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Coming Soon

The first couple rounds of editing are done, just a couple more to do and I’ll have She’s No Angel ready to go.  It’s more of a femdom romance than … Continue reading

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Gender Swaps, Futanari, and the Fluidity of Gender

I think it’s telling that among the first comments Caitlyn Jenner got after her successful change amounted to “Congrats, but you’re not really pretty enough.”  Of course, these comments were … Continue reading

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Moving on to editing

It’s been a while since I wrote any femdom stories.  Not sure why, the muse just left and I moved on.  I finished one last night, though, and it’s on … Continue reading

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Mostly because I felt like it

The Adventures of Jane Stalwart Book 1 is only 99 cents 08/12/2015 – 08/13/2015.  If you’re looking for something fun to read, this could be as good a place as … Continue reading

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Too busy

Sorry, no good updates recently.  I’ve been too busy writing Jane 2 and a little femdom short to keep up with blogging.  Rest assured, I’ll post something interesting soon.  In … Continue reading

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Life Hacks

Some Life Hacks I found on Tumblr.

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Sexy Velma

I’ll lay you dollars to donuts Velma has a seriously kinky side to her.  Daphne is all about being cute and kind of dumb and slowly wrapping Fred around her … Continue reading

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These Are Facts!

I particularly like the other names.  I think I’ll start using “whisker biscuit” in all my writing; it should add an air of class to scenes where a women is … Continue reading

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A Wee Bit of the WIP

I’m about 16k words into Jane 2 and not sure what the final word count will be, probably around 30-40k like the last one.  This one will have more action … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, America

In honor of the birthday of the United States, allow me to present to you some patriotic ladies.

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