started to shift my writing away from straight up femdom into something a bit more exciting.

No reviews yet


The Submissive Senator and Other Stories

The Submissive Senator, first cover.   © 2014, Troy King.

The Submissive Senator, first cover. © 2014, Troy King.

Three stories from Troy King guaranteed to titillate and enthrall any reader.
In The Submissive Senator a powerful mean feels the weight of the world crashing down on his shoulders and seeks escape through his favorite dominatrix. She gives him a little more than he bargained for, though.
In Mrs. Wong’s a gunslinger and all-around tough-guy meets a young woman and agrees to help her find her dad. She knows more than she’s letting on and their chance encounter culminates in the unlikeliest of places.
In Office Party, John and Becca find themselves bored senseless listening to idiots drone on about company policies and decide to entertain themselves. One thing leads to another and Becca’s willing submission gets her more entertainment than she expected.

Two of these stories (Mrs. Wong’s and Office Party) were originally published in Secret Lives and Holiday Gems.  The Submissive Senator was a short I had been kind of twiddling with looking at the idea that there are powerful people out there for whom release means giving up power.  I packaged them all into a single short collection as part of my 2014 closeout.  This one may be odd for some readers since it’s not straight up femdom or submissive female.  One of the stories doesn’t have any bondage in it at all!  Still, I enjoyed these and they let me expand my horizons as a writer.

No reviews yet

Amazon (Free for KU folks)


Horngry Cover, ©2015, Troy King

Horngry Cover, ©2015, Troy King

In the dark woods of the old country a woman is being hunted, chased to ground by a winged man with a bow and arrow. She made the mistake of betting she could outwit him but is finding Cupid a bit harder to escape than she thought. But the woman has a few tricks up her sleeve and knows these woods like the back of her hand.
All she has to do is make to the old pub in the village without being shot and she wins.
And Diana, the Goddess of the Hunt, doesn’t like to lose.

This was originally written for the Kinklectic Valentine’s Day anthology.  I’m not much of a romantic so I eschewed the traditional “give a girl roses and chocolate and have sex with her in a parking lot” motif and went with something a bit more action-y.  It was a fun story to write and it’s still my favorite cover just because it’s so unique.  No bondage in this one, but there is a woman being hunted and her eventual victory is pretty fun to read.

Amazon (Free for KU folks)


2.0 Cover, ©2015, Troy King, background image ID 51289083 © Artem Popov |

2.0 Cover, ©2015, Troy King, background image ID 51289083 © Artem Popov |

Katherine Zaya is a girl with a deep love of technology and what it can do for – and more importantly, to – her body and her mind. She’s been secretly testing a new way of having the sex of her dreams when she gets the chance to upgrade to a newer version of her favorite software. It promises interactivity with another person and the chance to live out a fantasy while someone else drives the simulation. The only question left is who’s in the simulation with her.

Another one originally written for a Kinklectic anthology, this time for the Spring Fling anthology.  The theme was rebirth and generally spring-y things.  Again, I’m not enough of a romantic to come up with something that didn’t seem cloying, so I wrote about a rebirth in the machine.  The 2.0 refers to a software version and the story is based on a kind of Facebook for sex where you can live out fantasies without any tedious mucking about in reality.  It was another fun story to write.  It’s kind of a kick to wonder where sex tech will wind up in the future.

Amazon (Free for KU folks)

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