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Gender Swaps, Futanari, and the Fluidity of Gender

I think it’s telling that among the first comments Caitlyn Jenner got after her successful change amounted to “Congrats, but you’re not really pretty enough.”  Of course, these comments were … Continue reading

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Dr. Katya Balzoff is the Best Villain Name I’ve Ever Heard

One of the best things about erotica is it allows an author to do pretty much anything; there are no (no pun intended) hard and fast rules here.  If you … Continue reading

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Book Review: Punishing the Coed Brat by Lacey Harper

Taboo stories is one of the hot topics in erotica right now and Lacey Harper has dropped one (actually, quite a few) in our collective laps.  It’s a topic that … Continue reading

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Book Review – Close Encounters (books 1 & 2) by C.C. Cartwright

As part of my policy of trying to be a better team player in the Indie leagues, I’ve decided to start putting up reviews of books I read.  Oddly, as … Continue reading

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Book Review – What Happens in Decon

The coolest thing about being an erotica writer is it gives you a chance to really plumb the recesses of what turns you on.  Human sexuality is a terribly convoluted … Continue reading

May 13, 2015 · 1 Comment


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